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Aladdin (アラジン, Arajin) is one of the four Magi in the current era and a Magician. He is the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba of Alma Torran, and is commonly referred to as Solomon's proxy. Aladdin was raised by Ugo in the Sacred Place and sent to this world to fight Al-Thamen and to prevent a repeat of the tragic incident that destroyed Alma Torran.[5] During the three years when Alibaba's consciousness was drifting in the new dimension, Aladdin and Morgiana mysteriously vanished.[6] Later on it is revealed that he had a confrontation with Arba two years ago, and the reason why they secluded themselves to the world.[7] He is the main protagonist of the series Magi.


Initial Appearance
Post Magnostadt Appearance
Aladdin's current full appearance.png
Aladdin's current full appearance

Aladdin has a short, small figure, with medium long blue hair and bangs that stop at his eyes. He has large blue eyes, and a long, thin braid that extends down to his back. He is said to be the spitting image of his father, though Momo stated that his eyes resembled those of his mother (in shape if not in color).[8] Aladdin usually wears his Magic Turban on his head, which he uses to fly.[9] A ruby sits on his forehead, connected to the turban. Usually, he wears a small blue open vest with bandages wrapped around his chest. He wears long puffy white Arabian pants (Sirwal) with no shoes. He always has his ex-metal vessel (a golden flute) around his neck. He also always carried around a staff, which he attained from Baba, until it was destroyed by Muu Alexius in Magnostadt. Subsequently, he replaced it with the staff of Matal Mogamett to remember his promise with him.

After training at the Magnostadt Academy for six months, Aladdin dresses in a magician's robe and a hat. He doesn't wear the Magic Turban on his head anymore, but he still has the red ruby, which is now held up by a gold chain as a headpiece. His usual attire is beneath his robe. Alibaba also commented that he has grown taller in the last year.

After 3 years, Aladdin is shown to have matured. He has grown noticeably taller and bears an even stronger resemblance to his Father, though his eyes and face are like his Mother's. His hair has grown longer but he still prefers to braid it. He wears a long robe with a thin silk inside that crosses over his body with a rope around his waist, and a badge tied to the end of it. The ruby on his forehead is still connected to a gold chain that is inter-crossed to its bottom, still possessing it as a headpiece. He has bracelets around his ankles and still uses Mogamett's staff.

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Aladdin has a kind and cheerful personality, and as such he is easily able to make friends. He cherishes friends a lot since he's never really had friends except for Ugo prior to his arrival in the world, and gets upset if people disrespects them or harms them, even holding grudges against those who hurt them. In order to help his friends, he's become dedicated to becoming stronger. Aladdin does everything he can to defend and protect his friends from enemy attack, even to the point of him almost dying due to over-exertion.

He's a little naive about the world, not knowing what bazaars or Dungeons are because most of his life was spent in the Room of Fortitude.[10] However, he is rather wise for his age, able to offer advice to others and providing remarkable insight at various points of time. Aladdin never seems condescending when criticizing others and offers his opinions and thoughts in a matter-of-fact manner. He also has a calm temperament, even able to stay level-headed in dangerous or dire situations to think up of plans and solutions. He's also very eager to learn, demonstrating great enthusiasm in learning magic from Yamraiha and in his classes in Magnostadt.

Aladdin isn't shown to be a greedy person as demonstrated when he doesn't use his one wish for fortune or eternal life from Ugo[11] and readily offering his whole bag of coins to hitch a ride to Magnostadt. Despite all this, however, he is quite perverted for his age as he likes to grope women with "large, soft breasts" and according to Alibaba, has "manly interests."

Aladdin also has a tendency to eat food that isn't his, such as when he ate all the watermelons in a cart belonging to Alibaba's master as shown in the anime, and Leila's precious watermelons in the manga. He also harbors a secret feeling of loneliness because he's different from everyone else since he's a magician and since he's different even from the three other Magis, him being the fourth Magi that shouldn't even exist.


Aladdin ros.png

Not much was known about Aladdin's past, but he has found out who he is and where he came from thanks to Solomon and Solomon's Wisdom. The first memories he has are being in the Room of Fortitude with Ugo, where he was taught everything he knows by him. They were not able to escape from the Room of Fortitude for a long time, but they managed to escape some while after. Ugo's head wasn't as lucky. When he was speaking to Dunya about Magnostadt, Aladdin mentioned that he comes from Alma Torran.

In the Alma Torran Arc, Aladdin's origin was revealed. He is actually the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba of Alma Torran. When Sheba became pregnant, she used magic to slow down his growth inside her womb because she wanted him to be born in a happy world. However, not so long after Solomon united the world, Arba, one of Solomon's followers and Magi betrayed him. She gathered all the members who also had ill will towards him and thus, they formed Al-Thamen. A war broke out between Al-Thamen and Solomon's supporters. Sheba fought with Arba but was ultimately defeated and killed by her. Although Sheba died, Aladdin, who was still within her womb, survived and was entrusted to Ugo as her last will after being placed in a magical orb. After the survivors of Alma Torran were forced to live underground after the surface was made barren, they began to despair over their situation and became suspicious of each other once again. Ugo then presented Aladdin to the survivors as Solomon and Sheba's son and as Solomon's avatar. With this act, all the inhabitants of Alma Torran viewed him as such and the Djinn still recognize him as that currently. Once the new world was created, Al-Thamen began plotting to destroy the new world and Ugo was forced to have Aladdin completely born into the world in hopes of preventing the tragedy of Alma Torran from happening again.


Dungeon Arc

As soon as Aladdin is released from the Room of Fortitude along with Ugo to some extent, he goes on a journey to find the Djinn Metal Vessels. The story begins with Aladdin asking for food from desert thieves in the Oasis City, Utan. They begin to threaten him but when they put a knife to his face, Ugo's arms sprout out to attack them.[12]

Aladdin and Ugo

Later, Aladdin is caught eating the food from Leila and Sahsa's caravan and as compensation, he is forced to work for three days without pay. For the next few days, he spends his time with Leila and Sahsa, helping with chores and getting to know the two and even introduces Ugo to them. Eventually, the caravan plans to go through a canyon and asks Leila's opinion on which direction they should take. She suggests they take route four out of fear of a thieves' guild placed along route three.[12]

During the discussion, Leila's past is revealed to her caravan who decide to pick route four since they are convinced that Leila is trying to trick them. Aladdin acknowledges Leila and believes in her. When she says it's too late, Aladdin assures her that it isn't too late and summons Ugo to go after the caravan. While Sahsa's caravan is being attacked by the thieves, Aladdin, Leila, and Ugo arrive to defeat the thieves. Afterwards, both Leila and Sahsa thank Aladdin and bid him farewell.[12]

Some time later, Aladdin rides on a cart along with a woman and her daughter, Mina; Budel, a wealthy wine vendor; and Alibaba Saluja, the driver. Along the ride, Aladdin unknowingly insults Budel and is quickly scolded by Alibaba. Afterwards, he talks with Alibaba who shares his dreams about conquering dungeons and getting rich. However, he's interrupted by Budel who insults Alibaba's dream. Alibaba laughs it off but Aladdin notices how much Budel's words truly frustrates him. Shortly after, their caravan is attacked by a Desert Hyacinth from underneath and their cart is tipped over along with all of Budel's wine. While gathering them, Budel accidentally bumps into a barrel of his wine and the little girl who had been riding on the cart earlier, throwing them over the edge. As Alibaba reaches out to save Mina, he is pushed out of the way by Budel, who was trying to save his wine and Mina falls into the Desert Hyacinth.[13]

Aladdin saving the day

Budal offers to triple Alibaba's pay to make Alibaba save the cargo instead of Mina. Then, Alibaba punches Budel and snatches a wine barrel to save Mina. When Alibaba rescues Mina and gets trapped in the Desert Hyacinth's mouth, Aladdin flies in with his Magic Turban and dumps all of Budel's wine into the monster's mouth. Aladdin saves Alibaba, and the two are commended for their bravery. They arrive to the Oasis City, Qishan.[13]

Alibaba extend his hospitality to Aladdin; inviting him to his house, proclaiming that they're friends, making Aladdin happy since this would be his first friend. Alibaba asks about Ugo and the flute, inquiring whether Aladdin found Ugo in a Dungeon to which Aladdin answers no, revealing that he got it when he left a sturdy room underground where he had been living with Ugo for a long time before finally being able to escape. Wondering whether he can find a Djinn Container in a Dungeon, he asks Alibaba to lead him there, much to his confusion but before he can reply, Alibaba's boss comes in to tell him that Budel demanded a large sum of monetary compensation, even planning to make Alibaba into a slave in order to pay for destroying Budel's wine and costing him so much money. Alibaba consoles his boss, telling him not to worry since he was going to pay Budel back by Dungeon Diving and asks Aladdin to summon Ugo to which he obliges, reassuring his boss of their success but he introduces Aladdin as his servant, which greatly upsets him. Alibaba doesn't understand the reason for Aladdin's anger, assuming that it's because Aladdin is worried he won't get his share of the money but when Aladdin doesn't respond to his assurances, he grows worried that Aladdin wouldn't want to Dungeon Dive with him anymore so in order to keep his interest, he takes Aladdin to a night club, remembering how happy Aladdin became when he talked about food and girls on the wagon ride.[14]

Aladdin trying to help Morgiana

Aladdin remains unresponsive, however. Out of frustration, Alibaba demands Aladdin to just tell him what is bothering him. Aladdin responds that he only thought of him as a servant to which Alibaba corrects by saying Aladdin is his buddy, making Aladdin happy again. Afterwards, Alibaba takes Aladdin to the Seventh Dungeon, Amon, but starts to doubt himself but Aladdin encourages him and he regains enthusiasm though he decides to prepare for their Diving before going in. They go shopping for supplies and run into Morgiana, quickly realizing she is a slave. Aladdin, not knowing the severity of doing so, breaks the chain on her ankles to set her free. Budel appears and demands Alibaba to become his slave in order to pay compensation. Aladdin is quick to defend his friend and Budel calls the police to arrest them. Just as they're surrounded, Aladdin summons Ugo and they make their way to Amon. Alibaba hesitates at the entrance but is pushed in when Aladdin collides into him, entering the Dungeon.[15]

