Alibaba, Morgiana & Sinbad vs Cassim is a fight between the third Prince of Balbadd, Alibaba Saluja, a Fanalis, Morgiana, the King of Sindria, Sinbad, and the leader of the Fog Troupe, Cassim in the form of the Black Djinn.


After being unable to kill Cassim, Alibaba, while crying, begs his friend to surrender. After a little talk, Cassim agrees to do so and promises to withdraw his troops, but before this, as he remembers Weapon Dealer telling him what to do in case like this, he takes the occasion and stabs himself, changing into Black Djinn.


Cassim creates a big black balls and attacks people. Morgiana protects some of them and asks Alibaba to get hold of himself. The Black Djinn targets Ahbmad Saluja and Sahbmad Saluja, but Morgiana quickly starts to run and jumps to the tower. She then kicks the Djinn to the ground and leaves the rest to Alibaba, who however is too confused at first. As Cassim is about to hit Alibaba with a black ball, Alibaba slashes him and manages to cut off one of his arms. He then wants to attack one more time, but Cassim supplies his Black Rukh and recovers. Morgiana notices it's growing rapidly, so she runs but gets pulled in by his Gravity Magic. Then, he repels her and sends outside of the battlefield.

He notices that Cassim creates a giant ball and targets Balbadd's Palace. He goes with an intention of slashing it, but Sinbad stops it first, as he jumps at him and holds at him with his Magoi Manipulation. He then tells Alibaba to cut him, as his sword will be able to do it. As he says that he's the only one who can save this country now, Alibaba prepares to kill him.

Alibaba tries to pierce him, but isn't able to, even when his Djinn Weapon Equip evolves. He gets repelled toward a wall. The same happens to Sinbad who is saved by Morgiana. tells him it's Gravity Magic. Alibaba tries to attack once more, but is attracted to him. Military comes in to shield him and Sinbad helps him concentrate even more power into his sword. As he's about to cut him, Judar appears and attacks him.


With Judar getting involved in the fight, Alibaba realizes it's the worst what could happen, since his Magoi is depleted and he has a little strength left.


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