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Alibaba Saluja (アリババ・サルージャ Aribaba Sarūja)[3] is the former third Prince of the Balbadd Kingdom. He was working as a cart driver when he first met Aladdin. He was the co-leader of the Fog Troupe. Being a Dungeon Capturer, he is the owner of the Djinn Amon and Aladdin's King Vessel. He has allied himself with Kou Empire and became Kouen Ren's subordinate.[4] Before the Kou Empire Civil War occurred, Alibaba was killed by Hakuryuu, and his consciousness was sent by Belial to a dimension where time moves slowly. [5] He comes back to life with the help of the magicians from Alma Torran to prevent the destruction of their world. He is the deuteragonist of the series Magi. It is revealed by the Mother Dragon that Alibaba has the bearings of a hermit.


Young appearance
Initial Appearance
Current Full Appearance

Alibaba is a young man of average height with blond hair and golden eyes. He has a short, thick ahoge on his hair, which he appears to have inherited from his father, and wears a small red rope tied around his neck at all times. He initially wore a traditional Arabian outfit with a sash around his waist to hold his knife, black boots with blue stripes, and one earring in each ear. As the story progresses, he additionally started wearing two red earrings on the top of his left ear (which presumably belonged to Cassim and hold his Rukh).

During his training in the Reim Empire, Alibaba's attire changed to a dark blue tunic which slants on his left side and black boots with burgundy stripes. He has scars on his arm from where Garda bit him.

It was shown that he highly resembles his mother, having her soft facial features and kind eyes.

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Alibaba was introduced as being a very cunning and petty person, shown to respect wealthy merchants and do his best to please them, often with flattering sophistry and laughing when they call him trash. He also tried to be friends with Aladdin only for his strength. However, he has always tried his best to do honest work since his childhood.

Like Aladdin, he likes beautiful, busty women and they usually go clubbing whenever they can (except he appears to have very bad luck in there, always getting a rather ugly-looking lady who claims to be the most beautiful in the club). However, it was shown that he was actually very kind, caring and helpful. Due to having a high class education since he was young, he is also very skilled in negotiations and much more intelligent than he appears. He has no patience for those who wallow in their power at the expense of others suffering. At the same time, he can be a rather oblivious person, as he naively trusts Sinbad.

He is dedicated to helping everyone and can seem a little hard-headed, like when he goes into a fight without any help because he wants to settle something himself. He is very loyal to his friends. He became good friends with Aladdin and Morgiana and cares a lot for them. Since his Magoi has become one with Cassim's Magoi, his aura/atmosphere and behavior have changed, taking on some of Cassim's personality and habits; for example, smoking. Alibaba wanted to smoke but he still couldn't handle it. He acknowledges this change and decides to accept it as a final gift.


Young Cassim and Alibaba

When Alibaba was younger, he lived in the slums of Balbadd with his mother, Anise. He led a happy life, unlike his friends, Cassim and Mariam, who were raised by a terrible father who often beat them. After his mysterious disappearance, Anise welcomed them as members of her family and thus, they became the family of four. One day, she succumbed to an illness and died. Cassim, being the oldest of them, took on the role of taking care of them. Even though it was hard for them, they combined their strength to help each other, and were helped by Anise's customers and neighbors as well. In contrary to Cassim, Alibaba tried to live his life as honestly as possible.[6]

Anise takes Cassim and Mariam in

Not too long after, the King of Balbadd visited the slums. He revealed that Alibaba was actually his son and told him to live in the palace. Alibaba decided to discuss it with Cassim but was quickly shot down since Cassim thought of them as different human beings. After the last fight, Alibaba accepted the King's offer. However, the Princes saw him as trash due to his upbringing, and even the King, the person who brought him in, ignored him when in the palace. He was lonely and had to go through intense daily training. He was taught everything from how he walks, speaks and eats, to sword fighting, economics, math, and philosophy. Eventually, thanks to his hard work, some of people started speaking to him properly and he even became close with one of his half-brothers, Sahbmad.[7]

One night, years later, Alibaba snuck out of the palace to have a look at the slums. What he found there was nothing, no trace of junkyard street or people. As he was about to go back to the palace, he ran into Cassim.[8] Alibaba was happy and felt nostalgic talking to Cassim after all those years. Cassim invited him on a drink and he accepted. While drinking, he noticed the level of respect Cassim had with all the adults, and how each were bowing to him. During the talk, Alibaba got drunk and told Cassim how he was able to escape from the castle. He ended up giving away a very important weakness of the palace, even though he hasn't told him the most crucial part, i.e. the location. On the way back to the palace however, Alibaba was trailed by someone Cassim had paid. After that, Alibaba went back to living in the palace.[9]

Young Alibaba.png

After sometime had passed, the King came down with a deadly chronic disease. Before the king died, he told Alibaba that he would like to leave the kingdom to him. Alibaba asked about his mother and was reassured that the King loved her. This put Alibaba at ease. He refused the King's request for him to be king, explaining that it was not his place and that the two Princes should be the one to handle their country. However, he decided to devote himself to Balbadd. That night, he saw Cassim again, inside the walls of the palace. Before Alibaba realized it, he was surrounded by members of Cassim's group from the slums. They started attacking and stealing from the palace. While Alibaba was frozen, one of Cassim's subordinates noticed him. Upon learning about Alibaba's presence, Cassim ordered to just knock him out. Alibaba could only feel the heat of the flame that engulfed the palace.[10] The next morning, Rashid had passed away. Because of his feelings of guilt and fear, Alibaba escaped Balbadd that same day. From that point, he traveled until he ran into Aladdin.[11]


Dungeon Arc

Alibaba scolding Aladdin.png

Alibaba works as a Cart Driver to a fat wine vendor, Budel. Budel orders him to quiet down Aladdin and Mina. Alibaba reassures him, that even though his rates are cheap, he always does his job right. When Aladdin wants to take Budel's apple, Alibaba scolds him, while kissing up to his master. He then thinks that Budel is his favorite type of boss and it should be easy to get paid as long as nothing dangerous happens. In this very moment, Aladdin touches Budel's breast, which terrifies Alibaba. He promises to kill Aladdin if that happens again saying it will ruin his life plan. Along the way, he tells Aladdin about Dungeons and his own dream, about girls rich people can get and, in very awkward way, tries to explain to Aladdin what kissing is. Budel insults his dream and even though it's clear Alibaba is frustrated, he holds his tongue to Budel.[12]

Just then, their cart is attacked by a Desert Hyacinth from underneath and the whole thing is tipped over. All Budel's wine is thrown over along with Mina. As Alibaba reaches out to help her, he is pushed out the way by Budel, who is trying to save his wine, causing the little girl to be eaten by the Desert Hyacinth. He also tells her mother that he would make her another child if Mina meant so much to her.[13]

Alibaba punching Budel

In that instant, Alibaba can't contain himself any longer and punches Budel in the face. He then takes Budel's wine rushes in to save the girl. Alibaba then throws in Budel's wine to distract the Hyacinth and saves the girl while it is digesting the wine. However, he is captured himself by the Hyacinth. Alibaba tries to fight, but is knocked unconscious. He wonders if he'll die like this, but then, Aladdin shows up saying that he wants to hear more about money and things you can't buy. He then throws all of the wine, which he kept on his Magic Turban, inside the Dessert Hyacinth's mouth. This saves Alibaba. Both are thanked for their bravery. Alibaba then looks with a strange expression and asks what he is doing, keeping saying that he won't come out. Aladdin finally summons Ugo, and freaks out everyone, Alibaba included. Soon after, he realizes that Aladdin would be perfect for his plans, but first he has to make him believe that he's his friend.[14][15]

The next day, they both come to the oasis city, Qishan. When they walk together, Aladdin thanks Alibaba for coming with him, and Alibaba responds it's only natural since he saved his life, and adds that it makes them friends. Then they arrive at a room, where Alibaba treats Aladdin to some food. During their meal Alibaba asks what's the deal with the flute. Aladdin explains that it's his other friend, Ugo, but people around call him a Djinn or something. Alibaba wants to know if he found Ugo in a Dungeon, to which Aladdin answers no and that he is looking for the Djinn Metal Vessels. In that moment, Aladdin is convinced he should go to a Dungeon to look much to the surprise of Alibaba. Just than Alibaba's boss comes in to scold him for destroying Budel's wine and costing them a lot of money. He adds that they are thinking of making Alibaba a slave. Alibaba tells his boss not to worry since he is going to pay him back by Dungeon Diving. Aladdin summons Ugo which surprises Alibaba's boss but reassures him of their success. However, during Aladdin's introduction, Alibaba, beside saying he's one badass Magician, exclaims that Aladdin is his number one servant.[16]

Thinking what to do about Ala's mood.png

Later, he is happy with how well the conversation went, but then notices that Aladdin is mad at something. Alibaba doesn't understand at what and thinks it's about the money. When he reassures Aladdin of his cut and Aladdin still doesn't seem to enthusiastic, Alibaba becomes nervous in that Aladdin wouldn't want to Dungeon dive anymore. He thinks that he has to do something to cheer him up, and eventually takes him to a pleasure house, remembering how lit up Aladdin was when they talked about food and women.[17]