Aladdin arrives first into a pool of water with Alibaba arriving much later, long enough for Aladdin's clothes to dry. They emerge from the tunnel they had initially started in; to discover a huge cavern dotted with multiple caves. Alibaba decides to go down a particular tunnel but partway through, Aladdin becomes uneasy and convinces Alibaba to take their time to think about what they should do next and they backtrack. Unbeknownst to the both of them, this decision saved their lives. When they make their way back, they notice how each tunnel has a symbol on the wall next to it. Alibaba quickly figures out their meaning and comes up with the correct entrance. In the right path, they come upon a room full of beautiful spheres of light and Alibaba dubs them "rainbow balls."[16]

Ugo vs King Slime

The balls begin to crack, hatching ant-like monsters which quickly surround them. Aladdin summons Ugo and successfully escapes with Alibaba but is only able to keep it up for a short time before growing tired, forcing him to call back Ugo but they soon realize they were followed by the monsters who had copied Ugo's leg muscles to catch up. Alibaba tries to cut the monsters with his knife but the attack goes right through them and he realizes that they are Slime monsters that are able to take on any appearance. Soon after, all the Slimes start to merge to make King Slime. Aladdin summons Ugo once again to defeat this monster with Ugo's Heat Magic, making quick work of the King Slime but exhausting Aladdin to the point where he falls into a deep sleep whereupon Alibaba sets up a pseudo-camp in a crack in the wall to let him rest.[17][18]

Alibaba falls asleep after a while but suddenly awakes to the voices of Jamil and his two slaves, Morgiana and Goltas. Alibaba is convinced they will pass without noticing them but Morgiana manages to catch their scent and comes into the crack. Though Alibaba tries to protect them both through deceit, Jamil completely ignores him, kneeling down beside Aladdin and addressing him as "Magi," much to the confusion of Alibaba. Jamil takes Aladdin and his flute and continues to ignore Alibaba until he intercepts their path and manages to defeat Goltas whereupon he gains a slight respect from Jamil who allows him to accompany him if Alibaba works for him. Alibaba agrees in order to keep close to Aladdin. They eventually come across a slab of stone inscribed with the Torran Language which Alibaba is successfully able to translate, infuriating Jamil for being able to do something he couldn't and forcing Alibaba to become the scapegoat for a trap which results in his fall through a trap door and to his apparent death.[19][20]

The dead Alibaba?

A while later, Aladdin wakes up and upon asking Alibaba's whereabouts, is told by Jamil that Alibaba had gone ahead and not to worry. They soon come to a three-way fork in the road with no way of knowing which way led where and after some contemplation, Jamil decides it best for him and Goltas to check out one of the passages, ordering Morgiana to watch over Aladdin. Alone, Aladdin eventually manages to make Morgiana laugh by parodying Jamil and they talk about her homeland but she becomes angry when Aladdin insists that she could run away if she wanted to. Morgiana warns him not to underestimate Jamil and reveals to him Alibaba's presumed demise just as he makes an appearance right above Aladdin. Aladdin uses his Magic Turban to lift them both upward and although Morgiana almost stops them, they are able to escape. Alibaba relates to Aladdin about his time after he fell and leads him to a door he couldn't open. After a look at the door, Aladdin informs Alibaba he knows how to open it since it was the same as the one in the Room of Fortitude. He pushes it and with an "Open sesame," manages to open the doors.[21][22]

After walking through some fog, they arrive at the edge of a huge city stretched out before their eyes. As they move towards the tower in the midst of the buildings, Alibaba wonders what the city really is to which Aladdin answers that it is a ghost civilization known as a Necropolis. They enter the tower only to find that it appears to simply be a storage room. After failing to find any treasure, they decide to turn back to look in the other buildings when Goltas makes an appearance at the entrance, blocking their way before collapsing from heavy wounds. Morgiana kicks Aladdin into the distance before chasing after his flying form while Alibaba is forced to fight Jamil. Although Jamil is initially confident about his swordsmanship, he's quickly overwhelmed by Alibaba's own Royal Swordplay. Jamil screams for Morgiana to save him and she obeys, arriving to his rescue at a frightening speed from across the room. Alibaba tries to convince Morgiana to join his side and to be free from Jamil but she sends him into the wall after initially appearing to agree. Jamil gives Morgiana his sword and orders her to kill Alibaba but just as she is about to finish him off, Aladdin destroys the weapon.[23][24]

A Magi

Aladdin summons the Rukh with a wand he found and attacks with Magoi, eventually pinning Morgiana to a wall. Aladdin asks Jamil for his flute back and defenseless, he is forced to comply but hysterically tries to convince Aladdin to make him king to which Aladdin responds that he couldn't think of anyone less deserving of the title. After reuniting with Alibaba, Aladdin's flute begins to direct a beam of light towards a pot. Upon Aladdin's touch, Amon is summoned and after assessing everyone in the room, bows to Aladdin and addresses him as Magi.[25]

Ugo appears from his flute to speak with Amon, who briefly explains to Aladdin what a Magi, and ultimately what he himself, is. Before Amon could answer more of Aladdin's inquiries, the Dungeon starts to collapse as someone outside attempts to seal them in. Amon creates an exit, calling out to Morgiana, who hesitates as she tries to save Jamil as well but is blocked by Goltas, who convinces Morgiana to leave while he stays behind with his master to their death, telling her to return to her homeland as his final wish. He breaks Morgiana's chains and she leaves with Aladdin and Alibaba with his bags of treasure.[26]

As they are being transported out the Dungeon, Aladdin and Alibaba decide to have a chat. Alibaba thanks Aladdin for allowing him the chance to Dungeon Dive and Aladdin thanks Alibaba in turn for being his first friend, sharing his sadness that their journey would end there and telling him how brave he thought Alibaba was. Alibaba denies their time together is over and proclaims that they'll go adventuring together, promising each other.[27]

When they next awaken, Morgiana finds herself in the outskirts of Qishan, Alibaba finds himself in the hole left behind by the Dungeon with his large bags of treasure, and Aladdin is found unconscious in a field by some horsemen.[28]

Kouga Arc

When Aladdin awakens after being transported from the Dungeon, he find himself laying in a bed in Kouga Village just as Toya enters with breakfast, followed by the village head, Baba, whom refers to Aladdin as "Rukh's Child" and has a conversation about what the Rukh is. Afterwards, they go outside to meet Dorji, the man who brought him back and Aladdin thanks him for saving him.

Aladdin surprising the Kouga Tribesmen

The clan's warriors then begin to discuss the advancement of the Kou Empire and Aladdin summons Ugo's arm to cheer with them, shocking everyone. They question whether he is a spy from the Kou Empire but the suggestion is promptly shot down. When asked how he wound up at the edge of the mountain and where he came from, Aladdin replies that he wants to go back to Qishan but finds out it would take five years to get there by foot. Luckily, in two weeks, a caravan would come by during the spring market that could take him there. Later that night, Aladdin watches as everyone has fun as he sits with Baba, who explains how everyone in the Kouga Clan is family. Aladdin wistfully remembers how he had been told by Ugo that he had no family or parents, commenting how nice it is but Baba responds by saying that the Kouga Clan will be his family and that he is her child, cheering up Aladdin immensely.

Aladdin saved by Hakuei

The next day, Aladdin accompanies Dorji and Toya as they attend to a horse. While they're distracted, Aladdin climbs on the horse which goes out of control but is saved when Hakuei Ren jumps on and stops it. She introduces herself as the Huang Empire's first emperor's third daughter and proposes that the Kouga Village become a part of the Kou Empire. Baba asks for time for them to think about it and Toya offers Hakuei horse milk but the tray is abruptly slapped out of her hands by Hakuei's subordinate, Ryosai, who then demands that everyone in the village quietly obey, effectively destroying what little peaceful negotiation there had been. That night, Aladdin comes to visit Hakuei to have a talk with her. He asks her not to invade the village or to kill Baba and Hakuei sincerely assures him that she would never kill anyone. Aladdin comments on how the Rukh does not have a trace of a lie before riding back to the village to tell Baba. Along the way, he spots several carriages and he comes back to the village only to find out that all the women had been kidnapped. The men goes to rescue them with the order not to kill anyone lest they incite war and Aladdin and Baba chases after them on Ugo and the turban respectively but loses sight of them. As they wait for the warriors' return, Baba tells Aladdin about the legend of the Magi and Aladdin tells her the princess' promise not to kill just in time for the men to return with the women without killing even one person. Upon their arrival, Baba announces her decision to join with the Kou Empire in order to protect their lives. With everyone returned safely, they gather around a fire and Baba excuses herself to have some time on her own but gets shot from behind with an arrow, putting her in critical condition.

Baba's spirit

Greatly angered, everyone decides to rush into war despite Baba's teachings except Dorji, who remains doubtful that that was the right thing to do. Hakuei and Seisyun Ri rides into Kouga Village to talk only to be ambushed and surrounded by its angry inhabitants but Baba appears and manages to halt their actions despite her bleeding wound. She kneels and informs Hakuei that the Kouga Clan will become part of the Empire, much to everyone's dismay but reluctant acceptance. Baba passes away later on and her spirit talks to Aladdin one more time, telling him that he is never truly alone before they say their last good-byes and she passes on.

