Aladdin vs Judar is a fight between the two Magi Aladdin and Judar.


Alibaba Saluja continues to fight Cassim and Judar with the help of Morgiana, completely exhausting himself and breaking his sword in the process. Meanwhile, Aladdin is flying on his Magic Turban and wonders why Alibaba always does things to such an extent; risking not only his wealth but also his life. As he appears before Alibaba and saves him, he comes to the conclusion that it's precisely due to Alibaba is being himself.


As he arrives, Judar expresses his happiness for seeing a true actor on stage. He exclaims he attained a Djinn as well and while attacking Aladdin with his Ice Magic, attempts to force Aladdin to call out for Ugo. Aladdin protects himself with his Borg and answers that Ugo is no longer here. He then creates a big Ugo from Heat Magic, which Aladdin admits he knew all along. Aladdin then gathers his powers and fires his Har-Har Infigar at Judar and Cassim's form of the Black Djinn. The attack, however, isn't effective against Judar, who defends with his Borg.

Then, Aladdin loudly admits he can't win. He asks Alibaba for help but Alibaba doesn't think he's capable of doing such a thing in his current state. Aladdin reassures him that's not true and activates Wisdom of Solomon. He then uses Har-Har Infigar on Alibaba and guides him into Cassim's Rukh. Then, while still using Wisdom of Solomon, he shows Judar his past. Judar is unable to fight for a moment but quickly recovers and attacks Aladdin with Thalg Al-Salos. Then, while flying, he attacks again, and when Aladdin tries to show him something with Wisdom of Solomon again, he breaks Aladdin's Borg. Meanwhile, Alibaba leads the Black Djinn's crumblings. The white Rukh overpowers the black Rukh and Judar falls to the ground. Aladdin then shows him images again, ultimately defeating him.


Judar is taken by Markkio and the two of them escape. Aladdin then looks at Alibaba crying over Cassim's death and tearing up himself, welcoming him back. He then lets out already dead people's Rukh to meet up with their relatives, bringing back Alibaba's father, mother, adopted sister and Cassim.


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