However, Aladdin is as depressed as before. Alibaba gets annoyed and demands that Aladdin explained to him what's the deal. Aladdin finally says it's about him being Alibaba's slave and Alibaba explains he said it only to look big in front of his boss. Then he adds that Aladdin is his partner, buddy and friend, which makes Aladdin incredibly happy, much to amazement of Alibaba. He doesn't understand what's going on, but is excited about his upcoming Dungeon diving. Seeing how much fun with girls Aladdin has, he commands to see the most popular hostess and Elizabeth is send to him. He doesn't think of her as beauty at all and acts awkwardly the whole time. After this, Aladdin is completely refreshed while Alibaba is wounded and scolds Aladdin for his happy mood.[18]

Balbadd Arc

Alibaba breaking their promise

During the fight between Aladdin, Morgiana, Ja'far, and the Fog Troupe, Morgiana gets caught in Cassim's Kokubaku Mutou. Seeing her, Alibaba flinches confused. Cassim asks him what is wrong, but Alibaba answers that it's nothing. Surprised, he wonders what's going on and why Morgiana is there. When Aladdin summons Ugo, Cassim asks him what's wrong and he answers to leave it to him. To stop Aladdin, he takes off his mask. Cassim asks him if he knows him. As Aladdin and Ugo block the way, Alibaba asks Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin does so with no problem. Aladdin then tells Alibaba that he is happy to see him and that he has a lot to tell him. Aladdin says that they had a promise to travel together. Alibaba responds saying that he is sorry, and that he can't keep that promise. He then summons Amon, to allow his men to escape.[41] By creating a giant Wall of Flames, the entire Fog Troupe escapes successfully.[42]

Alibaba then sits in the Fog Troupe's basement. The three brothers, L Nando, S Nando and M Nando are introduced in front of him. He makes clear what his organization is about and what they can and cannot do. After he threatens them with death from breaking rules, he dismisses everyone. He goes to talk to Cassim about the current state of events. He's angry at Cassim for keeping recruiting unknown people and asks him if he wants to start a war. Cassim answers in very messy way and eventually reminds Alibaba he's the leader. As Alibaba wants to answer him back, he's surrounded by children who praise him for defeating army and letting them having two meals a day. Cassim grabs him and keeps pushing him into thinking he's the only one who can change lives of people from slums.[43]

Morgiana came to "pick" Alibaba up

After the conversation, Alibaba goes to his room. He tries to smoke, only to starts coughing. He thinks he's useless because of his halfhearted determination. He then remembers Aladdin but quickly shakes his head and says to himself not to think about it, since he already decided to solve this matter alone. He then notices someone behind him, but as he doesn't find anyone, he thinks it was only his imagination. Thinking he's very tired, he goes to bed. As he lies on it, he notices Morgiana on ceiling. When he starts to scream, she hits him in his stomach. Then, he asks her how she found him. She replies she followed his scent and then says to tell his reason to Aladdin, why he become a thief. He warns her she should go from the enemy's lair if she doesn't want to be killed, but she still asks him for an answer. She recalls how he wanted to meet Aladdin back in Qishan, but he only replies he won't say them anything. He then adds this matter should be solved by men, and women, especially the one who has nothing to do with him, should stay away. Hearing this, she breaks the floor, picks Alibaba and takes him on night fly to Aladdin's place.[44]

Meeting with Aladdin again.png

After the end of the journey, Morgiana throws Alibaba by window. He lies with tears in his eyes, and seeing surprised Aladdin, he smiles a little. He apologizes for disturbing Aladdin. The two of them starts talking, however the conversation is quite awkward at first, so they talk about irrelevant things. Morgiana gets angry and pressurize him, but hearing it, he gets annoyed by her and says that now he doesn't feel like explaining anything anymore. Morgiana tries to tell him the real consequences of his doing. She screams she never imagined he would be kind of person who doesn't care about other well-being and cries. Alibaba has nothing to say in return. Morgiana is then calmed by Aladdin, who tells Alibaba what happened during their 6 months separation. After the atmosphere is lighter again, Aladdin asks Alibaba to tell them a truth.[45]

Staff in head.png

Alibaba starts talking about his friend, Cassim, and about his past.[46] He recalls his mother, how he become a Prince of Balbadd, about the incident caused by his ignorance and naivety. After the end of his story, Morgiana tells him she still doesn't understand why he decided to join hands with Cassim despite his betrayal. He replies saying what happened when he returned to Balbadd after capturing the Dungeon. He explains he met Cassim and learned about Balbadd's current situation. He decided to help him and took an action immediately. He plans to reveal his identity as a Prince when the right times comes. Then, Aladdin asks him what will he do if the war outbreaks, which is enough to make him completely emotional. He yells and screams about not only a tragic situation of Balbadd, but also his own uselessness. He cries while begging Aladdin to leave the country and gets hit in a head. Aladdin calms him down and reassures him he will help him and adds that they should figure something out, together.[47][48]

Sindria Arc

Fat Alibaba

The story picks up 6 months after the events in Balbadd. At first Alibaba and Aladdin were depressed over losing their friends and country, but by the time Sinbad came back to Sindria, they had starting feeling better and despite refusing to eat at first, grew very fat. Alibaba comes to greet Sinbad who points it out immediately. He seems to not notice it earlier but quickly adds that every dish in Sindria is delicious. He then explains that he decided, for sake of Cassim, to pull himself together. He asks Sinbad to tell him if there's something he can do, because he wants to prevent another situation similar to that of Balbadd's. Sinbad thinks that even if he's a little fatter, that doesn't change a thing, and curing depression with eating is not that uncommon anyway. When he sees Aladdin however, he orders both of them to run and to lose their weight.[102] Several weeks later, Alibaba comes back to his normal weight.[103]

Later, Sinbad reveals his hope for Aladdin and Alibaba to lend their strength to Sindria, just like the Eight Generals, in order to fight Al-Thamen and "abnormalities of the world". He states that it was Al-Thamen that somewhat led Balbadd into civil war and that now they want to do the same to the entire world. Alibaba trembles a little which is immediately noticed by Aladdin, but he says that he's fine. After the break, Sinbad says that current Alibaba and Aladdin are way to weak to fight them.[104]

Ali getting new sword.png

A little later, the two of them are introduced to Yamraiha. They are amazing by her beauty and air of someone gentle. However, their image is brutally destroyed when Aladdin sexually harass her. Then, Alibaba witnesses Aladdin receive a little training from Yamraiha.[105] He's amazed to see what magic can do. After that, he thinks of Aladdin as someone amazing and displays his lack of confidence by trying to compare himself to him. Then, Sinbad, accompanied by Morgiana, comes and takes him with them. He asks Alibaba if he has done any progress with mastering his Djinn Equip, and sees Alibaba's broken sword. Sinbad says him that this sword is completely unusable, so he just has to choose a new one. Asked where he had obtained his old one, as Metal Vessel must be something important to its user, he explains that it was bought by money earned from his first successful trade negotiations, which his father happened to see. He was told that Balbadd is trading center and to continue training. After completing his story, he quickly adds that this knife was just something cheap, but he regret that it broke. Sinbad decides to give him a sword he received from previous King of Balbadd. Alibaba takes it.[106]

Alibaba with Sinbad.png

After obtaining his new Metal Vessel, he, along with Sinbad and Morgiana, goes to find a Vessel for Morgiana. He finds out that people like her can become Household Members, in this case, she would borrow power from Alibaba's Djinn, Amon. Morgiana is down that she never worn any kind of jewelery, so Alibaba recommends her two devilish-looking manifers. Morgiana seems kind of happy and asks him if it suits her, to which he responds that she looks very strong. He's shocked when she brings her old shackles and wants to use them as her Household Vessel and he doesn't change his expression hearing that they are filled with the kindness of her most important people, meaning Aladdin, Goltas and Alibaba.[107]

Alibaba with Sharrkan.png

Soon after, Alibaba voices his wish to transfer Amon as soon as possible and asks Sinbad if he could be his teacher. Sinbad answers that there is someone much better at swordplay than him, but before saying anything more, they are called because the Southern Creature attacked Sindria. Both Alibaba and Morgiana are surprised seeing the reaction of people around them. After meeting with Aladdin, they are shown Sharrkan defeating the monster. Alibaba is stunned seeing how beautifully Sharrkan plated it, and comments that he's very skillful. After that, Sharrkan is officially introduced to Alibaba as his new fencing teacher. Even though Sharrkan is very happy that Alibaba wants to improve his swordplay, he can't even remember his name. Yamraiha warns Alibaba to not be infected by Sharrkan's idioticy, then they start fighting. Alibaba is stunned at this situation, and can't believe when these two wants to compete and check whose disciple is better. Sharrkan wants to drag Alibaba to train immediately, but Sinbad stops them and says they have a celebration tonight.[108]

