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Alibaba & Morgiana vs Judar & Cassim is a fight between the third Prince of Balbadd, Alibaba Saluja, a Fanalis, Morgiana, and the leader of the Fog Troupe, Cassim while being Dark Djinn Equipped and controlled by a Magi, Judar.


As Alibaba is about to finish off Cassim with the help of Sinbad's Magoi and Balbadd's military, Judar arrives to stop his attack.


Judar hits Alibaba from behind, but he is caught by Sinbad, though in pain. He then Equips Cassim as his own Djinn. With Thalg Al-Salos, he pierces Sinbad and sticks him to a wall, keeping him out of the fight. Then, he attacks Alibaba with his Ice Magic, but Morgiana catches him, jumps and dodges all of them. However, she realizes that she won't be able to keep up for a long time. Alibaba asks her to throw him up. She tries to stop him because of the increasing number of enemies and the lack of the injuries in Black Djinn. She doesn't want to let him do it even more when he wants to even exhaust his Magoi, because she's aware it may lead to his death. He shouts that he can't let the things everyone protected so much be destroyed and pleads her until she decides to do as he says.


Judar laughs saying if he thinks he'll be able to oppose Gravity Magic fused with Magoi of both him, Magi, and Black Djinn. He tries to slash it anyway, but is blocked and the only thing the attack does is cutting Alibaba's sword and letting him fall to the ground. Morgiana comes closer to him. Alibaba then tries to stand up, and addresses to Morgiana. He begs her to throw him again, since he's still alive and Amon's sword is still there. She agrees. The two of them continue to attack like, no matter how many times Alibaba falls, he always stands up, even though being more and more wounded. Judar also keeps attacking him with Thalg Al-Salos.


Aladdin saves Alibaba from one of Judar's attacks and fights him himself, while sending Alibaba to Cassim's Rukh through Wisdom of Solomon.