Alibaba Saluja vs Cassim is a fight between the third Prince of Balbadd, Alibaba Saluja, and his friend, real Fog Troupe's leader, Cassim.


After Cassim and Fog Troupe attack Balbadd's Palace and this country's army, Alibaba decides to face Cassim directly.


Alibaba creates wall of flames which surrounds Cassim and his followers. After that, Alibaba and Cassim talk for a while about Cassim's behavior. Then, Cassim activates Kokubaku Mutou and, along with others Fog Troupe's members, hits Alibaba who dodges it and clears the effect with his flames. However, Zaynab uses Sekigen Mutou to blur his vision. After a short speech, Cassim creates a big ball and sends it towards Alibaba, but he slashes it with Amol Saiqa. Then, he destroys every Magic Tool possible and heads toward Cassim's head, giving Balbadd's army a place to feel happy because of their Prince's victory. Alibaba then orders Cassim to withdraws his troops, but he replies that he'd rather dies. Alibaba, after a little moment of hesitation, takes his sword and tries to slash him, but before doing so, he withdraws Amol Saiqa.


Alibaba starts crying and says that after all, he can't kill his friend. After a little talk, Cassim says he'll surrender and withdraw his troops, but eventually stabs himself and changes into the Black Djinn.


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