Zagan Arc

Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana.png

During their trip to the Dungeon Zagan, Alibaba and Aladdin have fun with dolphins, which are obedient thanks to the Pisti's Household Vessel. After spending time on playing, Aladdin thanks Pisti for enable them such an entertainment, but she asks him why he doesn't call her "Miss". She explains that despite her appearance, she's actually year older than Alibaba, which surprises him deeply. She notices it and adds that she also has much more experience than him. Next, they are called for lunch, prepared by Hakuryuu. Alibaba is amazed because of his skills. Morgiana then comments she imagined quite a different person, and Alibaba agrees, voicing his astonishment for him going with them. Then, he recalls what Sinbad told to them before going from Sindria. Aladdin bursts on his thoughts, saying that he can see an island. After that, Pisti explains that the island they're close to is not part of Sindria's territory, so they should behave. Then, Alibaba remembers Sinbad's words that someone he knows well will wait there for him.[121]

Arriving at Toran's island.png

After a while, the group arrives at the island. There Alibaba meets his older brothers, Ahbmad and Sahbmad. Alibaba is speechless at first, but soon starts laughing happily. He then asks Sahbmad what they are doing now and finds out they're part of Sindria's archeology group. A little later, some Torran kids offers Aladdin and Hakuryuu flowers, but Sahbmad quickly explains that it's not for free. Alibaba thinks he was doing the same thing in the past, while living in slums. Then, Alibaba is stunned seeing Ahbmad giving recompense to children, but still thanks him. His brother says it's not needed, since they don't want any problems with local people because otherwise, they wouldn't be allowed to continue they're research on Torran's culture. Alibaba comments that Ahbmad is zealous about this job. Ahbmad states he decided this is the best thing he can do right now. Alibaba says that he has somewhat changed. Sahbmad smiles and says that their oldest brother had the chance to contemplate about many things, and this time he wants to talk about these things with Alibaba and Aladdin. Next, the group heads toward Village Chief to get a permission to enter the Dungeon. When they don't get one, Alibaba protests that they've already conquered a Dungeon, and in the end, they are allowed to go. After a little more talk, Alibaba and the rest meets three merchants, Dunya Musta'sim, Isaac and Ithnan.[122]

Next morning, the group boards a boat and heads toward Zagan's island. As they finally get to the place, Aladdin asks how they will come back, and Alibaba answers he told them he would light up a fire as soon as they're done, but Morgiana says she will carry them from one reef to another. Alibaba and Aladdin notices she has put her shackles on her arms, and she nods with a sentence that they still can't do anything particular.[123]

Alibaba and Amon.png

After that, the company climbs up wondering if they're arrived. When they finally sees Zagan, Alibaba, who seems quite tired, notices that something is wrong with Morgiana. She replies that she saw something shining and right after that, they're pulled to the Dungeon's sacred gate. Alibaba is instantly reminded of what happened in Amon's Dungeon and is determinant to conquer the Dungeon this time as well. However, he hears Amon's voice who doesn't want to do it. Amon then asks Alibaba what are his intentions, and whether he wants to have an affair with another Djinn as well. Amon complains questioning Alibaba, if he's dissatisfied with him. Alibaba thinks that at first Amon gave him an impression of powerful Djinn and now wonders if he always was such a whinny and jealous old man, who's even sulking right now. After that, Amon explains that there is no need for Alibaba to have more than one Metal Vessel, and, what's more, he doesn't have ability to have them anyway, since Alibaba's Magoi is too low for this. Alibaba is quite depressed hearing it, but Amon adds that he carries unusual potential with him. He says that Alibaba often risked his life for others and he, as his humble servant, decided to devote his power to such a master. Amon then tells Alibaba to complete his Djinn Equip. Alibaba thanks Amon as he runs toward him. After that, he sleeps thinking he's calm, feels like he became bigger and wonders if it's the feeling of becoming one with Amon. He thinks that he is held by arms of a strong, magnificent hero. When he regains his consciousness, he notices he it was Morgiana who held him, and is a little embarrassed of what he thought. He then asks where they are, and Morgiana explains they're right before the staring point. She then picks up the other three to take them down, and Hakuryuu starts complaining about how heavy they must be, but Alibaba calms him down by saying that otherwise she'll punch him.[124]

Alibaba is amazed by Dungeon Zagan's appearance. He comments he has heard only bad thing about it, but it's beautiful. He talks with Aladdin about this, showing how happy he is.[125] Then, the group meets a talking turtle and he is quite surprised about it. He quickly remembers that it should be normal that such creatures exists in the Dungeon. After that, they see how the monsters live, and Alibaba comments that they have communal system of livelihood, similar to theirs. He exclaims that this place isn't weird and they should be able to conquer this Dungeon easily, as long as they will keep its rules.[126]

Second Sindria Arc

After coming back from the Dungeon Zagan, Alibaba and the rest of his group are warmly welcomed by the citizens. He is especially happy of Sinbad's praise. He tells him that it's Hakuryuu who obtained Zagan. During Dungeon Conqueror's Banquet, Alibaba sits along with Yamraiha and Sharrkan, and watches Aladdin fooling around.[155] After Hakuryuu loses his arm and Ithnan appears, he fights along with Sharrkan and Aladdin to defeat him. Unfortunately, he and Sinbad get cursed by Ithnan. Ithnan explains that it's "invitation letter" from "Father", who orders them to surrender and become Black Kings. He then says that this curse will possess their blood vessels and dye their Rukh black. They will fall into depravity. Soon after, Ithnan retreats. Later, Alibaba sits in the same room as Aladdin, Sinbad and his Eight Generals. He asks what they should do with this curse. Sinbad reassures the rest of gathered that curses don't exist and it's most probably magic, what Yamraiha confirms. However, as she's never seen such a magic which directly attacks other people's Magoi, she can't undo it. Aladdin says he will do it.[156]

Alibaba after curse.png

A little later, Alibaba is seen struggling with the curse inside of magic circle created by Yamraiha. Magoi of the caster took a shape and is going wild inside of his body, making him suffer. Because of enemy's Rukh going through his whole body, undoing it could even kill him. Sinbad, who has gone to fight Ithnan, comes back and asks about Alibaba's condition. He notices that progress of the curse is slow. Yamraiha confirms that it's because of her suppressing it, but also his resistance is stronger than normal. Sinbad persuades Aladdin to help him, and so he does.[157] He gets inside Alibaba thanks to Solomon's Wisdom. There he sees a pure world and both good, heart-warming memories of Alibaba, and bad ones, which made him suffer. After that, he finds Ithnan. Ithnan comments he doesn't like this place because of its pureness and adds there is another existence that is in his way other than Alibaba. In the real world, Yamraiha and Sinbad notice that the curse is getting weaker. After Aladdin erases Ithnan's existence from Alibaba's Rukh, he talks to someone inside Alibaba, whose part joined him and helped to slow down the curse.[158]

Alibaba and Kougyoku.png

After being completely cured, Alibaba goes for a walk. He accidentally steps on Kougyoku's flowers, for which he immediately apologizes. Kougyoku, angry that she met him, says that she heard he collapsed and asks if he's alright now, what he confirms. As an apology, he makes her a crown of flowers. She surprises him by asking how he did it. He shows her how, and she comments he is skillful.[159] Next, he, along with Morgiana, talks to Hakuryuu as he announces that he's going to depart from Sindria. Morgiana asks him if he's going to go back to the Kou Empire, but he explains that he wants to join his sister before it. When asked what Alibaba and Morgiana are going to do, Alibaba says with smile that they're going to stay there a little longer and asks Morgiana if he's right, but she can't answer. Hakuryuu then asks Alibaba if he's okay with Balbadd's situation, but he quickly says that he believes that Alibaba has some plans about it. Then, he voices his thoughts about Alibaba, but Alibaba says that Hakuryuu already told him that, back in the Dungeon Zagan. Hakuryuu ends the conversation with a statement that Alibaba will surely follow the path he believes in. Alibaba doesn't have much words for this.[160]

Aladdin decides to depart.png

Later that day, Alibaba chats in a bed with Morgiana and Aladdin. Alibaba informs his friend about Hakuryuu's decision and admits that he will miss him. Aladdin decides to tell them that he will go on a journey alone,[161] which totally shocks Alibaba. He asks about Aladdin's purpose and when he learns it's for a study, he comments that he could do it with Yamraiha. Aladdin explains that he also has other reasons and that he can't remain in Sindria because of Sinbad's radiance. Alibaba thinks that journey could indeed be a good idea and asks Morgiana if they're going with him, but Aladdin states they can't. Alibaba tries to argue with Aladdin, but is pushed to a corner. Aladdin says that he wants to make Alibaba a king, but not king of some country, but someone who can give hope to others. What's more, he comments that both of them are too weak to fight Al-Thamen, as they couldn't even save a large number of people in Balbadd. Alibaba still screams that if he wants to train, he will go with him, but Aladdin tells him he has to think for himself what he wants to do.[162] In the morning, he doesn't even want to get out of the bed. Instead, he tells to Morgiana that Aladdin is too heartless and states that they can't accept it.[163]