Defeating Ryosai

As Hakuei rides back to her base, she encounters her army under the lead of the treasonous Ryosai. Aladdin's flute lights a path into the distance while Hakuei fights her army with her Djinn Metal Vessel alongside Seisyun with his Household Vessel but are ultimately defeated. Just as Ryosai is about to behead Hakuei, Aladdin arrives with Ugo, who quickly dispatches him and saving her life. Hakuei's Metal Vessel lights up and Aladdin touches the symbol, summoning Paimon. Ugo also comes forth from the flute and they have a silent conversation but afterwards, Paimon replies that she doesn't care what happens to the world, only wanting to give Hakuei the power to become King. Upon Aladdin's inquiry, Paimon explains a bit more about Magis and the King Vessels.

At the end of his two-week stay, Aladdin is seen heading towards the spring market with Dorji, to hitch a ride in the next caravan to Qishan. As they say their last good-byes, Aladdin is gifted with Baba's old staff as well as some food and is even offered a sword to defend himself with. Aladdin recognizes the sword as the one Goltas had and asks whether they know someone named Goltas before explaining what happened with him. Dorji tells him that "Goltas" and "Dorji" are common names around Kouga but decides to pray for his soul anyway because he was probably part of their family. With the assurance that they'll meet again, the caravan finally departs with Aladdin.

Morgiana Arc

Aladdin is seen chained in the room with other people captured by Fatima.[29] He is quickly spotted by Morgiana, who came to rescue them. Aladdin is surprised to see her and asks her if she's really a girl he met in the Dungeon. His companions ask him if he's familiar with her and he explains that she's the strong girl about whom he told them earlier. They ask her why is she here, but instead of an answer, she gives them a keys to their shackles.[30]

Aladdin and Morgiana meet again

As Aladdin's shackles are being opened, he tells Morgiana that he's surprised that they met in this type of place. She says that she's glad he is well and admits that she was worried when she didn't see him after leaving the Dungeon. Aladdin says that a lot stuff happened. Asked why such a strong person as him was captured, Aladdin explains that along the way, huge rocks suddenly falls on hiss caravan and Aladdin blacks out only to awaken captured by slave traders. He remarks that he couldn't be useful and borrow everyone's power. Just then, a slave traders come, but Aladdin finds his flute and summons Ugo to deal with them.[31]

Afterwards, he meets up with Leila and Sahsa's caravan, who wanted to aid Morgiana. He comments that Leila is "an unfriendly miss" while Sahsa is "a friendly miss", what isn't appreciated by Leila. She comments that he's the same as always, but Sahsa disagrees, saying that he seems stronger. Aladdin proudly admits that he has crossed the desert, much to their surprise, as it would mean complete coincidence. Aladdin however explains that in the world, there is a thread that binds them together; it's a strong guiding force, and even if they are separated, the spirits of important people are by their side.[32]

Aladdin questions Morgiana

Later that night, both caravans have a huge party. Aladdin asks Morgiana if she's going to Balbadd and upon hearing a confirmation, he suggests going together. He decided to go there after finding out that Alibaba wasn't in Qishan anymore. Morgiana has no objection and the two of them shake hands. After that, Aladdin is having fun with Sahsa, clinging to her breast until Leila pulls him away. He then has fun with Morgiana, Leila and Sahsa. 5 days later, Morgiana and Aladdin bid Leila and Sahsa farewell, as they have to walk from that point on. On their way, Aladdin asks Morgiana to take care of him. He then asks her if he could call her something different as "Morgiana" is too long. Her nickname is decided to be "Mor".[33]

Balbadd Arc

Meeting Sinbad

As Aladdin and Morgiana make their way through the forest to Balbadd, they're intercepted by a naked Sinbad and after assuring them that he means no harm, Aladdin lends him some of his clothes and they travel together. As they go through Balbadd, Sinbad explains a little about the city and offers to pay for a room for the two of them in one of the most luxurious hotels in the country. Inside their room, Aladdin asks one of the maids if she knows someone named Alibaba and she promptly drops her tray in shock before informing him that his friend has the same name as "Wonder Man Alibaba," the country's number one criminal and the head of a thieves' guild, the Fog Troupe.

The next day, Aladdin and Morgiana talks about Alibaba but Aladdin is sure that it must be a different person since he doesn't believe Alibaba would do something like that. They have a meal with Sinbad and they're introduced to Ja'far and Masrur, who is revealed to be a Fanalis, just like Morgiana. As they talk to Masrur, Aladdin summons Ugo's arms, exposing himself to Sinbad as a Magi. They relocate to a more inconspicuous place where Ugo could be fully summoned and Sinbad mentions knowing another Magi before introducing himself fully as King Sinbad, master of seven Djinn and King of the Seven Seas. Aladdin takes the opportunity to find out more about Magi and after Sinbad is finished explaining, asks for help in capturing the Fog Troupe since all seven of his Metal Vessels had been stolen earlier on. Morgiana decides to help them since it means that they could utilize the country's resources to fulfill their own respective goals if they manage to solve the problem and Aladdin happily agrees.

They return to the hotel where Ja'far reveals all the information he knows about the Fog Troupe. Since they don't know which of the two likely areas would be attacked, they decide to split into two groups in order to guard both with Sinbad and Masrur in one area and Aladdin, Morgiana, and Ja'far in the other. The fog starts to thicken and everyone starts hallucinating including Aladdin, who hallucinates Alibaba, but Morgiana and Ja'far manages to escape to higher ground. In the distance, Zaynab's Magical Weapon continues producing the red hallucinogenic fog while Hassan uses his yellow acidic mist to melt a way through the wall. Ja'far and Morgiana attempt to stop the Fog Troupe from invading but are bound down by Cassim's black binding fog. Aladdin finally manages to break free from the hallucination and summons Ugo to halt the Fog Troupe's progress.

Alibaba breaking their promise

At that moment, Alibaba reveals himself as one of the masked members of the Fog Troupe and asks Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin calls back Ugo and reminds Alibaba about their promise to travel together but Alibaba apologizes and informs him that he can't keep that promise, leaving Aladdin heartbroken. Alibaba uses Amon and he escapes with his men.

Back in his room at the hotel, Aladdin tries to cheer himself up, wondering what he should do next but fails to keep from feeling dejected. As he sits by the window, Morgiana suddenly appears just outside and throws Alibaba into the room so they could talk. Morgiana demands whether he knows what he's doing to the country by propagating the activities of the Fog Troupe but Aladdin calms her down and relates to them his adventures since he separated from them after the Dungeon before asking Alibaba why he decided to join the Fog Troupe. Alibaba talks about his and Cassim's past in the slums, his royal heritage, how Cassim betrayed him, plundering and setting fire to the royal palace, and how he finally met Aladdin. He tells them how he wanted to settle things in Balbadd before he journeyed with Aladdin and continued into the future but he's appalled by the state of the country. He overheard rumors about Cassim's Fog Troupe and decided that he'd settle things with Cassim first. After being brought before him, Alibaba learns of the conditions in the slums after he left for the royal palace and at Cassim's behest, joins the Fog Troupe in order to help him. Overwhelmed by the problems in Balbadd and feeling helpless, Alibaba pleads for Aladdin to just leave the country but Aladdin simply tells Alibaba that he's thinking too much and to calm down, promising to help Alibaba think of a solution.

Cassim suddenly breaks through the walls with the rest of the Fog Troupe to rescue Alibaba and to capture Sinbad. They attack the hotel and eventually forces everyone onto the roof. Cassim attempts to restrain Sinbad with his black fog but it dissolves when the king uses Magoi Manipulation. Sinbad then turns his attention to Alibaba as the leader of the Fog Troupe and challenges him to a fight, revealing the fact that he's a prince and enraging Alibaba into accepting the fight. Sinbad easily defeats him and surprises everyone by offering to join the Fog Troupe, telling them he wants to help and also citing and explaining the Abnormalities of the World as another reason for joining. He persuades Alibaba into getting an audience with the king of Balbadd, Ahbmad Saluja, and the deputy king, Sahbmad Saluja, to negotiate, which he does the following day. As Aladdin waits outside in the crowd, he notices a man walking by surrounded by Black Rukh and comments on how he is like a black sun.

Aladdin getting punched by Judar

Later that night, an upset Alibaba relates the failure of the negotiation to Aladdin and Morgiana before Ja'far enters and asks Alibaba to follow him as Sinbad was going to announce the results of the negotiation. The announcement leaves the people downtrodden but Sinbad is able to turn it around and raise their spirits again just as Judar makes an appearance and starts talking to Sinbad. Aladdin asks Ja'far who he is and finds out they had a history of accumulated hatred and that he is also a Magi. Judar abruptly stops when he notices something weird about the Rukh around Aladdin, forcing Sinbad to reveal the fact that Aladdin is also a Magi. Judar disbelieves him and offers Aladdin a hand to shake but punches him in the eye instead before demanding that he call out his King Vessel to which Aladdin remains silent, prompting Judar to search for him himself. When he finds out it is Alibaba, he laughs at him and sends him into the wall after Aladdin tries to defend his friend. Angered, Aladdin prepares to fight Judar, feeling that he must stop him at all costs. Sinbad tries to prevent them from fighting but to no avail and the two proceed. However, when it's evident that any attacks using Magoi simply cancels each other out, Judar proposes that they have a magic battle instead. He launches a ball of lightning at Aladdin, penetrating his defense and forcing him to call out Ugo.

