Aladdin & Ugo vs Kougyoku Ren is the fight between Aladdin and the Kou Empire's Eighth Princess, Kougyoku Ren, who attacked Ugo.


Judar, who is about to be killed by Ugo, is saved in the last minute by new visitors from the Kou Empire, the eight Princess, Kougyoku Ren and her Assistant, Koubun Ka. Because Ugo is out of control and wants to continue the fight, Kougyoku orders Koubun to heal Judar and decides to become Ugo's opponent herself.


Kougyoku charges her Water Membrane, which makes Ugo attack her. He suddenly grabs her while using Heat Magic, but she defends with Water Membrane. However, the heat makes water evaporates. This annoys Kougyoku who retaliates by using her Djinn Weapon Equip and drilling a hole in Ugo, which is enough to defeat him.

When the Princess tries to leave battlefield, she is interrupted by Ugo's master, Aladdin, who explains Ugo's circumstances to her. Getting to know that everyone present there is on Ugo's and Aladdin's side, she orders Enshin, Entai and Engi to get rid of Ugo's friends and decides to fight Aladdin. As she starts to Djinn Equip, Sinbad interferes.


The King of Sindria tells Aladdin to withdraw and stops Kougyoku's Djinn Equipping, thus, ending the battle. Sinbad tells Kougyoku that since they are people of royalty, they should not have a dispute in a place like that and he would like to meet with her somewhere more appropriate. Embarrassed, she agrees with him. Then, she tells her subordinates that they will return.


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