Alibaba drunk.png

Later, he invites Sharrkan to have a drink, what he rarely does. He quickly gets drunk and complains about Aladdin being cold toward him. Sharrkan wants to justify Aladdin's point of view and says that he himself also already decided to follow Sinbad, but it shouldn't be so easy for the Prince of another country. Alibaba burbles that it's not like this, and it annoys Sharrkan, who irresponsibly tells him to go through warrior's training that has nothing to do with him being the Prince, or become a Gladiator in Reim Empire's Colosseum. Then, a woman tries to join their conversation, but Alibaba quickly brasses her off, arguing he's in the middle of man-to-man talk with his master. Sharrkan's level of irritation goes beyond the level and he kicks Alibaba out of the bar. He then lies on the ground, drunk, with a single tear in his eye and sighs thinking that he doesn't understand Aladdin's behavior. He then reassures himself that Aladdin will change his mind by tomorrow.[164]

During Dunya Musta'sim's funeral, Alibaba stands alongside Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu. Hearing the conversation between two people, he recalls how Dunya's body looked, which was just like Cassim's. He then tells Aladdin that he wonders what the Dark Metal Vessel really is.[165]

AliGyoku crown of flowers.png

Later, he is seen training. He still thinks about Aladdin's intention to depart on the same ship as Hakuryuu, but also notices that Morgiana has been lately thinking about something, and Hakuryuu has been spacing out much recently. He also comments that he doesn't make any progress in terms of his Djinn Equip. He chafes and swindles his sword aimlessly, almost hurting Kougyoku, who came to him. She shows him how well-made her crown of flower now is. Seeing how he's in a middle of training, she thinks of it as a good occasion. She asks him for a duel and Djinn Equips, ordering him to do the same. When he tries to inform her he can't do it, Sinbad comes and asks her to show him her power. Alibaba attentively watches their battle, sometimes commenting on what's happening and showing his surprised face.[166][167]

After their battle, he talks with Sinbad next to asleep Kougyoku. He worries about not being able to perform Djinn Equip when even such a girl can do it. Sinbad says that her talent is indeed above average, but Alibaba has a talent as well. He tells him that there must be a reason why he still can't do that and promises to find some spare time to find this reason tomorrow, making Alibaba very happy. He then recalls Aladdin's statement about Sinbad's radiance, but can't understand what's wrong with it.[168]

Gyoku wakes up.png

Later, Kougyoku wakes up and he tells her what happened during her fight with Sinbad. He comments that his Djinn Equip was amazing, and Kougyoku asks what about hers. He happily answers that she was incredible too. She says that it was a lot of fun and that she made up her mind, to go back to her own country.[169] She also tells him that she will talk with her brother, Kouen. Hearing this name immediately makes Alibaba remember Hakuryuu saying he is a leader of Balbadd. He then asks Kougyoku what if she had to fight Sinbad, but she answers that he was her first love, shocking him. She continues saying that she understands that she could never be his love interest, but she loves him nonetheless. She mentions that she also followed him all the way to Sindria, calling herself an idiot and starts crying. Alibaba is dumbfounded and awkwardly passes her a tissue. She thanks him, but adds that she's alright now and that even though she had a lot of fun in Sindria and could be with the person she loves, it's the end.[170]

Let's be friends.png

Then, Kougyoku asks Alibaba to listen to her story. She reveals her past, which is similar to that of Alibaba. She states that Judar and Kouen acknowledged her as a King Vessel and gave her a position of a warrior. She admits that at that time, she though it was the way she had to live her life. After that, she clearly speaks her mind that she won't fight against Sindria. Later, Alibaba tells her his story. Kougyoku orders him to become her friend. He is surprised at first, but she adds that she never had any friends and as they're the same, he has to do it. He, still surprised, formally says that he is pleased to meet her, but she gets angry and hits him in the head. She reprimands him for being so formal with a "friend" and he says he understands. Then, he pulls out his hand with a words of her being his friend, and she gladly accepts.[171]

When Kougyoku departs from Sindria, he sends her off as he was her close friend. However, atmosphere between him and the rest of Team Zagan is still awkward.[172] He boards the same ship as them, but hides himself.[173]

Pirates Arc

Wrong room.png

Alibaba sits in a room alone. He thinks that he missed the occasion to tell his friends that he's going with them and decided to wait for them until they go to sleep. However, frightened, he realizes that Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu went into the different room. He wonders if he should go to them, since they're having fun, but decides to wait until they'll notice that something, namely him, is missing. During his visualization, when that happens, he will go to them and tells them that they're pathetic while hugging them and listen to Aladdin's crying voice which tells him "I love you". He then eavesdrops them. When they start giggling, he scratches the wall. Then, things he imagined come true to the some point, because what Alibaba's friends are missing is an all-inclusive breakfast. Alibaba gets depressed and wonders if they completely forgot about him, when he hears Hakuryuu asking the rest what they think of him. Alibaba is totally excited until he hears indifferent response from Aladdin, who, asked if he really like him, replies that he was just a first person he met after coming to this world. This shocks Alibaba who recalls when Aladdin said that he will become a king, because he really likes him. Then, Aladdin adds that Alibaba is really unpopular and when Aladdin is having fun with girls, he looks at him jealous while sulking his finger. Alibaba is speechless. Then, Morgiana recalls the moment when she came into his room and his bottom was openly exposed. Alibaba can't even stand because of the shock he received. He realizes that all good things they were saying about him were just a lies. Alibaba starts crying, wondering if that's what they really thought about him.[174]

Alibaba outshined.png

Then, the group comes into his room and asks for forgiveness. They explain to Alibaba that it was only a joke, but he, when he remembers what they said, starts crying again. Aladdin tells him to get hold of himself, and Hakuryuu agrees with this, but adds that he's crying to much to be a real man. Alibaba gets mad, retorting that Hakuryuu has no right to talk and eventually wants to settle this outside, but Aladdin calms him down. Still, when Morgiana says that what she's said really had happened, Hakuryuu wants to kill him. Then, Aladdin asks what Alibaba wants to do, because only Magicians can enter Magnostadt. Alibaba says that he hasn't come here to follow him, so Hakuryuu asks if he felt lonely and decided to board a ship. Alibaba screams that he came here in order to train. He says he will become a Gladiator in the Reim Empire. Aladdin and company wants to know why would he do such a thing, but Alibaba answers he doesn't feel like it. In the end, Alibaba acquiesces to tell them. It's because Sinbad told him that the quality of his Magoi changed, and because of it, he will never be able to achieve Djinn Equipping. He took his advice to learn Magoi Manipulation from the Yambala Gladiators. When Alibaba wants (and tries) to explain this matter further, Hakuryuu does it for him. When the same situation repeats, Alibaba gets depressed at first, and then scream that he said all he wanted to.[175]

Some time later, Alibaba finishes every Southern Creature that attacked a ship. He explains he got carried away because he's not popular and wanted to show good things about him, which shows that he still keeps grudge over it. Hakuryuu says that next time he will do it, and Alibaba asks if he could do it. Then, Alibaba notices that Morgiana is looking at something and asks what's wrong. She is able to see a fire from a great distance. Olba, one of Umm Madaura's children, appears and says she has a great eyes. He attacks a boat they're on and says that they are pirates. Alibaba fights alongside the rest to help save the ship. Olba gets angry and uses Ala Rasas. Alibaba is able to destroy this floating ball, but only to fall to the sea. Morgiana tries to catch them with chains, but is attacked from behind and falls herself.[176] She, along with Alibaba and Aladdin, is soon saved by Hakuryuu, who makes plants, kind of Life Magic. Then Hakuryuu almost successfully defeats all opponents, but they take captain as a hostage. Pirates are able to escape.[177]

Alibaba and Aktia's citizens.png

After that, the Aktia Kingdom's Navy comes to them and takes them to the Aktia Kingdom. They then hear about Umm Madaura's acts of kidnapping children.[178] The group is amazed by Hakuryuu's ability and plan to search Umm Madaura. After seeing how badly people from slums are treated by Aktia's Navy, Alibaba decides to help them, since they remind him Balbadd's people, and no one opposes. One of them starts thanking Alibaba and says that they don't have any money, but Alibaba replies that they don't need that. He then addresses to Cassim in his thoughts. He asks him if he's right that his friends wanted to save that kind of people. He adds that he will fight for the Cassim's sake as well.[179]

Alibaba with ship's captain.png

Later, he tells ship's captain that they will borrow their precious ship. Then, he looks curiously at Aladdin and Morgiana as they talk with Sinbad and Yamraiha trough the Eye of the Rukh. Then, he asks Hakuryuu if he completed Djinn Equip, and when his friend refuses to tell him the truth, he puts the acid on him. However, Hakuryuu still doesn't tell him the answer.[180]

World Exploration Arc

When Aladdin, Morgiana, Hakuryuu, and Alibaba part ways, Alibaba goes to the Reim Empire. Here he hopes to be accepted as a Gladiator, and train his Magoi. However, when he arrives, he is starving and weak. He had lost his letter of recommendation from Sinbad for the Colosseum and was robbed of all his money during his way, and was left only with his Metal Vessel. He promises not to trust anyone anymore. Later, he goes to the training grounds aiming to join there. At the gate, he meets a girl named Toto. She says that he isn't allowed in, because he doesn't have a letter of invitation and looks suspicious. He tries to convince her by telling her his story, but she says that the only way he can pass is by beating her in a duel. He accepts but finds himself in trouble when he realizes he is too exhausted to fight.[198]