Aladdin unconscious

Judar launches a rain of ice spears, which Ugo is able to dodge and slams Judar into the ground but he comes out unscathed thanks to his Borg and aims his remaining ice spears at Aladdin. Ugo moves to cover him, getting pierced with the spears instead and Aladdin climbs up to the flute and blows into it to give Ugo more power but even though the spears are dislodged, Magoi continues to leak out of the holes and Aladdin realizes that Ugo isn't returning into the flute, continuing to move even though he's not giving him anymore Magoi. Morgiana moves Aladdin out of the way of Judar's next incoming attack while Alibaba manages to wound him slightly before Ugo begins to assault Judar, who points out that since Aladdin hasn't been supplying Ugo with Magoi, he's using someone else's which meant that Ugo wasn't really his Djinn. Judar pierces Ugo with a huge spear of ice but gets crushed between his hands with enough force to break his Borg and badly injure him. Ugo delivers the finishing blow but Judar is moved out of the way by the subordinates of Kougyoku Ren and her assistant, Ka Koubun. Ugo moves to attack Kougyoku but she uses Vinea and defeats him. Furious, Aladdin attacks Kougyoku, who orders her subordinates to kill all the people below and is about to Djinn Equip when she's stopped by Sinbad. He asks both Aladdin and Kougyoku to stop and smitten, Kougyoku agrees to retreat. Aladdin notices that Ugo's star on the flute has vanished and attempts to channel as much Magoi as he can to give Ugo more power but overuses his Magoi, falling unconscious from extreme exhaustion and nearly ending his own life.

Aladdin's conscious winds up in the Room of Fortitude and Ugo's head beckons him, telling him about fate and the Black Rukh. Ugo sends Aladdin through a portal in order for him to gain a power that could dispel the darkness, the Wisdom of Solomon. Ugo notes that they won't meet a second time but is confident that Aladdin will be alright since he now has friends that would stand beside him.

Aladdin flying to the rescue

Aladdin arrives in a beam of light just in time to save Alibaba from Judar's ice spears. Judar demands Aladdin to summon Ugo to go against his own Black Djinn but is promptly ignored to ensure Sinbad is alright from where he's pinned to the wall by several ice spears, revealing the fact that Ugo is no longer there. Aladdin creates a giant in the likeness of Ugo with pure heat magic and unleashes it on Judar, who starts to gather Black Rukh to fight. Aladdin admits that he can't win because his magic is still incomplete but if Alibaba lends him his strength, it's possible to defeat the Black Djinn. Alibaba is dispirited, however, since Amon is broken and he no longer has anymore Magoi, thinking that he can no longer fight. Aladdin disagrees and shows him scenes of the fighting outside the castle walls while convincing Alibaba he can still fight. The symbol of Solomon's Wisdom appears on his forehead and he repairs Amon with his Har-Har Infigar. Alibaba charges the Black Djinn with his newly repaired sword while Aladdin activates Solomon's Wisdom on Judar and fights with him to buy Alibaba time to help Cassim all the while guiding him with information about the world inside the Black Djinn and encouraging him at the same time.

Alibaba is successful and the Black Djinn crumbles but Cassim is dead and he mourns the loss of his friend. Aladdin comforts him by saying that just because people die, it doesn't mean they've disappeared before using Solomon's Wisdom to call forth Alibaba's mother and father from the flow of white Rukh. Aladdin explains that after people die, they simply return to the great almighty Rukh, protecting and enveloping the world and in this way, they're connected to everything. He then allows all the people's dead loved ones to reunite with the living for a short while. A smiling Cassim and Mariam appears before Alibaba one last time and Aladdin assures that he has saved his friend before the dead returns to the Rukh's flow and leaves.

Sindria Arc

Aladdin gains weight

After arriving in Sindria, Aladdin and Alibaba were initially so depressed about losing each of their important friends and thinking they had failed to save the country that they shut themselves into their rooms and refused to eat but after six months, Ja'far informs Sinbad that they've started feeling better. However, they've grown fat and Sinbad forces them to run in order to lose the weight they've gained.

After a few weeks, although Aladdin lost the weight on his arms, around his head, and on his chest, his body still remains fat. Aladdin says that even if put on a diet, it's still difficult to lose weight because he hasn't expended it using magic like he usually does when he summons Ugo. Thinking that it would trigger another bout of sadness, Ja'far quickly offers food to cheer him up, hinting at how Aladdin and Alibaba had gained their weight. Sinbad asks Alibaba and Aladdin to lend their strength to fight against the organization causing the Abnormalities of the World, Al-Thamen. In order to get them to grow stronger to go against this organization, Sinbad decides to assign instructors to them since Alibaba's Djinn Equip and Aladdin's magic are incomplete.

Aladdin gropes Yamraiha

Sinbad introduces Yamraiha to Aladdin and she begins to teach him the basics of magic and magicians, afterward asking him to show her his magic at full strength in order to grasp his current abilities before training him. Aladdin uses Har-Har Infigar with an amazing output of power, which incidentally also causes him to lose all his weight, before continuing to eagerly train with Yamraiha. A sea monster attacks the city and Sharrkan is dispatched to take care of it, being introduced as Alibaba's instructor. That night, a Mahrajan festival is held where the sea monster meat is distributed throughout the country in a feast and Alibaba and Aladdin are introduced to the other remaining generals, Hinahoho, Drakon, Pisti, and Spartos.

Aladdin meets Hakuryuu

Aladdin and Alibaba continue training with their respective masters and one day, the Kou Empire's envoy carrying Hakuryuu Ren finally arrives and Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana assemble to receive him along with Sinbad and his eight generals, watching as a misunderstanding between Sinbad and Kougyoku, who arrived in the same envoy, is cleared up. Later, Aladdin and Alibaba stops by Hakuryuu's room and Aladdin asks for a talk with him, inquiring whether he is Hakuei's brother. Hakuryuu realizes who Aladdin is, including his status as a Magi, and gets down on his knees as he asks Aladdin to hear him out. They're interrupted when a Kou soldier announces that Sinbad wishes to talk to Hakuryuu, however, and they leave the room, running into Morgiana whose Household Vessel has finally been completed. They go outside to watch Morgiana test out the new leg ornaments but accidentally ensnares Alibaba and Aladdin with their long chains when she demonstrates a kick with them on. After untangling them, Morgiana admits that she doesn't know how she should use them in battle and Aladdin suggests that she thinks about what she wants to do first.

Aladdin and Alibaba train

Some time later, while Aladdin and Alibaba are sparring, they are interrupted by Hakuryuu, who had arrived under the order of Sinbad to stay with them, and Kougyoku, who simply came with him to keep him company.[34] Kougyoku acknowledges that bad things has happened in Balbadd but calls for a truce and Aladdin agrees, taking her hand to shake but they each still carry a grudge for what the other did to Judar and Ugo respectively and they start to fight.[35]

Later, Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu are summoned before Sinbad and tasked with conquering the Dungeon, Zagan. They sail to the area Zagan is located in and is greeted by Alibaba's exiled brothers who now live in the Torran village on one of the islands. With their help as translators, they're able to get permission to enter the Dungeon from the chief. They run into a trio of merchants, who ask for the blessing of the Torran baptism before entering, looking over at the group as they pass.

The following day, the chief's grandchildren takes the group towards the Dungeon on boats and upon everyone's approach, drags them in.

Zagan Arc

They arrive on top of a tall pillar from which Morgiana carries them down into an area filled with plants and flowers with doors set into the walls which they start opening, unleashing a myriad of strange creatures. Alibaba observes that the rooms beyond the doors may just be the monsters' homes and Aladdin wonders if the creatures got angry because their homes were so unceremoniously invaded. Morgiana finds a path further in and they follow a line of creatures carrying various tools, observing how they behave as though in a community. They continue further but the entrance to the next area is blocked by a giant bear which starts acting violently when a certain song starts playing. Hakuryuu freezes up but Morgiana, Aladdin, and Alibaba are able to combine their efforts to defeat it, afterwards apologizing for being a hindrance. They notice a commotion from a room beyond only to discover the chief's granddaughter who was steering Hakuryuu's boat earlier on tangled with some of the creatures. After rescuing her, they find out she had snuck in after them to save her parents despite Hakuryuu telling her not to follow them. They assure the girl that they'll find her parents but is interrupted by Zagan, who snatches her up. Alibaba and Hakuryuu quickly go on the offensive but the symbol on Alibaba's sword starts to glow and Amon appears and asks Zagan if he still refuses to choose a King to which he confirms by saying he hates humans. Hakuryuu launches an attack and demands he let the girl go and Zagan agrees but only if they're able to reach his treasury, even preparing a path for them to go through as he leaves. Amon assures them that it's alright since Djinn have a natural disposition of choosing a King if someone reaches the treasury, the proof in the fact that Zagan had appraised Hakuryuu before leaving and disappears after explaining how he was able to materialize.

The party goes through the door Zagan had created to arrive at a room with a deep pit and rabbit-like creatures on black cubes. They start crossing the gap by jumping on the cubes but the rabbits grow violent when Zagan starts to sing. Because of their Borgs and their ability to fly, it's difficult to defeat them through physical means but Aladdin summons a number of fireballs and defeats some of the rabbits when they merge into a larger creature. Aladdin remembers Yamraiha telling him that magicians have a support role and he launches a fireball at Amon, replenishing some of its Magoi, and Alibaba delivers the finishing blow.

Feeling inferior and useless, Hakuryuu asks that they don't help him anymore and Zagan agrees that they've been helping each other too much before dividing them up into two groups and throwing them through two entryways, Morgiana and Hakuryuu through one and Alibaba and Aladdin through the other. Everyone manages to make it out and Zagan taunts Hakuryuu about his apparent weakness, intending to get him angry but to everyone's surprise, he starts to cry instead. All attempts to calm him down fails and they wait until he calms down by himself. Once he's returned to normal, Hakuryuu dejectedly asks they go without him, getting into a small fight with Alibaba when he suggests that no one can do anything on their own but Alibaba manages to convince Hakuryuu to accept their help.

They continue through the Dungeon, noting how the creatures are docile and human-like without Zagan's interference and Zagan directs the group to a side tunnel and to their horror, discovers an area full of trees made from the people of the Torran village, using them as a source of Magoi to nourish the birth of the creatures in the Dungeon. Alibaba starts pulling the people from the trees but Aladdin stops him, saying that it's useless because the magic formula used to transform humans into other things are so complicated that the only thing that could return them to normal is the one who caste the spell in the first place. More determined now, the group continues through the Dungeon, fighting monsters along the way and part of Amon's power is unknowingly transferred over to Morgiana's Household Vessel.

