Aladdin & Ugo vs Ryosai is a fight between the Magi, Aladdin, his Djinn, Ugo, and Ryosai, Hakuei Ren's former subordinate who betrayed her.


Aladdin's flute points him to Hakuei's place. He comes to check what's happening and saves her from being killed in the last moment.


As Ryosai is about to slash Hakuei, Ugo, with Aladdin sitting on him, hits him with his hand and sends him flying, leaving him unable to fight.


Aladdin, asked by Hakuei who he is, responds with that he's a Magi. Hakuei then goes to Seisyun Ri's side and waits until he wakes up. She tells him about the fight's ending and Aladdin's identity, then introduces Seisyun to the Magi. Noticing Hakuei's Metal Vessel, Aladdin touches it, which materializes her Djinn, Paimon, with whom he chats with for a while.


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