Shanbal Naked.png

After the duel, he ends up in the middle of town, with no money, no food, and no water. He is then found by some "old friends". The Nando Brothers had come to the Reim Empire from Balbadd to open a casino and raise a fortune. They are now considered wealthy. Alibaba is surprised to see them, but can't really move, so he asks for food, and they take him to their casino to eat. After he arrives there, he eats to his heart's content while hearing about slaves living in the Reim Empire. Then, from the other side of the Casino, an old man is causing a commotion. He had bet everything he had, including his clothes, and he had lost. Alibaba doesn't recognize him but he recognizes the girl next to him, Toto.[199]

The man strikes a conversation with Alibaba and asks him if he could have a rematch with Toto. Alibaba accepts, and they proceeds to battle. Alibaba seems to have the upper hand, until Toto displayed a special ability, Qi Gong Sword.[200] Her sword lit up, and Magoi flew into it. She displays the ability of Magoi Manipulation and she reveals that she and the old man, who had introduced himself as Shambal Ramal, are from the Yambala Gladiators. The battle is getting a bit more serious, and the stage is getting banged up. Alibaba is having a hard time dealing with her. He concentrates afterwards and displays some of the swordsmanship that Sharrkan had taught him. As he cuts Toto's armor which reveals her naked body, Shambal stops the duel and accepts Alibaba into the Colosseum.[201]

Alibaba at Laem.png

Later, Shambal performs an acupuncture on Alibaba and tells him that there is two kinds of Magoi in his body. Alibaba is also told that if he doesn't master them and combine them, then his flesh would rot, and he would die. Because Alibaba has no money to pay for the treatment, Shambal tells him to go in the arena to pay them for their service. Before he knows it, he is thrown into a gladiator match with a giant beast, Garda. In the Colosseum's fights only normal sword is allowed.[202] Alibaba is quicker, more versatile, and more cunning than his opponent. He slashes and slashes the monster, but it has layers of muscle protecting itself. He goes in for a stab and got injured instead. He obtains several bruises, and Garda bits his arm, which then becomes unusable in the match.[203] During the match, he remembers Cassim and what they did to win against adults without weapon while living in slums. Then, he tricks the beast into running into a statue and uses a spear from that same statue to stabs Garda in the jaw. After that, he strikes it in Garda's arm and gains the upper hand. Then, Alibaba once again gains the upper hand and wins his first battle. Afterwards, Shambal explains to him the occurrences of the battle and the fusion of his Magoi.[204]

What Alibaba has to do.png

5 days later, Alibaba is sitting along with Garda. Toto comes in and asks why Garda is there. Alibaba explains that the prize from the match was so high that he couldn't think of another way to spend it. He then adds, that if it been him, he would do the same. Alibaba then takes a cigar and tries to smoke, but ends up coughing. After that, Shambal comes in and changes Alibaba's bandages. He asks him if he's aware of the identity of the other Magoi within him. Alibaba replies that that are things he has to do. He continues saying that there was a country he couldn't protect. He feels as if Cassim entrusted him with this power to not leave this country in other people's hands. He concludes his monologue with saying that getting back the country he lost is what he has to do now. He then thanks Shambal for his continued guidance.[205]

Magnostadt Arc

Alibaba saves Aladdin.png

He is seen on the Fanalis ship of the Reim Empire heading to Magnostadt for the war. He helps Muu Alexius, when Lo'lo' accidentally throws him. Then, alone, he voices his question towards Aladdin, how is he doing.[206] Later, when the war officially started, Alibaba watches the battle from Reim's fleet and recognizes Aladdin's magic, Ugo. He worries about him, realizing that his friend is participating in the war.[207] Some time after, when Muu enters in his Djinn Equip form and is about to kill Aladdin along with destroying Magnostadt with his Extreme Magic, Alibaba interferes and blocks Muu's javelin with his sword, warning Muu that his sword can even cut Muu's Metal Vessel.[208] Myron Alexius asks Alibaba if he understands what he has done, making the whole Reim Empire into his enemy. Alibaba apologizes, justifying himself by saying that he couldn't watch as his important friend for whom he was looking, was cut into two.[209]

After that, Scheherazade appears and orders Muu to retreat all troops. She then asks Aladdin, Alibaba and Titus Alexius for a talk. They board a small ship and sail to a neutral territory. Alibaba says he thought she would take them to Reim's fleet. Before any serious talk takes place, Aladdin tells him that he was surprised because of Alibaba's sudden appearance. Alibaba says he was even more surprised, not only because Aladdin was fighting, but also because of frightening Muu's Djinn Equip. Then, he notices that Aladdin grew taller, and seems more sharper and calm than before. He looks offended when Aladdin concludes that Alibaba didn't change at all, and shows him he has more dignify and looks like a real gentleman now. In the end, Aladdin thinks that the only thing that changed about his friend is his ahoge, which is bigger now.[210]

Alibaba promises to Aladdin.png

Afterwards, Aladdin is surprised that Alibaba didn't meet Scheherazade in the Reim Empire. Alibaba explains that it was because she would find out he's Metal Vessel user, like Judar before, so he decided not to do it. Scheherazade says that she wouldn't, as she's only one of clones of real Scheherazade's body. When she reveals her real age, 268, Aladdin and Alibaba both react with a great astonishment. She then asks Aladdin to tell her about Matal Mogamett's intentions.[211] Aladdin tells them about The Dark Spot, Al-Thamen's wish and another world, Alma Torran. Alibaba isn't able to understand what Aladdin is saying. Aladdin states that he knows and explains that Alma Torran's history was shown to him through the Wisdom of Solomon in Balbadd. Aladdin continues saying that he never told anyone about it to not worry them. Alibaba thinks that Aladdin keeps saying weird things, but it's not about Alma Torran. He takes his shoulders and says he should have told him about it much earlier, and reminds him he was the one who told Alibaba that they will look for the solution together. He then recalls when Aladdin hit him in the head when he was in state of great confusion back in Balbadd, and does the same. He screams it doesn't matter if it's complicated or dangerous, because Aladdin doesn't have to worry about it alone. Alibaba promises to worry and think for the solution together with him. Aladdin is touched by his words, takes Alibaba's hand and thanks him.[212]

Next, the four of them go to Reim's fleet. When Scheherazade is talking with Titus in private, Alibaba asks Aladdin who he is. His little friend explains that Titus is a friend he made in Magnostadt, someone he can relate to. Then, Scheherazade asks Alibaba and Aladdin to come closer to her and announces that she will retreat her army, which means that the war with Magnostadt ended. As she says it, one of soldiers comes and notifies her about the messenger from the Kou Empire's arrival.[213]

Not forgive.png

Alibaba then watches as Titus talks with Aladdin about what he decided to do with his remaining life. Then, the four of them notice Black Djinn above Magnostadt. Alibaba and Aladdin fly on Aladdin's Turban. Alibaba asks his friend what's wrong with this country, since something like this happened. He mentions Cassim and asks if weak people here are, similarly to him, forced to think of themselves as trash by the mere fact that they're born. When Aladdin answers positively, he says he can't forgive them. He then notices that Black Djinn, who move with a great speed, aren't headed towards Reim's army. Aladdin says that their true objective is Kouha Ren.[214]

Alibaba Djinn Equip.png

When Kouha has problems with the army of Black Djinn, Alibaba, with his fully Djinn Equipped Amon, comes to aid him.[215] He slashes the Black Djinn but they keep regenerating. He then recalls his conversation with Aladdin, who told him about Magnostadt's way of doing. Seeing even more Black Djinn, Aladdin noted they're similar to that of Alma Torran. Alibaba then Djinn Equipped, saying that he's faster in that form and it's not the time to save up his Magoi. He added that he'll stop the Black Djinn. Back in the present, Alibaba changes the change of his sword to Amol Dherrsaiqa and fires a powerful attack, burning the Black Djinn with just a single thrust.[216]

Alibaba Extreme Magic.png

After finishing off some of them, 30 more Black Djinn come. He starts summoning his Extreme Magic, telling Aladdin that he'll lose a lot of Magoi, but it's not the time to keep hiding his trump card. Aladdin reassures him he will help him restore his Magoi with the Heat Magic. Alibaba exclaims that he will defeat Al-Thamen and the Black Djinn, and starts his attack. However, before he can execute releasing his powers, Kouen Ren and his Household interfere in the fight. Meanwhile, Alibaba is watching what happens, with the Metal Vessel Symbol still behind him, and is greatly confused, asking "Eh? Eh...? Eh!!?".[217]