They arrive before Zagan and demands he release the villagers immediately but Zagan creates clones of himself and realizing the futility, Aladdin calls for them to retreat but falls through a giant trapdoor down towards Zagan's real body and his mouth. Aladdin's turban is shredded when he attempts to halt their fall but Morgiana manages to save them using her Household Vessel, returning them to the surface before going back down to defeat Zagan's real body. She succeeds and the clones all wilt but when Morgiana doesn't return up, the three climb down only to discover her unconscious and bloody and Aladdin reports that Morgiana doesn't seem to have any Magoi left, having used up her already small amount of Magoi in her last attack against Zagan's body and putting her in a critical condition. Hakuryuu asks how they'll get out to take Morgiana to a doctor if they killed the Djinn but Aladdin assures that what Morgiana had defeated was no Djinn and he's confirmed by the appearance of a miniature figure of the fake Zagan, who returns the girl he had taken earlier and introducing himself as the last flower with no more power, saying that Zagan created the Dungeon creatures in imitation of him but they broke free from his control. Alibaba demands that he returns the people from the village to normal and to release them but the creature admits only the real one could do so. He gives directions to the treasury but is killed by a trio of people. Solomon's Wisdom appears briefly and Aladdin urges them to hurry to the treasury before the trio did.

The group manages to get through the doorway before they're attacked by a serpentine dragon made of rocks which Aladdin is able to defend against with his Borg and their assailants are revealed to be the trio of merchants that had passed them by yesterday, Ithnan, Dunya Musta'sim, and Isaac. Ithnan tells Alibaba and Aladdin that they've become the target of their interest and their intentions to take Zagan and Solomon's Wisdom and to kill Alibaba. Aladdin insists that Hakuryuu takes Morgiana and the villager girl to a safe place before telling Alibaba that if they take Zagan, they won't be able to get out of the Dungeon so in order to save everyone, they must defeat them.

Dunya introduces herself as the princess of the Musta'sim Kingdom that had been destroyed by Magnostadt years ago. Dunya asks if they could just let them obtain Zagan, to which Aladdin refuses and apparently disappointed, summons a giant spike in the distance, barely missing Hakuryuu, Morgiana, and the village girl before piercing her own body with the Dark Metal Vessel and transforming into a Black Djinn. While Aladdin dealt with Dunya, Alibaba fights with Isaac. Although initially seeming to lose, Aladdin fires multiple Magoi shots, effectively pressuring her since her Magoi diminishes with each use, disabling her from being able to use anymore high energy attacks but since Aladdin is a Magi and therefore has an inexhaustible supply of Magoi, is able to keep using his shots until he manages to pin her to the ground. Just as he's about to finish her off with Har-Har Infigar, Ithnan intervenes and gives Dunya the power to full body Dark Djinn Equip by evoking memories of her hatred. Isaac is revived and attacks Alibaba but Aladdin defends him in time and suggest they stall since he still has a lot of Magoi left and he could support Alibaba with heat magic. However, Ithnan uses his lightning magic to strengthen both Dunya and Isaac and proclaims to finish them off in one breath just as Hakuryuu returns to help. Dunya starts to activate her Extreme Magic, Rea Bard. Aladdin recognizes the danger from Yamraiha's teachings and attempts to stop her with fireballs but they're stopped by Isaac. Aladdin asks Hakuryuu and Alibaba to stop Isaac's movements even for a second and Hakuryuu is finally successfully able to when he uses his arm to prevent Alibaba from getting pierced. Aladdin uses Shallal Raqi that heats up the water inside the body but Isaac still manages to get up. Alibaba cuts apart his body and rushes towards Dunya but Isaac moves stops him, revealing that he doesn't have a body. Rea Bard is completed and a rain of black swords descend on them, seemingly killing them but Alibaba appears and slashes apart Ithnan and it's revealed that Aladdin had used Shallal Sarab, a water magic that creates a mirage using the steam he had used on Isaac earlier.

Hakuryuu moves to finish off Dunya but is intercepted by Isaac and when his head is broken apart by Alibaba, is revealed to be simply a doll made of iron sand. Although Dunya is initially able to revive him, he falls apart soon after when she runs out of Magoi and she starts to approach them slowly in aggrieved anger. Alibaba wonders if people like her are being used by Al-Thamen like Cassim was for some reason and Aladdin replies that just like Cassim, Dunya also suffers from being unable to move on with her life. As Dunya raises her weapon to physically attack them, Aladdin activates Solomon's Wisdom to talk to her Rukh, delving through her memories to find out why she fell into depravity. He uses Solomon's Wisdom again to find Isaac's Rukh in the flow of the Great Rukh, bringing them back to allow Dunya to receive them and everything Isaac had thought and saw while he was alive. However, Aladdin continues to say that what happens next depends on the person because no matter what the Rukh communicates, it still doesn't erase what happened in the past and when Hakuryuu asks what's happening, Aladdin replies that he doesn't know but that she cannot continue like this because cursing fate brings misery. Although hardships are encountered, no one wants to live in hatred and suffering and for that reason, people must endure, to look towards the direction of light, and that that is the true meaning of fate. Dunya's Rukh returns to white and she faints. Ithnan reveals within his thoughts that that's the true nature of Solomon's Wisdom they've been searching which is omniscience and takes the form of a snake.

The group continues onward to the treasury and manages to locate where Zagan is resting thanks to Amon and they summon the Djinn. Zagan bows and apologizes to Aladdin for his Dungeon creatures' behavior, releasing the villagers and healing Morgiana before choosing Hakuryuu as his master since his Magoi Manipulation ability has a good compatibility with his own powers of life. Zagan transports everyone out the Dungeon but they're ambushed by three members of Al-Thamen using Dark Metal Vessels, Zurmudd , Apollonius , and Byoln. Morgiana, Aladdin, Alibaba, and Hakuryuu are rendered unconscious by Zurmudd's Extreme Magic, Al-Yad but Morgiana awakens and attempts to stop Zurmudd from killing Aladdin and Alibaba but is easily defeated. Just as she too was about to be killed, Sharrkan, Masrur, and Yamraiha arrive to their rescue.

Aladdin regains consciousness to witness Yamraiha's battle against Apollonius, which she ultimately wins. After the members of Al-Thamen are defeated, Aladdin senses something towards the direction of Sindria. When the group returns with their masters, Sinbad throws a banquet celebrating their success in conquering the Dungeon.

Second Sindria Arc

That night, Sinbad takes Aladdin aside to talk about the three other Magi. When Sinbad asks him if he knows about them, Aladdin replies that he knows there are three others but doesn't know who they are. Sinbad tells Aladdin that he's met them and proceeds to describe them: Judar from the Kou Empire whose actions are unclear; Yunan, the Wandering Magi, who raised the first Dungeon of this era which was incidentally cleared by Sinbad himself, and whose intentions are unknown with no affiliation or interest in any king or country, raising Dungeons as he pleases; and finally, Scheherazade, the Magi of Reim who has supported the Reim Empire for the last 200 years as their Great Priestess. Sinbad then asks Aladdin to go to Reim as the Magi of Sindria as a favor but Aladdin simply smiles and replies that he's not a Magi of the country yet. Sinbad laughs and agrees, asking him to consider it and to enjoy the banquet before leaving.

A little later, Aladdin and Alibaba's attention is drawn to a commotion when Hakuryuu's arm falls off and Ithnan regenerates from the fallen limb. He extends an invitation to Alibaba, Aladdin, and Sinbad but not before commenting on his trouble breathing and destroying a nearby area and injuring some people. Sharrkan slashes him to pieces but they transfigure into three Ithnans which rushes towards Sinbad, Alibaba, and Aladdin. Sensing something foreboding, he puts up a Borg but Alibaba and Sinbad are splattered with blood when they slash the Ithnans apart. Ithnan remarks that Aladdin was the only one who noticed but says it's too late for the other two, bestowing a curse on them in accordance to the will of Al-Thamen's Father. Sindria's soldiers close in on him but Aladdin stops them, saying that it's futile to cut him to which Ithnan comments at his good perception before continuing to say that the curse was Al-Thamen's invitation letter to become Black Kings and surrender to their Father. He explains that the curse will possess their blood vessels and turn their Rukh black, changing them into completely different people and falling into depravity because there isn't a single person in the world who doesn't possess a little bit of darkness in their hearts. If they try to oppose the flow, Solomon's Rukh and the Black Rukh will destroy each other inside their bodies, rotting them. Ithnan then disappears and Sinbad and Alibaba are taken back to the palace. Sinbad tells everyone not to panic because curses don't exist and that it's more likely to be some type of magic to which Yamraiha agrees and says that if it's magic, there must be a way to cancel it but she admits that she's never seen a type of magic that would attack a person's Magoi so she doesn't know what orders of formulas make it work and that for magic as complex as this, only the caster would know how to undo it. Aladdin declares that he'll be the one to undo it and Sinbad asks Yamraiha to suppress the magic in Alibaba. Confused, Aladdin points out that Sinbad had been afflicted with the same magic to which he replies that he's alright, to the puzzlement of Aladdin, Alibaba, and half the generals and putting the other half into a solemn silence. Sinbad orders Yamraiha to prepare the Transfer Magic Circle and Aladdin asks her where he disappeared to. Yamraiha explains that two barriers cover Sindria: One used to identify and hinder enemies and the other to track those who trespass and transfer anyone to their location within 200 kilometers of the main island.

