Aladdin & Ugo vs Thieves is a fight between Aladdin, a traveler, Ugo, his Djinn, and thieves that attacked Sahsa's caravan.


Leila warns the caravan she was staying with that on the faster route thieves have their hideout. After two thieves come and reveals that Leila's true identity is being a thief as well. She says that although she used to do bad things, once she made "friend", she started to live honestly. However, the head of the caravan explains that they can't trust her anymore. He remarks that she should never again come to them. With this, the caravan decides to take the route three, after all and gets attacked.

After talking with Leila, who thought that it was too late to save them now, Aladdin offers to take her to her friends and save them.


Aladdin sits on Ugo, with only his head being visible, what makes the thieves terrified. Ugo kicks the thieves and when they start charging on him, he punches them with his big hand. However, before they can finish the battle, Leila touches Ugo making him very shy and blushing. He comes back to the flute. When Aladdin tries to blow it, it's only blushing so he throws it up in the air. There, Ugo is summoned again and falls down to the ground, crushing the thieves.


After the fight, Leila and Sahsa reunite. Then, they bid Aladdin farewell. The group of thieves is said to be destroyed.


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