Second Balbadd Arc

Alibaba and Sinbad.png

Alibaba, along with Morgiana and Aladdin, decide to come back to the Sindria Kingdom. As they arrived, Alibaba passes the news to Aladdin. As they arrive, Pisti warmly welcomes them. There, Sinbad apologizes to him for leaving everything concerning Magnostadt in his and Yamraiha's hands. Alibaba tells him to not worry, as Aladdin was regretting about what happened and he wanted to be together with him no matter what. As he starts looking for his master, Olba, completely changed, appears before him. Alibaba has troubles recognizing him, asking who he is. Olba introduces himself, and Birgit, Yon, Alon and Bhrol along him. Alibaba is completely shocked. He notes that Olba grew a lot, in fact, too much. Olba says that he is really indebted to Sindria, as they taught him a lot. He adds that Alibaba is the one he is the most indebted to, after all. He also reassures Alibaba that he can asks for their help anytime. Alibaba comments that he doesn't remember him having such a personality.[236]

From behind, someone surprises Alibaba from behind telling him to not ignore her. While blushing a little, Alibaba realizes that it's Toto, who was waiting for him. Aladdin runs to him asking who this pretty lady is and Alibaba explains that it's someone he met in Reim. He asks her why is she there anyway. Toto explains that it's not like she came there for him, but with Shambal, what makes Alibaba happy. He says that he has to pay his regards to him. He asks Toto if she hasn't become even bigger, to what she replies that it's him who shrunk. Alibaba tells her to shut up.[237]

Ali confirming having a girlfriend.png

After that, Alibaba takes part in the party. Some people tell him that they wanted to meet him and pour him some alcohol. Alibaba tells Olba that he seems to be doing fine but wonders who influenced him so much that he had such a huge change in personality. Just then, Sharrkan comes with women around him. Looking at him, Alibaba realizes that it was his influence that changed Olba and recalls that Olba said something about learning sword techniques. Sharrkan apologizes for not being around when he arrived and asks him when he got such a good expression on his face. Alibaba laughs and thanks him. Then, he notes that Sharrkan still smell of alcohol in the evening. Sharrkan on the other hand notes that Alibaba is now able to retain his composure when he drinks. He then wants to know if Alibaba was able to become "man" while he was in Reim, much to his surprise. Sharrkan is sure that he must have met a woman that comes to sleep in the gladiator's arms. Aladdin complains that Alibaba never told him about it, though Alibaba denies it. However, Olba says that he admires him, but Alibaba tries to stop him from talking about it, saying that otherwise, "she" will get mad, making everyone wonder who is "she". Toto comes with Shambal, completely blushing. Alibaba starts sweating but feels relieved soon after, after everything calmed down. Birgit asks him if could Toto possibly be Alibaba's lover. Sharrkan asks if could he really got himself a girlfriend in Reim, making him feeling uneasy. He starts blushing and fidgeting a cup. After a moment of silence, he timidly answers, "Yes."[238]

Alibaba's answer makes everyone shocked. Sharrkan teases him by pointing out that he was flirting with girls when Aladdin and Morgiana were desperately training, though Alibaba denies it. Sharrkan also tells him not to be embarrassed and calls him a "lady-killer". When Alibaba breaks free from him, he explains that he's not embarrassed, but it's not laughing matter and he's serious about it. He says that she's a gladiator, so reckless that her body is covered in scars; but she's also cute and gentle, kind enough to nurse him for the entire night when he was injured. He confesses that he came to like her when they were living together. Aladdin, Olba, Sharrkan and Olba are all happy and a bit envious of him. Alibaba nervously laughs, blushing.[239]

Would be happy.png

The next morning, Alibaba meets up with Toto and follows around her with a smile. Toto asks what is wrong and says that she's going to eat breakfast. Alibaba nervously laughs and sees her off. When he is left alone, he admits that all he said about dating Toto was a lie. He felt that he was being idealized by Olba, Aladdin and company and that Sharrkan, Morgiana and Yamraiha were looking at him with expectations when asked if he had a girlfriend. He realizes that they probably would have been happy even if he didn't answer "yes" and he did something inexcusable to Toto. Recalling what happened last night, Alibaba said that "she" would get mad and starts to wonder who he was even talking about. At that time, he noticed a drunken Toto staring in their direction. However, the one who came to his mind was not Toto, but Garda. She is female, so he wasn't lying. Although saying that "reckless" is an understatement, as she almost cut off his arm, and in fact slept by him even on the days he wasn't injured. He admits that "a girl heavily breathing down a guy's neck is rather exciting, but in her case, it's horrifying".[240]

Alibaba in Reim.png

He clarifies that he's not dating Garda. Nonetheless, he left out the fact that they are from different species and used her as a scapegoat, because he didn't want to disappoint his friends. Besides, all the women who came to him in Reim ran away because they were threatened by Garda. He sighs and says that although he never thought about it, he wants a girlfriend too. He wonders if someone will fall in love with him one day. He decides to apologize to Toto and speak with her so that their stories match and not let the people who have great expectations of him know that he's not popular with girls, especially Olba and Aladdin.[241]

Manly tears.png

As he reaches everyone, he finds Toto explaining that she is not Alibaba's lover and that it is in fact Garda. As they notice him, Sharrkan and Pisti come to him, laughing. Sharrkan wants Alibaba to tell them how many girls he has played with, sure that him lying about finding a girlfriend was to hide that fact. However, his answer is zero. With a blank expression, he adds that he couldn't find girlfriend in Reim and he didn't do anything with anyone. He wonders if there is something wrong with it as it wasn't his original objective and apologizes to everyone for lying to them. Sharrkan takes him for a drink and Aladdin and Olba tag along. Sharrkan reassures him that if he thinks that their feeling for him changed because of that, he is underestimating them. Alibaba agrees while crying his "manly tears" and the three hug Alibaba tightly. Sharrkan says that they know of Alibaba's good traits and that one day a woman who will understand him will appear as well. While still being held by them, Alibaba tearfully replies, "Where is she...? Master... Where is that woman? Waaaah why isn't she here!!!!".[242]

Alma Torran Arc

Aladdin continues showing the legend of Alma Torran. Everyone gathered at the summit sees the ogres attacking people until a monster of white light descended and erased them in instant. Much to Alibaba's shock, the monster is the same as the Medium, except it's not black. Aladdin explains that it's the "creator" of Alma Torran, called Ilah. Ilah believed that to save the world, unifying it is necessary, much like Kouen and Koumei think. Ilah gave people, the species he chose to rule the world, part of his power - Magic. Aladdin tells how the chaos continued for the next 800 years until a Magician who unified the world appeared. Alibaba watches the happy scenes from Alma Torran with a smile. He is surprised when Aladdin points at Ugo, who was one of the Magi. He notices the woman next to him and recalls that it's the place where Aladdin was born. He also asks about the woman next to him. Aladdin however decides to tell them the reason why the Alma Torran was quickly destroyed so they wouldn't make the same mistakes.[288]

After hearing Aladdin's story of Alma Torran, Alibaba realizes how little he knew about and understood Aladdin. He thinks that Aladdin is the same as him, a simple human with a lot things to worry about, but also the unique being entrusted with the fate of two worlds. Alibaba, along with Morgiana, tell Aladdin they are happy they know his story and declare that they are willing to fight with him. Alibaba notes to himself that he and Morgiana were thinking the same thing.[289]

Alibaba preventing Kouen from declaring war with Sindria

He notices Sinbad's expression after hearing the story about Solomon and recalls the conversations he had with Kouen and Sinbad. Morgiana asks him to tell them about his problems later to which he reluctantly agrees. Soon after, Aladdin proposes to sign a ceasefire treaty between Reim, Kou and Sindria.[290] Alibaba points out that they were able to stop Magnostadt's incident thanks to the cooperation, though Aladdin and Yunan explain that the crisis isn't quite over yet. When Sinbad says that he is not sure about joining hands with the Kou Empire because they are the Al-Thamen itself, anxious Alibaba wonders how Kouen will respond to this accusation. When the fight between the two nations is about to begin, he stops Kouen from fighting Sinbad and refuses to let Balbadd end up like what happened long ago by swearing that he will fight alongside Kouen, even if his opponents will be his siblings. Kouen violently pats him on the back and says to stop being so serious, then proceeds to discuss things with Aladdin.[291]

Their talks are interrupted by Judar's sudden arrival.[292] Alibaba comments on how the atmosphere around him is different from the time he saw in Balbadd. He is quite surprised to learn that the leader of Al-Thamen is none other than Hakuryuu's mother. He is terrified when the soldiers announce that Gyokuen Ren has been killed by Hakuryuu himself. After Judar declares his intentions and leaves, Alibaba wonders what Judar and Hakuryuu are trying to set in the motion here.[293]

Olba confronting Alibaba

Kouen then tells Alibaba to go to Balbadd immediately. After more discussions, Alibaba declares to Sinbad that he will become Kouen's subordinate and reveals all conditions Kouen had. Olba asks if he's alright with all of this, mentioning all things that he's learned about Alibaba's situation, to which Alibaba responds that he's not feeling angry about it at all. Olba exclaims that he's lying to which Alibaba admits that it's annoying and he doesn't want to do it but when there's his personal distaste on one side and the regret he'll feel if he abandons people of Balbadd on another, the difference is obvious. He explains that if he can douse the sparks of flame that will fall onto Balbadd, he does not care on which side he stands. After listening to his reasons, Sinbad calls him, "Prince Alibaba."[294]

