Aladdin, Morgiana & Hakuryuu vs Alibaba Saluja is an anime-only fight between Aladdin, a Magi, Morgiana, a Fanalis, Hakuryuu Ren, the fourth Prince of the Kou Empire, and the former Prince of Balbadd, Alibaba Saluja.


When Ithnan stabs Dunya Musta'sim, Alibaba gets closer to her. Being very mad at Ithnan, he breaks Yamraiha's seal, which helped him in compressing Ithnan's curse. Seeing her memories, he begins to sympathize with her Black Rukh and compared what happened to her with Balbadd's situation. This leads him into cursing his destiny, or 'falling into depravity.'


After Alibaba's Dark Djinn Equipping, Aladdin tries instantly to purify him by using Wisdom of Solomon; however, the eye on Alibaba's forehead reflects it. Morgiana comes to the conclusion that breaking it is enough. She kicks Alibaba, but he stops her attacks with his arm. Then, he tries to cut her with his sword, but she dodges it. As she falls, she protects herself with her chains. Alibaba uses the eye and changes sword's shape. Then he rolls it on her chains and with great strength, he sends her flying and hits her on a wall. His sword then returns to its original state.

Hakuryuu asks Zagan for his power and eventually it is granted. Morgiana comes back and attempts to kick and hit Alibaba, but after some time, he grabs her leg and throws her. She is caught by Hakuryuu, who wants to distract him. He takes his spear and fights Alibaba. He changes hands, which holds it to his left and successfully hits Alibaba's sword and knocks it back. Then, Morgiana comes and kicks Alibaba's forehead, destroying the eye. As he screams in pain, Aladdin takes the opportunity and finally uses Wisdom of Solomon.


Morgiana EP25

Aladdin gets inside Alibaba and talks to him about his destiny. He tries to prove to him how amazing of a person he is, eventually changing his rukh back to white. Then, they meet there where Ithnan is, to whom they talk about Alma Torran until Ithnan is defeated. Outside, Morgiana and Hakuryuu notice the change in Alibaba's rukh. Right after Aladdin's Wisdom of Solomon stops, Alibaba wakes up and apologizes to his friends for worrying them. Morgiana asks if he really is alright and after hearing positive responses, relieved, tears up a little and falls unconscious into Alibaba's arms. Alibaba seems happy when he says to Hakuryuu that the Kou Empire's Prince obtained Zagan. Meanwhile, Isaac's rukh is summoned to Dunya. After that, the group, along with Torran's people, go back outside of the Dungeon.


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