Aladdin, Alibaba & Morgiana vs Hakuryuu Ren is a fight between Aladdin, a Magi, the former third Prince of Balbadd, Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana, a Fanalis, and Hakuryuu Ren, the fourth Prince of the Kou Empire.


Hakuryuu, who is under Umm Madaura's spell, attacks his friends.


Hakuryuu activates his half-body Djinn Equip. His spear hits the floor with a great impact which sends Alibaba, Morgiana and Aladdin flying. Hakuryuu then attacks Alibaba with monsters he created. Ultimately, he shoots his monsters by Zaug Al-Adhra, which he holds like an arrow and bow. Aladdin protects himself with his Borg, but one of monsters crack it. Then, Alibaba activates Amol Saiqa and cuts its head off. Hakuryuu tries to hit Amol Saiqa, but it can hold it off. However, Alibaba is unable to slice Hakuryuu's spear off because of his Magoi Manipulation. The two of them begin to attack each other, even though it does no damage. Soon enough, the Magoi covering Hakuryuu's spear begins to wear off and Alibaba is able to cut it. With a confident move, he slashes the spear and leaves it in two pieces.


Hakuryuu, before losing consciousness, asks if it's Alibaba who did "this" to his mother. Morgiana is sure he meant the one who killed her. Then, Aktia Kingdom's Army intervenes and captures Umm Madaura and her crew.


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