Aladdin and Yamraiha returns to Alibaba's side where Yamraiha attempts to suppress the curse but the Magoi of the caster has taken shape and is going wild inside of his body. Aladdin frantically asks if there's anything they could do and Yamraiha replies that it's difficult because the Magoi from Ithnan's Rukh has spread into all the vital organs and if they're not skilled enough, they could kill him because there's no way to remove only Ithnan's Rukh from the body but that it'd be different if they could enter the body directly. Sinbad returns and asks after Alibaba and after Yamraiha informs him, he notes that the curse's advancement is slow, asking if it's because Yamraiha is suppressing it to which she answers yes but also that Alibaba's resistance to the curse is stronger than normal for some reason. However, if it continues its course, Ithnan could revive just as he did from Hakuryuu's arm. Sinbad urges Aladdin to use his powers to help Alibaba and Aladdin agrees, using Solomon's Wisdom which directly connects to a person's Rukh and transferring his conscience over to directly expel Ithnan's Rukh from Alibaba's.

He finds Ithnan and requests he leave to which he replies that he could be easily defeated by a Magi since his real body was killed by Sinbad and he's now nothing more than the weak center of the curse, commenting on how the atmosphere is perfectly white and clear and that there's someone else getting in his way other than Alibaba. Solomon's Wisdom briefly activates and Aladdin asks why Ithnan resents the world and Ithnan confirms to himself that he is Solomon's proxy after all. Aladdin asks for his personal reasons and Ithnan replies that he wants to free the world from destiny and from the one inescapable road set down by it but Aladdin disagrees and explains what destiny truly is and that a world without this power will be destroyed just like Alma Torran. Ithnan is surprised and asks if he has heard the story from Solomon as well but says that they've debated over Alma Torran a million times without ever seeing eye to eye before declaring that he has nothing more to say and to erase him. Instead, Aladdin uses Solomon's Wisdom in order to understand him and delves into his memories of King Solomon, Alma Torran, and its destruction. Afterwards, Ithnan proclaims that even in this world, they'll never see eye to eye but Aladdin disagrees. As Ithnan disappears, he comments on how it's a disgrace that he would return to Solomon's side feeling in peace when he had thought he'd be too ashamed to face him again. Alibaba's curse is lifted and Aladdin moves to leave but before he does so, thanks the white silhouette of Cassim, a small part of him having joined with Alibaba, for helping to slow down the curse.

The next day, Yamraiha fixes Aladdin's turban and Aladdin comments on how she can't use Household Vessels to which she affirms because in a way, Djinn are magic-users too and if Djinn and magicians use their magic, they could potentially interfere with each other's magic which could create a volatile reaction. When the bell rings, Aladdin leaves and later keeps Dunya company, making her laugh by parodying Ithnan. Dunya expresses her gratitude towards him for allowing her to see Isaac one last time but when Aladdin asks her why she won't talk to Sinbad and the others, she replies that the king of the country has ties with Magnostadt, the proof in Yamraiha's presence. Sinbad and Yamraiha enters a moment later and Sinbad explains that Sindria has no diplomatic ties with Magnostadt and that Yamraiha had to leave because of the coup d'état ten years ago as well but Dunya doesn't believe him, saying that Mogamett would've never let someone with as great a talent as Yamraiha to leave. Yamraiha gets on her knees and apologizes but pleads that she believe in Sinbad. Outside, Ja'far informs them that Dunya is getting weaker and weaker as the days pass, speculating that it could be because of the Dark Metal Vessel and telling them that she won't live much longer.

That night, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Aladdin gather around a lit lamp on a bed and Alibaba relates to Aladdin about Hakuryuu's decision to return to the Kou Empire. Aladdin also announces his intention to go on a solo journey to Magnostadt to study magic, to learn more about the world and because Sinbad's radiance is too strong, feeling like he would be swallowed up in a path he did not choose for himself. When Alibaba offers for him and Morgiana to come along, Aladdin refuses, saying he wants to go alone at all costs. Alibaba asks why he would go to a country implicated to be involved with Al-Thamen alone and Aladdin tells him that he doesn't want to make him king of a country but to make him into someone who can give hope to people and that he isn't strong enough. Alibaba continues to insist but Aladdin remains firm on his decision and tells Alibaba and Morgiana to think of what they want to do next by themselves.

A few days later, Dunya passes away despite Aladdin, Yamraiha, and the medic's best efforts, her body turning into something like a dry pile of black coal and everyone attends her funeral. Alibaba remembers that something similar happened to Cassim and he wonders what the Dark Metal Vessels really are and Aladdin states that he'll investigate in her homeland that's been taken over by Magnostadt, intending to leave in three days' time.

The next day, Aladdin, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu gather to discuss travel plans. They'll sail to Aktia Empire's port from Sindria and Hakuryuu will go east from there while Aladdin and Morgiana will head west with the latter going through the west continent to Reim's western ports in order to go to the Dark Continent. Morgiana asks about Alibaba and Aladdin sadly informs her that he hasn't been speaking to him despite being about to depart in two days' time. Alibaba continues to avoid speaking to Morgiana and Aladdin until the day of their departure arrives.

Yamraiha gives Aladdin the Eye of Rukh, a magic tool that would enable them to communicate with each other. He expresses his sadness along with Hakuryuu and Morgiana that Alibaba didn't come to see them off to which Sinbad expresses confusion. On board, Aladdin starts to remember Alibaba and Morgiana assures that they'll be able to straighten things out later on and he agrees, saying that they'll definitely meet again. The trio go below deck to their sleeping quarters and start having fun before beginning to discuss Alibaba in a negative light. Later, it is revealed that they had done so on purpose knowing that Alibaba had snuck onboard thanks to Sinbad and was listening in on them from the next room over.

After calming him down, Aladdin asks why Alibaba decided to board their ship and Alibaba announces his intention to become a gladiator in the Reim Empire because according to Sinbad, the quality of his Magoi has changed which disables his ability to achieve a full Djinn Equip. In order to master his Magoi again, Sinbad had trained in the Village of Magoi Manipulation which Hakuryuu interjects to explain that it's an eastern village where the Yambala race, a clan specializing in manipulating Magoi, lives. However, since they're a nomadic race, it's hard to find them but if there's one place to meet a Yambala, it's at Reim's Coliseum.

Pirates Arc

World Exploration Arc

Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, and Morgiana had parted ways. Aladdin rides his Magic Turban towards Magnostadt. After flying for some time, he begins to get tired. He realizes he couldn't sleep on the turban, and he had no food with him. He sees a large caravan, and thinks that he should ask for a ride. He flies down, and asks the chief of the caravan if he could ride along with them. At first he is reluctant, but then Aladdin shows him money Sinbad gave him, it makes the chief more than happy to oblige. The chief tells him to keep his mouth shut, and not bother the other guest. It wasn't long before the caravan is attacked by a group of thieves. Aladdin is ready to take them on, but before he gets the chance, a man with a large sword appears and wipes out the thieves.[36] Aladdin is amazed at the power of this person, but also at the thieves, because they were using Magic Tools. The man is then introduces himself to Aladdin as Kouha Ren.[37]

Arriving at the gate

Afterwards, Kouha asks who the dirty brat, Aladdin, is. One of his attendants says Aladdin has been traveling with them for a while now. Kouha asks Aladdin, who is bandaging his arm, what happened and Aladdin replies that he's been grazed with one of the thieves' attacks. Kouha tells him to take care. When Aladdin realizes that they are traveling to Magnostadt, Kouha informs Aladdin that only special exceptions like him and Magic Users can enter. Aladdin tells him to not worry, as he is a Magician, and his goal is to enter the Magnostadt Academy. Kouha tells him to do his best. Aladdin recalls Yamraiha's words that he has to hide his identity as Magi and realizes that he has to be extra careful around people from the Kou Empire. During the rest of the trip, they simply enjoyed their time together, braiding each other's hair etc. After eight days, and Kouha drops him off at the Magicians entrance into the capital, and wishes him good luck. They say their goodbyes, and go their separate ways.[38]

Aladdin's finally at Magnostadt

Aladdin proceeds to the entrance, where they would test if he was a magician or not with Borg. Aladdin is scared, not because of the spell, but because he couldn't tell anyone he was a Magi. Before he left, Yamraiha gave him a special magic tool, the Magoi Reverse Tool, which keeps the Magoi of the user going into one direction and Aladdin could temporarily be able to stop the rukh from providing him with Magoi, and make it look like he was just an average magician. He says that he has things in this country he wants to know after all.[39] Then, Aladdin is examined to find out his level. He attempts to cast Har-Har Infigar, and is only able to conjure up a small spark. He ends up being placed in the 6th Kodor. One of the 4th Kodors teases him about that and Aladdin wonders if that's all he is able to do without borrowing everyone's power. He admits that he's too ashamed to meet Yamraiha now.[40]

Then, a Magician tells gathered to follow him and explains things about Magnostadt. Aladdin is amazing by the city but is bothered by the amount of Magic Tools there. Then, he is walking down the Academy's hall. He takes a look at his Maref and then goes to his room, where he meets his roommate, the person who teased him earlier, Sphintus Carmen. Aladdin introduces himself, but Sphintus doesn't want to get familiar with people of lower Kodor. However, Aladdin notices his name at his schedule, what makes him angry. Sphintus then explains how the Academy works, telling him about Iktiyar. He checks out Aladdin's schedule and laughs a bit, realizing that his new roommate's Maref is full of body-strengthening lesson, much to Aladdin's confuse.[41]

When he goes to class the next day, he meets his teacher, Myers. She is harsh at and very strict. She tells them that they were put into the 6th Kodor because their bodies are too weak. Many protest, saying that magicians didn't need strong bodies, but she denies that. She told them a magician needs a powerful body to cast powerful magic. Aladdin decides to do his best as he wants to know more about Magic. After exhausting lessons, he comes back to his room injured and falls asleep right away.[42] Aladdin continues working hard, and after only one month, only 5 people remain in Myers' class, Aladdin being one of them. Myers tells them she is proud of them and has to especially praise Aladdin, who surpassed her expectations. He exclaims that he was able to do that because of her and in his thoughts thanks her boobs for helping him.[43]