Alibaba then bids Sinbad farewell and apologizes for things ending up this way after all he's done for him. Sinbad says that it is not a farewell, not now after hearing Aladdin's story. Sharrkan points out that Hakuryuu will probably attack Balbadd and asks him if he will be able to kill Hakuryuu. Alibaba nods to Morgiana and Aladdin, and the trio state that they will not kill him no matter what, but bring him back instead. Then, they sail off to Balbadd.[295]

Kou Empire Arc

While flying to Rakushou with Aladdin, Alibaba states that they have to meet with Hakuryuu. He tells Aladdin that he will not just look on if Balbadd is going to be involved in war, and that he will fight anyone who invades his country, even if it is Hakuryuu. He then says that he does not know if Hakuryuu really wants to do that, and that Hakuryuu has just taken his revenge so he should still be in the capital. Aladdin asks if there is anything they can do, and Alibaba says that they can tell him about Alma Torran. He says that metal vessel users should not fight with their friends, and that Hakuryuu does not know that they have a common enemy. If they do not defeat Ill Ilah everyone will die, and that if Hakuryuu knows this he will definitely abandon his plans for war for the Kou Empire's sake. Even if they think differently, they were still friends who fought together in the past, after all. Facing someone important to you can be hard, but they have to do it. He says that even if they know they regret this, they can't give up, and that he's sure this isn't for nothing. When Aladdin says that Kouen must be furious that they left like this, Alibaba explains that with the loss of the Kou Emperor, Kouen's position is unstable and so he can't order them around. [296]

Alibaba's new weird appearance.png

Upon arriving at Rakushou, the capital of the Kou Empire, Alibaba expresses his surprise and states that it is many times bigger than Balbadd. When speaking to Hakuryuu, he is uncertain at first, but after relaxing he decides that Hakuryuu has not changed at all. When Hakuryuu decides that Alibaba visited to ally himself with Hakuryuu against Kouen, Alibaba is unsettled but still asks him to stop the war. He talks to Hakuryuu about Alma Toran, only to find out that he already knows. Alibaba asks Hakuryuu what he will do about Hakuei, and Hakuryuu challenges him to a fight. [297]

During their final exchange, Alibaba manages to sever Hakuryuu's legs, but Hakuryu forces Alibaba's soul out of his body and to the Dark Continent. [298] There his consciousness dwelled for over 100 years until he encounters Judar and manages to find the Mother Dragon, who escorts both of them to Yunan's place over the course of two years. [299]

Final Arc

After awakening in his emaciated body, Alibaba spent several months at least undergoing rehabilitation with Yunan and gaining insight into the world.[300] Upon recovering enough to move, he set out to meet Sinbad and confirm that he has David's Rukh within him, Amon had been confiscated, and that Hakuryuu, Aladdin, and Morgiana were missing.[301] He then gets a flight to the Kou Empire in search of his old friends.

Alibaba then goes to Kou empire and demands to meet Kougyoku but the guards do not permit this and attack him; however, Alibaba easily beats them with his new abilities, a form of Life Review. He had spent 1,000 years as pure consciousness and as the doll body was extremely difficult to control, he had to get used to the dangers of Dark Continent in the doll form. When he came back to his human body, his body could perceive things at a terrifying speed. He could now see things in super-slow motion when he wants to or when his body is in danger.[302] He knocks the guards, and he advances towards Kougyoku's throne. During a private conversation, she explains to Alibaba how the Kou Empire is dissolving for not paying its loans to the International Alliance, and she shares her anger and rage towards Sinbad for using her.[303]

Alibaba then takes it upon himself to help her bring Kou back into a state of self-sufficiency and is named the Prime Minister. He helps draft new laws that inflame their spirits, as well as gather resources and assets. He has Kougyoku snap the soldiers with a powerful speech in order to make them to fight for the empire with trade and agriculture. While they are planning to start up the empire's trading company, Alibaba visits Kouen, Kouha, and Koumei over at Samon Island. Despite resistance from Sinbad forbidding him to bring any of the exiled prince, Alibaba manages to bring Koumei at Kouen's advice as an "asset."[304] Once Koumei is on board, he reveals to Alibaba about transportation magic which can help them transport goods easily. He instructs Alibaba to negotiate with different countries to set up a Kou Empire trading post for their magic's technology. [305]

His next stop is Magnostadt where he finds Yamraiha who explains they don't rely heavily on magic tools to run the city. After having Yamraiha's approval on establishing the Kou Empire trading post, Alibaba asks her about Aladdin's whereabouts. Yamraiha responds she doesn't know and then calls Sharrkan to inform him about Alibaba's mission. [306] In his meeting with Sharrkan, Alibaba catches up with Sharrkan as he learns about his culture, and he, then, asks Sharrkan if Sinbad had acted strangely. Sharrkan states Sinbad did mention how people shouldn't be tied down to trivial things such as "nations," but he's grateful to Sinbad for attaining world peace. On his next stop to Reim Empire, Alibaba encounters Masrur and his young children before meeting up with Titus. [307] Titus takes Alibaba for a tour while explaining the current state of affairs and why Reim Empire isn't joining the International Alliance. Titus assures Alibaba that Aladdin is watching him from afar. [308]


Physical Abilities

Alibaba is an extremely strong and talented swordsman. At a very young age, Alibaba was trained in swordplay. He has also learned other sword styles from Sharrkan making him a more rounded swordsman. He was able to copy the exact moves Sharrkan did on him, to Toto. After his training in Reim, he was able to fight and wound Reim's strongest swordsman, Muu Alexius, showing his vast improvement of skill. After returning to his body Alibaba -thanks to his increased concentration- showed the ability to see an enemy moving far slower than normal, this allowed him to fight a group of thieves easily.

Alibaba was given a high level of education possible in the Royal Palace of Balbadd after the king adopted him. He knows difficult languages like Torran Language and possesses high knowledge. After his time in the Dark Continent, he has gained a plethora of knowledge from the Alma Torran magicians of that age. At that time he also gained the ability to increase his concentration in order to think faster and get more information far faster than a regular human, this allowed him to go through all documents related with the Kou Empire, a normal human would need several years for this feat while Alibaba managed it in less than two weeks.

Life Review

Following his stay in the dark continent, along with his ability to process information much faster than a regular human possibly could. Alibaba is able to see the world move much slower, as pointed out by Yunan on his return. This has allowed Alibaba to have quick reflexes in real time, being able to relatively slow down time for himself. In the chapter "Alibaba's Power" Yunan stated that Alibaba had acquired the ability to make a 'single moment last for eternity.' This has allowed him to dodge attacks with ease, he was able to defeat multiple guards of Kou on his own without any weapon. [309]

Magoi Manipulation

Alibaba is learning how to manipulate his Magoi. Due to having two types of Magoi inside him (his own Magoi and that of Cassim, who had passed on his larger Magoi to Alibaba following his death) it has been a bit more difficult for him due to the possible risk of both Magoi rejecting each other resulting in Alibaba's death. At the end of a fight for his life in the Colosseum with Alibaba's conviction, Alibaba's Magoi fused with that of Cassim's. As of now, he is only able to stretch his Magoi around the hilt of the sword.

Metal Vessel

Amon is the Fire Djinn that Alibaba received after he captured the 7th Dungeon along with Aladdin and Morgiana. Amon is the Djinn of Politeness and Austerity. Alibaba's Metal Vessel for Amon was a small knife, Amol Saiqa, which he kept at his side. During the fighting in Balbadd the knife was broken so Alibaba changed his Metal Vessel to a short sword which he received from Sinbad, who got it from Alibaba's father, Rashid Saluja. The members of Alibaba's Household are Morgiana, who uses his Djinn, Amon, to power the flames of her Household Vessel, Amol Selseila, Olba and Toto, whose Household Vessels are Amol Ahmor-Ghameq. In both forms, the sword is completely immune to any type of fire or heat. If it is attacked by it, it will completely absorb it and strengthen itself.

Spirit of Politeness and Austerity, In the name of my Magoi, and my will to grant me a greater power, I order you and your members, Come Forth, Amon!!

