Aladdin, Morgiana & Ja'far vs Fog Troupe is a fight between the Magi, Aladdin, a Fanalis, Morgiana, one of Sindria's Eight Generals, Ja'far, and members of the Fog Troupe.


After splitting their way with Sinbad, Aladdin, Morgiana and Ja'far encounter members of the Fog Troupe during their attack.


The group is attacked by Zaynab's Sekigen Mutou, a fog that makes one hallucinate. Aladdin has a vision of Alibaba Saluja and Ugo. Morgiana smells it and escapes, but first wonders to who Aladdin, affected by it, is speaking to. Ja'far explains what it is and says it must be the work of one of the Magic Tools. Soon after, before the Fog Troupe can do anything, Ja'far appears and catches its members into his wires. Cassim arrives and uses Kokubaku Mutou on him. Meanwhile, Morgiana kicks other members, but then notices Cassim and goes toward him; however, she ultimately gets caught herself. Once Ja'far and Morgiana are successfully pinned down, Aladdin wakes up and summons Ugo. At that moment, Alibaba reveals himself as one of members of the Fog Troupe. As Aladdin and Ugo block the way, Alibaba asks Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin does so with no problem, which isn't approved by Morgiana. Then, Alibaba summons Amon's powers and creates Wall of Flames, which allows him and his men to escape.


Sinbad and Ja'far talk about a Dungeon Capturer being in the Fog Troupe and what's more, him being a friend Aladdin was searching for. Morgiana decides to go and force Alibaba to explain his behavior while Aladdin sits alone, depressed, trying to find another thing to do, like assisting Morgiana during her trip to her homeland.


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