The Magic Elements

Then, Myers and the five students go to finally take a magic lesson. Myers tells Aladdin to pour his Magoi into a magical tool, when he does, his head burst into flames. She explains that this meant Aladdin's magic specialty was Flame Magic. She also tells him that he was now classified as a "Red Magician". His classmates are also told their magical specialties too, ranging from Lightning, to Wind, to Water. They then begin training in these elements. Aladdin tries to cast Har-Har Infigar, and sees that his magic is a lot more powerful. Myers tells them that this is because their magic limits on their bodies had now been removed. She explains that all magic has recoil, and Rukh purposely makes magic weaker so as not to hurt the users body, but if the users body is strong, the limit disappears. Myers then tells them that they would now find out what their second element was, which was the element they were most compatible with. She tells Aladdin that his was wind, since it was directly opposite fire in the eight element diagram. When he asks about his compatibility with Water Magic, he learns that it's the worst. He wonders why Yamraiha made him learn it all the time. She then wants Aladdin to try using the 5th Type Magic Aid Tube to cast Wind Magic. Aladdin listens to the Rukh inside the tube, and is able to cast minor wind magic which creates a small tornado, Asfal Riih.[44]

Two months later, Aladdin's turn during Iktiyar comes. When he shows the scale of his magic, everyone is amazed. Aladdin is moved to the first Kodor without dispute. Nero and Sai Lin come to hug him, but Myers, very proud of him, interrupts them. Aladdin addresses to Alibaba and Morgiana, telling them that he did and asks them if they are doing their best now, too.[45]

Har-Har Raqi

Afterwards, Aladdin is seen training his magic with his old classmates, such as when he trained his Har-Har Raqi. He is becoming more and more accustomed to using the Magoi within his body. The, he spots Kouha, with whom he hasn't met for a while. Kouha explains that he is sorry but he has to return to Kou immediately, because his father has died. As Aladdin realizes that Kouha's father is Emperor, Kouha tells him not to worry, because his brother En is going to get a throne. Recalling the talk he had with Hakuryuu he had before parting ways, he wonders what Hakuryuu and Hakuei will do.[46]

Magnostadt Arc

Another 6 months later, Aladdin was shown at an examination again, and everyone was eager to see his magic. He displayed a larger scale version of his original Shallal Sarab, in which he was able to create a duplicate mirage of the entire Magnostadt Academy. Nobody had any doubts, he would be the number one student of the year. It was later shown that Sphintus had also entered the 1st Kodor.

They were at a ceremony, and the valedictorian of the year was about to be revealed. Everyone expected it to be Aladdin, but when they said the name, it wasn't him. It was a someone named Titus Alexius. Sphintus protested for Aladdin's sake, and the announcer replied that there was indeed two excellent students this year, but that he would not take protest.

Aladdin is confused

There was a gathering after, and Aladdin was talking to Sphintus. Titus appeared and greeted Aladdin, while Aladdin had a perplexed look on his face. Aladdin then felt Titus' chest, and then explained that he was actually checking to see if Titus was a woman, since he had long hair and a big bottom. Sphintus found this hilarious, while Titus was insulted. Then, walking down a staircase, the Chancellor of the academy, Matal Mogamett, appeared. Everyone but Aladdin knelt, while Aladdin just stood there confused. Sphintus asked him if he had seen all the portraits around school, and told him how his face was everywhere. Mogamett walked up to Aladdin, and acted very nonchalant about it. He spoke aloud about how he wondered that if he had a grandson, would he be like Aladdin, a young genius magician? Afterwards, he pointed out how Aladdin and Titus were fighting, and told them that if they were fighting, they should have a death match of magic. He told them that the winner would stay, and the loser would be kicked out the academy. Some time passed, and the time of the battle had come.

Titus blocking Har-Har Infigar

There was Titus and Aladdin in the battle field. The announcer said neither could leave while the other was still alive. Aladdin was thinking to himself, and wanted to finish the battle quickly. He began with a more aggressive start than usual, performing several kinds of magic, one after the other. He began with the Light Magic, Flash, which was countered by Titus' Water Magic, Shallal. Aladdin followed up with the Lightning Magic, Ramz, which was also countered by Titus with Wind Magic, Asfal. Then Aladdin used his signature move, Har-Har Infigar, a Fire Magic of a very large scale. Everyone thought that Titus was finished, but he had also countered this with Ice Magic of equal scale. The announcer commented that even though Aladdin only had a mid-level Magoi capacity, he was still very powerful. Aladdin then used a magic that he had never showed before, a Gravity Magic which used sand to create a giant which was modeled after Ugo. The giant was extremely large, and Aladdin said he had not named the magic yet, but that he would name it now. He said he would name it after a friend, "Ugo". Titus is seen being repeatedly attacked, without anyway to counter. On the verge of his Borg being destroyed, Titus uses the Aberrant Magic (a type of Composite Magic), "Destruction", which instantly destroys "Ugo". Titus then continued with a series of his "Destruction", rendering Aladdin unable to counter while saying that Aladdin's magic is way to simple and a magician's qualities are shown by their mastery of Aberrant Magic spells. With the last drop of his Magoi, Aladdin shows Titus his Composite Magic, Hadika Hadeka, and combined with his martial arts that he learned from Myers, Aladdin manages to break Titus' Borg.

Aladdin found that Titus also has a magical tool on his arms, making him wonder if Titus was also a Magi. After this, the fight got really intense, until Mogamett ruled it a draw. Aladdin goes up to Titus to ask him questions. Titus puts his hand up to give Aladdin a handshake, but instead tries to kill him to a close range "Destruction". It was stopped by Mogamett, but Aladdin lost consciousness. Later that night, Aladdin woke up and Titus visited him. Titus told Aladdin that he is the subordinate of the Magi of the Reim Empire, Scheherazade. It makes Aladdin disappointed as he thought Titus might be a Magi like him. Aladdin now knew of Titus' mission of finding out the abnormalities of the country, which was similar to Aladdin's aim in this country and decided to befriend Titus.

Disguises dissolve

After visiting the city with Sphintus and Titus, Aladdin was prompted by Titus to find out about the 5th Level Authorization District as it seemed to a mystery. Aladdin agreed and they sneaked out, in disguise as High Class Magicians (thanks to Titus' Light Magic), to the Academy along with Sphintus and to the reference room where they discovered the location of the 5th District. To get inside, Sphintus had to use his Healing Magic, Yoah Reg, to put the guards to sleep. They are shocked to find that two-thirds of the population of Magnostadt is currently living there. They manage to infiltrate the 5th District and suddenly feel their Magoi being sapped from their bodies shortly upon their arrival, and they disguises start to dissolve.

Saving Marga

They find a little girl who is dying due to the loss of most of her Magoi, and Titus saves her by enveloping her in a magic barrier. Geolga, a resident of the District, tells the group that this place is basically a Magoi Production Facility for the people of the upper 4 districts. Sphintus asks if they are really okay living life this, which almost starts an altercation with another resident, Otto. Titus and the group befriend Marga, the girl they saved, and attempt to show her what it's like above using magic. Titus even resolves to take her and even the residents of the District above ground, but a patrol suddenly shows up, forcing them to hide. During the inspection, Marga collapses, and Doron, the patrol's leader, mercilessly throws her down a pit, as the patrol kills all the Makbalah, the citizens who run out of Magoi. Aladdin and Titus rescue Marga and Titus gives some of his Magoi to Marga to protect her from getting her Magoi stolen. Titus then proceeds to fight Doron. Against Doron's Life Magic, Titus tried to use Heat Magic, but Titus was weakened by giving his magoi to Marga. He is unable to defend himself as Doron's plant bites him. Sphintus catches Titus as he falls.

Aladdin rescues the 5th District citizens

Doron proceeds to throw a lot of the citizens of the 5th District into a deep hole. Aladdin rescues them with by lifting them on a big sheet with his Wind Magic, Asfal Riih. Doron recognizes Aladdin and their group as excellent students in their second year, asking them what they hope to accomplish. Titus says to defeat them an open a path to the surface, and that he could do that if he released his power to the last bit. Titus tells Aladdin that now is right time to fight back, but Sphintus says they should remember the reasons they came to the Magnostadt Academy. Aladdin remembers that he wants to stop this world from having the same fate as Alma Torran. Just as Aladdin is about to take his Magoi Reverse Tool out, Doron's magic is destroyed, and Myers appears, telling Doron that he has no authority to kill her students. She tells everyone to lay on their backs and put their arms behind their backs. Myers tells the Aladdin she will listen to his explanation for being in the 5th District, and that Chancellor Mogamett would decide for a lenient punishment in his case. She requests Aladdin put his staff down, as she couldn't bring herself to fight him to the death. Looking at his injured friends, Aladdin agrees.

Aladdin and Mogamett talk

Aladdin was then seen in court surrounded by various Magicians of the Academy to receive his punishment from Chancellor Mogamett. He recalls Doron telling him that his punishment at worst could be death, but regardless of that, he admits that he did infiltrate the district. As magicians of the patrol scorn Aladdin for saying that without shame, the Chancellor reminds them that Aladdin doesn't know anything about the "truth" yet. Mogamett unshackles Aladdin and invites him to talk privately. The first thing he asks is about how Yamraiha well-being, initially shocking Aladdin; Mogamett tells him not to worry as he still sees her as one of his dear disciples and was something like a father to her in the past. Aladdin tells him that she is doing well in Sindria which makes Mogamett very happy. He then guesses that Aladdin came to Magnostadt on a mission which he doesn't care about. He says he wants to live and understand all magicians, no matter their reasons for learning magic; Aladdin is able to sense a gentleness in him, similar to Baba from the way he talks but is confused about how he can do such horrible things in the 5th District. The Chancellor then wishes for Aladdin to go to the Ideology Reformation course.

