Aladdin & Alibaba vs Slime is a fight between Aladdin, the traveler, Alibaba Saluja, the Cart Driver, and Slime, creatures from the Dungeon Amon.


Aladdin and Alibaba continue their journey inside the Dungeon Amon without any problems. After a while, they come to the room filled with eggs. Soon, the eggs start breaking and from them Slime are born. One of them eats Aladdin, but Alibaba saves him soon enough, but other Slime start appearing.


King Slime vs Ugo

Slime start surrounding Aladdin and Alibaba. Alibaba panics, so Aladdin calls for Ugo and they run away. Slime then scan Ugo's moves. Then, Aladdin calls Ugo back, but Slime are following them on two feet, just like Ugo. They are soon once again trapped. Alibaba takes out his knife and slashes one of the Slime, but it instantly takes another form, as it's a shapeless organism. Alibaba attempts to cut them again, but the affect is the same. After some time, all Slime merge together and the King Slime appears. It hits Alibaba and Aladdin, so Aladdin calls for Ugo once again. Ugo hits King Slime and he does the same. Then, Ugo uses Heat Magic to strengthen his hit and defeats it.


The fight, which consisted mostly of using Ugo's powers, tires Aladdin. After the fight, he decides to eat but after eating, which doesn't cure him at all, he goes to sleep.


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