Aladdin vs Dunya Musta'sim is a fight between a Magi, Aladdin, and a member of Al-Thamen, former Princess of Musta'sim Kingdom, Dunya Musta'sim.


After a quick attack with Rock Dragons and appearing before Aladdin and company, Dunya officially introduces herself as the princess of Musta'sim Kingdom and Isaac as her knight. When Aladdin declines the offer to let Dunya obtain Zagan, she aims at Hakuryuu Ren, Morgiana and Tiare, but misses them. She exclaims she will kill them all with her Dark Metal Vessel, which annoys Alibaba Saluja. Then, Dunya stabs herself with the Dark Metal Vessel. Alibaba watches it terrified, remembering that Cassim had the same expression as she has now.


Dunya attacks Alibaba with an attack from her Dark Metal Vessel, Gravity Drill. Aladdin reacts fast enough, pushing him out of the range of an attack and protects himself with Borg. He endures it for a long time, but then Dunya's drill becomes huge and breaks Aladdin's defense, sending him flying. Aladdin then restores his Borg, however, Dunya breaks it again. Aladdin realizes that Dunya's attacks are exceeding his Borg. Having not given up, Aladdin calls out for Rukh's power and starts Magoi shooting. Dunya doesn't care about it at all and once again, destroys Aladdin's Borg. However, after a while, she becomes smaller and her attacks get weaker, as she loses her Magoi when Aladdin still has plenty of it. Aladdin then shoots even more Magoi and glues Dunya to the ground.

Aladdin then summons Har-Har Infigar, but Ithnan attacks him and Alibaba from behind with Lightning Magic. Ithnan then says to Dunya that she's disappointed him. She wakes up and changes her Djinn Equip. Her spear becomes trident and she attacks both Aladdin, who defends with Borg, and Alibaba, who tries to avoid it. Dunya then aims Aladdin from mid-air and again, damages his Borg. Aladdin notices that even if her weapon is smaller, her powers are still great, so he has no choice but to avoid her attacks. In this very moment, he gets chained and realizes he can't predict from where the attacks will come. Alibaba interferes and cuts off the chains, declaring the fight will be two versus one. However, Dunya orders Isaac to wake up, making Alibaba once again stuck with another battle.


Having protected Alibaba from one of Isaac's attacks, he suggest fighting to stall time. Ithnan supplies his allies with Lightning Magic and makes Dunya and Isaac stronger. Then, Hakuryuu Ren joins Alibaba and Aladdin.


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