Aladdin vs Reim Empire's Army is a fight between one of Magnostadt Academy's students, a Magi, Aladdin, and the Reim Empire's Army.


Aladdin's powers return to him. Much to the great surprise of everyone, he stops the Fanalis Corps with his Magic, Ugo. He then tells Mogamett he's not suitable for the role of King, and that Magnostadt can't become one with the world, as now, it's consumed with hatred. After realizing Aladdin really is a Magi, Muu Alexius accuses him of being Judar and spying for the Kou Empire.


Muu slashes one of the Ugos, while other Fanalis kick them. Lo'lo' uses his Bard Kauza and is soon assisted by others, but even attacks like this makes no damage. Aladdin orders his puppets to use Har-Har Infigar at once. This shot makes its way all to the coast. Muu, Scheherazade and Matal Mogamett are wondering if a Magi can only amount to that. Muu notices that if he just kills his enemies, he will be the same as Mogamett. Aladdin replies that he will stop the war without killing anyone.

Muu asks how Aladdin is going to stop the war, something neither Mogamett or Scheherazade could do. Aladdin watches his surrounding and tells Mogamett they will protect the city once again. The Reim Empire's army, including the Fanalis Corps, all encouraged by Muu, start to attack Aladdin, who, as they think, want to wipe them out. Aladdin decides to crumble down Ugo and becomes sand which sweeps away soldiers outside of the barrier which was restored in the meantime.


Aladdin threatens Reim's soldiers to do the same thing everytime, killing their fighting spirit. He then orders them to go back to the Reim Empire. Seeing the situation, Muu prepares his Metal Vessel.


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