Aladdin & Ugo vs Judar is a fight between two Magi, Aladdin and Judar, with a help of Aladdin's Djinn, Ugo.


Judar appears before Sinbad, but notices that something is weird about Aladdin. Getting to know that Aladdin is also a Magi, he starts looking for Aladdin's King Vessel. He finds out that it's Alibaba Saluja and starts laughing at him, remembering he was the guy whom Ahbmad Saluja bullied earlier. Then, he sends Alibaba flying. Aladdin gets angry and after stating that Alibaba is a brave person, he decides that he has to stop Judar at all cost.


Judar offers to fire Magoi. However, it's quickly evident that their attacks simply cancels each other out, so Judar proposes that they have a magic battle instead, despite of Aladdin's lack of knowledge. He launches a ball made of Lightning Magic at Aladdin, which Aladdin can't handle and is forced to call out Ugo as his defense.

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Judar gathers water from the fog, which is in the great quantity in Balbadd and while floating, launches a rain of ice spears, Thalg Al-Salos, which Ugo is able to dodge and slams Judar into the ground. He protects himself with Borg and aims his remaining ice spears at Aladdin. He is protected by Ugo who gets pierced with the spears. Aladdin climbs up to the flute and blows into wanting to give Ugo more power but even though the spears are dislodged, Magoi continues to leak out of the holes. Aladdin realizes that Ugo isn't returning into the flute, continuing to move even though he's not giving him anymore Magoi.

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Judar prepares next attack of Lightning Magic. Morgiana moves Aladdin out of its range while Alibaba manages to wound him slightly but he retaliates quickly. Then, Ugo begins to run quickly on Judar and hits him, breaking his Borg. When Judar manages to stand up, he is once again hit and reaches the wall. Angered at Aladdin and Ugo for being unfair, as he realizes that Ugo isn't even Aladdin's Djinn, he quickly creates ice spears and aims and the two of them, but Ugo breaks it.

Judar then pierces Ugo with a huge ice spear but as he declares his victory, Ugo takes him between his hands and crushes him. He then drops badly injured Judar and wants to kill him while hitting him with his hands covered by the Heat Magic. However, Judar is rescued by the eight Princess of the Kou Empire, Kougyoku Ren, and her assistant, Koubun Ka.


Kougyoku orders Koubun to heal Judar while she fights Ugo herself.


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