Aladdin vs Muu Alexius is a fight between one of Magnostadt Academy's students, a Magi, Aladdin, and the leader of the Fanalis Corps from the Reim Empire, Muu Alexius.


Aladdin pushes back all of the Reim Empire's army outside of the Magnostadt's barriers, which are also restored in the meantime. He crushes most of Reim's warriors' fighting spirit with this move. Muu, who doesn't want to end it that way and thinks that crushing him would be a key to the victory, decides to fight him with all his might.


Muu Djinn Equips Barbatos. With great speed, he breaks all the barriers and rushes toward Aladdin. He then suddenly attacks him with Bard Romh and pushes him toward a wall of stones. Aladdin protects himself with his Borg, which he concentrated in a certain point, in front and behind himself, and is able to greatly minimize the damage, but still is slightly injured. Aladdin then declares that he can't lose there and prepares to use Hadika Hadeka, but Muu destroys his wand. As he is about to kill Aladdin, his Djinn Equip starts coming off as he is close to running out of Magoi. Having his time near the limit, Muu summons his Extreme Magic and wants to wipe out the whole city. In the last moment, he is stopped by Alibaba Saluja.


Alibaba warns Muu that his sword can even cut Muu's Metal Vessel. Myron Alexius asks Alibaba if he understands what he has done, making the whole Reim Empire into his enemy. Alibaba apologizes, justifying himself by saying he couldn't watch as his important friend for whom he was looking, to be cut into two. Then, Scheherazade shows up in the battlefield and asks Alibaba, Aladdin and Titus Alexius for a talk.


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