—Alibaba, summoning the powers of Amon

Djinn Weapon Equip: To achieve Djinn Weapon Equip, Alibaba burns his arms with Amon's flames. Then he starts to burn his entire body. He keeps using more and more flames until he becomes the flames himself. Alibaba's knife becomes a large black sword, which is also called Amol Saiqa (Amon's Sword). As Alibaba's Djinn Weapon Equip progresses, his arms change into a black metallic substance. Alibaba calls it the Sword of Melting. It has the ability to produce and to manipulate fire.
  • Amon's Royal Sword: Alibaba has also learned the second method of Djinn Weapon Equip where the weapon retains it's original shape using less Magoi and allows him to better use his sword skills and Amon's flame abilities. In this form his attack range is slightly larger so if his sword doesn't hit the opponent the heat produced around the sword is able to slice and enhance the range of the attack.
  • Amol Dherrsaiqa (Amon's Roaring Flame Sword): After using the second method of Djinn Weapon Equip Alibaba summons and concentrates a large amount of flames around it. This turns it into a vortex of flames capable of incinerating everything it touches instantly. This can be combined with his Royal Swordplay.
  • Amol Berka (Amol's Wall): For both forms, Alibaba can create a wall of flames to stop his enemies from approaching him.
Djinn Equip: Alibaba has mastered the ability to Djinn Equip. In his full Djinn Equip Alibaba gains flame-like protrusions from his arms and legs, a third eye on his forehead and a naval piercing. In this form, he wears a flowing white robe, golden earings, and a necklace from which several golden beads and pendants hang. Most notably, while in Djinn Equip mode, a giant ring of fire burns behind him like a mantle. While in this mode, Alibaba's power increases drastically, becoming able to cut down three Black Djinn in one slash. He also gains the ability to fly.
  • Amol Al-Bador Saiqa (Flame Minister's Beheading Sword): When this Extreme Magic is summoned, it becomes a huge sword made of fire and a person made of fire which is able to pierce through the hardest objects and barriers. While clashing against Hakuryuu, it shown he improved this ability by transforming the flame warrior into the large phoenix with six wings (three on each side). The power is strong enough to resist against Hakuryuu's Extreme Magic.


Quantity of Magoi
Fighting Ability
Physical Strength
Leadership Ability




Alibaba's best friend. At first Alibaba only wanted to become close to Aladdin because of his Djinn Ugo. He wanted his help in conquering a dungeon. However, through the journey, he and Aladdin truly became close friends. The two are very loyal to each other, and Alibaba occasionally feels insecure without Aladdin around to help him. Aladdin often encourages Alibaba to do as he wants to, rather than letting somebody else dictate his fate. Aladdin is also Alibaba's 'clubbing buddy', and they often go to brothels together to fool around with girls.


When they first meet, Alibaba originally thinks that Morgiana is very cute and thinks so until now. He is the one who officially released her from slavery, causing her to be very grateful and loyal towards him. Unlike others, Alibaba does not fear Morgiana's strength but instead admires it, also occasionally making jokes about it. He also seems to have a good grasp on her personality; even when he makes fun of her, he knows that she will not hurt him and is usually right. He is usually clueless on her feelings when he starts on other girls, causing her to puff her cheeks and stomp the ground angrily, giving a clue that Morgiana has special feelings for him. Although he was oblivious to her feelings, he is shown to care deeply for her. When Morgiana was heavily injured, Alibaba is shown to be desperate, carrying her and even crying for fear that she'll die. And later, when he mistook a question of hers as a confession, he accepted it, declaring she was special to him. When the two reunite after Alibaba comes back to life, he tells her that he would like to settle down and start a family. He says that she is the only girl that he could think of being with and proposes. She tells him that she knew how she has felt about him for a long time and accepts his proposal.[citation needed] At the end of Magi, Alibaba and Morgiana officially marries. [310]

Hakuryuu Ren

Hakuryuu is originally told by Sinbad that he could learn a lot from Alibaba. Hakuryuu at first believes Alibaba to be an irresponsible, rather frivolous person, but later learns that he is wrong. Alibaba considers Hakuryuu to be a close friend and is shocked at his behavior when he beheads Umm Madaura. He feels that Hakuryuu highly resembles Cassim. Hakuryuu leaves shortly after, and Alibaba, feeling guilty, tries to go after him but is stopped by Morgiana. Hakuryuu is deeply in love with Morgiana, and holds a slight grudge towards Alibaba because of Morgiana's feelings for him.

When Alibaba hears the news of Hakuryuu killing his own mother, he is too shocked to believe it at first, but then sadly remembers when Hakuryuu said that he had to kill the witch of Al-Thamen.


Alibaba's childhood friend and later on adopted brother, Cassim, as the oldest child within the Saluja household, felt obligated to take care of both Alibaba and his own little sister, Mariam. He did so by thievery, while Alibaba tried to earn money honestly. Because of Cassim's pride, his admiration for Alibaba's chivalrous nature turned to a bitter resentment, which presented itself in the form of manipulation. Cassim believed himself to always be one of the "bad guys," who could never afford, nor hope, to align himself with an honest lifestyle. This way of thinking, combined with Alibaba's natural naive tendencies, led to an array of twisted turns in their relationship, resulting in some of Alibaba's most significant ethical redefinitions. As of Cassim's death, Alibaba and Cassim's Magoi have mixed, and Cassim's existence and leadership skills (however warped in purpose) remain a constant theme in Alibaba's life.

Kougyoku Ren

During his stay in Sindria, Alibaba talks to Kougyoku for the first time. She reveals confidential secrets to Alibaba, despite not knowing him well. Alibaba relates to her due to her similar birth from a prostitute, and low status in the Kou Empire palace. They become friends on Kougyoku's offer, and she chides him for being so formal. When he reintroduces himself and shakes her hand, there are white Rukh flying around them. During the Magnostadt arc, when Kouha is alarmed at Alibaba calling Kougyoku in a casual manner, Kougyoku assures Kouha that she and Alibaba are good friends, and she grabs his shoulder, showing great affection for him.[311]

When Alibaba converses with Koumei and Kouen about the three conditions, Kouen mentions Alibaba has to marry an Imperial Princess from their family, and he mentions Kourin and Kougyoku's names. Alibaba refuses as he had Morgiana on his thoughts at the moment.[312] Moments later, Alibaba is greeted by Kougyoku who was in high spirits about how her brothers and herself fought alongside Alibaba. She proudly states that she wants to fight with Alibaba. She grabs Alibaba's hands and asks him that he can ask her for advice since Alibaba was the first one to accept her outside of Kou Empire as well as doing anything to help him. [313]


Alibaba admires Sinbad and wants to be like him after reading his stories. Alibaba does not seem to like the way Sinbad is leading everyone in the Fog Troupe and feels insecure and inferior about himself. Sinbad's constant encouraging advice gives Alibaba the courage he needs to save Balbadd.


Sharrkan is his Sindria fencing teacher, and Alibaba has a great respect for him, besides being occasionally drinking buddies. Alibaba, when fighting against other fencers, often compares their skills with Sharrkan's.


Alibaba is tested against Toto to see his skills, and ends up embarrassing her, by making the top of her armor fall off. After that, she holds a deep grudge for him, shown when she tries to give her instructor an extra large needle during Alibaba's acupuncture. However, during his Colosseum match, she shows concern for him as he is fighting. After that match, she seems to have grown respect for Alibaba.


Alibaba's relationship with Ahbmad Saluja and Sahbmad Saluja was originally quite poor when he was a child, due to his half-commoner descent, low birth from a prostitute and that he was taken from the slums. The two brothers originally looked down on him, and saw him as an intruder unworthy of a prince. Ahbmad remained distant and never considered Alibaba to be legitimate royalty, while Sahbmad eventually grew closer with Alibaba. Ahbmad always looked down on Alibaba, while Sahbmad admired Alibaba for his bravery, reasonableness, and cleverness, and relied and trusted him to recuperate Balbadd's poor state, and to reign as king.


Alibaba does not trust or like Judar, and knows not to underestimate the Magi's powers. However, after being sent into a different world, he has to cooperate with him in order for the both of them to return to their world and survive. He is shown to be a bit closer to the dark Magi as, when he wakes up, he asks Yunan to where Judar has gone off.


  • His name is based on Ali Baba (Arabic: علي بابا‎, Alī Bābā), the hero of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves from One Thousand and One Nights.
  • He likes trading business.[314][315]
  • His weakness is that he gains weight easily.[314][315]
  • His special skill is Royal Swordplay.[314][315]
  • He claims that his type is "the girl who became my girlfriend," but Alibaba has never had a girlfriend before[316] and his least favorite type of person is a strong no.1 hostess.[315]
  • His favorite food is roasted Papagoras bird, and he doesn't dislike any food.[315]
  • He is worried about Balbadd.[315]
  • In his free time, he likes reading The Adventure of Sinbad and writing his own adventures.[315]
  • He wrote his autobiography in secret. Although he would read The Adventures of the Great and Handsome Treasure Hunter Alibaba Saluja out loud in a great voice.[317]
  • The person Alibaba has on mind is Kouen Ren, as he wonders what Kouen is going to do with Balbadd.[318]
  • When asked what his most important possession is, Alibaba answered: "Cassim's piercing".[318]
  • Scheherazade thinks that Alibaba is very similar to her first King Vessel since he also had a taste for indecent places.[319]
  • In early designs, Alibaba was supposed to be a gladiator, with a quieter and more stoic personality. Ohtaka discarded the idea because, according to her, she's better creating more expressive characters.
  • In addition, Ohtaka shared how she created Alibaba as another hero to complement Aladdin as she explains Aladdin has a bright personality in contrast to Alibaba's dark personality. [320]
  • His character song is called "One Step Further".
  • When asked who he wishes were his real siblings he chose Cassim and Mariam. The two comment: "We too think of you as our real brother."[321]


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