Before the lecture

He meets up with Titus and Sphintus, who have been completely healed the next day. They were told they can see Marga and go to the 5th District as much as the want if they listen to the Ideology Reformation lecture, taught by Chancellor Mogamett himself. He starts by saying that magicians and non-magicians are completely different beings. He then poses them the question of why was magic born into the world and what kinds of people are the leaders of great kingdoms, to which he answers the Goi, a magician's term for those who can't use magic. He then uses remote clairvoyance magic, the same as Yamraiha's, to project to the class his life in the former Musta'sim Kingdom, beginning 70 years prior to the current time. At this point in history, magic was still very new, and simple spells like conjuring water were enough to put someone's life at risk. He reveals that all the magicians in the old Musta'sim served under the royal family with low social status and that his wife and many others died from using too much magoi. He explains that magicians found pleasure in researching magic, and when their magic progressed, they were given higher social status; Mogamett, at this point in his life, believed they were born to use magic to help the Goi.

He then asks Aladdin, Titus, and Sphintus what they saw in the 5th District, to which Titus says that 200,000 people live there being oppressed. He questions the idea that they are being oppressed, noting that they have the instant gratifications of food and lust and are mostly content; Mogamett then declares they are nothing more than animals without a normal human's desire for power.

The cause of Dunya's suffering

He explains that after 3 years of being higher class citizens, a disease broke out in Musta'sim that was blamed on magicians by nobles displeased with the magicians rise in social status. For 30 years, they lived meager lives until Partevia started a war with Musta'sim; many magicians were forced to fight and died during the war, including Mogamett's daughter, but they were able to repel Partevia's forces. After overhearing a noble refer to magicians as another species after the war, Mogamett came to the conclusion that magicians were not born into this world to support the Goi but rather to lead the world to a better future. Thus, he resolved to create a country for magicians. They developed magic that could create food and learned more powerful spells which caused them to be monopolized by the nobles; the citizens became angry at this, and the magicians used a faction of greedy nobles to help them overthrow the king and royal family. Aladdin then finally understands what happened to Musta'sim and that Mogamett was the cause of what happened to Dunya.

Aladdin defends Titus

Titus stands, questioning if Mogamett is also greedy like the Goi and reveals that Marga will live a short life because she was born in the 5th District; Mogamett counters that if he helps Marga, what would he do about all the other children living there. Aladdin then interjects, saying he has thought about this, and he thinks it is strange that Mogamett is fine with 200,000 people dying from the loss of magoi to support the surface's comfortable lives. The Chancellor reveals that the mortality rate is significantly lower now than during the Musta'sim era, as the magicians provide all the food and healing that the Goi need while not requiring them to work. He reiterates his belief that magicians are destined to lead and improve the world and ends the class, mourning the state of magicians not living in Magnostadt.

Aladdin explains why the world will end

After class, Aladdin learns that magicians in Sphintus' country are used by the royal family in power struggles and some magicians are even thought of as gross by their own parents. Aladdin and Titus go to the 5th District to see Marga when the Chancellor suddenly appears and asks them to guide him to Marga. He then tells them Marga is free to leave and can even live with them above the 5th District, Titus believes this is pity for Marga, but Mogamett claims he feels pity for Titus. He then reveals that he knows that Titus works for Scheherazade, but Aladdin tells him not to worry as Mogamett knows about him and Yamraiha as well. He reveals that Yamraiha will probably die young due to the barrier she made for Sindria, and in general, he wants to help magicians, even Magi like Scheherazade, who find satisfaction from "sacrificing" their power to help other people. They find Marga and Mogamett gives her to Titus, confused as to how Titus can like her so much. Aladdin thinks about how Mogamett really cares for magicians, but he concludes that the Chancellor does not think Goi are even humans, as he watches Mogamett kick a little girl who is crying because she wants to go to the surface. Aladdin knows this thinking is not true, as it is how the world will end. Aladdin watches as Marga reacts to the surface and asks Sphintus what he thinks about the Chancellor's point of view, Sphintus says he agrees with Mogamett about everything except the Goi being livestock, and Aladdin is sad to hear this, saying he has his own circumstances about the Chancellor which he can't reveal.

Maref with Black Rukh

The next day, Aladdin tells Titus about how much he wants to know and how he can't leave Magnostadt until the 5th District situation is better. Sphintus then beckons them, saying they were the only ones who had so many different Zemi, a special seminar class, recommendations. Sphintus is able to go the "8th type high level healing magic" Zemi, Aladdin and Titus make an agreement to tell each other what they learn as Titus picks the "magic item production" Zemi and Aladdin picks the "Rukh properties and alteration" Zemi. His professor, Irene Smirnoff, walks Aladdin to the Zemi where he is alarmed to see jars of Black Rukh. Smirnoff explains how the formation of Black Rukh was a breakthrough first seen 12 years ago that allowed magicians to perform miracles that were previously only possible through the Magi, the creation of a Djinn. Smirnoff questions Aladdin's knowledge of the Black Rukh, but Aladdin counters with the same question and declares that Magnostadt must have ties to that "organization" after all. Aladdin tells Titus this to which he relays to Scheherazade.

Aladdin watches Marga and Sphintus roll barrels and learns about the Titus' "magic item production" Zemi, recalling the items that were used by the pirates and the Umm Madaura. Suddenly, Sphintus falls on top of Aladdin, being exhausted from playing with a very energetic Marga, Aladdin then says that Sphintus is only cool when he uses healing magic. Sphintus proves him wrong by cooking up a big meal, and he says he will find Titus a year or two after they are done with lessons to join their little family, Aladdin then talks about how he'd like to visit the Reim Empire and introduce Alibaba to Titus and Sphintus.

Mogamett asks for help

Aladdin learns the truth about Titus from Mogamett as he visits the Chancellor late at night to ask how they learn to create the Black Djinn, a question that would reveal Magnostadt's relations with Al-Thamen. He asks Aladdin if he knows Ithnan as well, explaining that he met them 12 years ago around the time of the revolution. Together, Mogamett and Ithnan created the Black Metal Vessels, but Mogamett cut his ties with them as soon as he learned that Ithnan was giving those vessels to empower Goi Aladdin then asks about the magical items that are being sold, revealing to Mogamett that those items are hurting a lot of people; he says it doesn't matter to him as long as it's not hurting fellow magicians. He then requests that Aladdin stay and help defend Magnostadt with his power. The next day, Mogamett officially declares that Magnostadt will wage war against the Reim Empire. Many magicians exclaim that they will help in Magnostadt's defense, but Titus is worried about the Metal Vessel users of Reim. Aladdin asks Sphintus what he will do as magicians panic about the fact that intel reveals the Kou Empire may attack them as well; the professors explain that Magnostadt has stored a lot of power in preparation for a war with the Reim and Kou Empires. Aladdin and Sphintus then see Titus dressed as a high-class magician, and Aladdin asks if he will fight against Reim and Scheherazade; Titus grabs Aladdin and presses him against a wall, saying he will fight and that he was wrong about them being similar, saying he can only think about himself. Aladdin calmly replies that what he does is for his own sake as well and that he has come to love this world and will fight with all his strength to protect it. He clarifies that the Reim Empire is not his real enemy, and the threat is likely somewhere dormant in the city.

Aladdin is running around Magnostadt when he realizes that the war has started. Sphintus is with him and asks Aladdin if they should help Titus and the others to which Aladdin replies everyone will die if he can't stop the Chancellor's "power."

Aladdin on his way to help Titus

Aladdin and Sphintus, during their search, happen upon an infirmary where most of the injured are fellow magicians. An old wounded magician asks them to help, and Sphintus resolves to fight, telling Aladdin that Reim invaded first and that they can't leave Titus behind. Aladdin is next seen flying, thinking about how Titus was similar to him when he first left the "Solid Room." He wants to help Titus but is unsure if he should fight as well, he then sees soldiers of Magnostadt using magic items to fight. Then Mogamett unleashes his strongest weapon, a massive metal figure that fires a large blast of magoi that instantly decimates a large number of Reim's soldiers, Aladdin believes this type of weapon was meant for genocide.

Aladdin and Titus

The weapon's 2nd shot was stopped by the Fanalis Corps, and Aladdin prevents more shots from being fired by destroying the magoi supply lines for the weapon. As Muu Alexius tells Titus he can never be a human and should never have existed, Aladdin suddenly appears telling Muu he is wrong. Aladdin simply says Titus is his friend, and he doesn't care that Titus is different from everyone else. He helps Titus up and proposes they fight together. When asked by Muu what he is doing there, Aladdin declares that he came to stop them and end the war. He proceeds to take off the Magoi Reverse Tool on his arms, so he can fight as a Magi, however, the magoi from the Rukh doesn't come back to him immediately.

Aladdin regains his power

Myers arrive at their side, bringing many soldiers and says if they can force the Fanalis Corps back, it is likely they can stop the rest of Reim's army as well. Aladdin decides that he can help them fight, even without using his full power. He then asks Muu why Scheherazade is doing something so arrogant as trying to conquer Magnostadt and requests that they stop the invasion. Aladdin is denied by Muu as he orders the Fanalis Corp to advance. Myers says she needs their movements to be stopped to give her magicians an opening, so Aladdin and other magicians starts firing projectiles to bury the Fanalis Corps into a pit. The pit fills up with water as it was connected to the river, and Aladdin says he got the idea from Morgiana not being great in water. Myers and her magicians then use lightning magic on the Fanalis in the water, incapacitating most of them. As magicians praise his strategy, Aladdin suddenly starts receiving more magoi from the Rukh. He claims that the amount he is getting is more than his body can cope with, and Sphintus begins to realize what Aladdin is.

The Three Ugo-teers

Muu, Lo'lo', and Myron Alexius use their vessels and are able to defeat many magicians, including Myers. They attempt to break Magnostadt's 2nd barrier but are repelled by Aladdin and his 3 Ugos. Aladdin then says the Chancellor is not fit to be king of this world and that Magnostadt is a country full of hate, he says he can't allow Magnostadt to become one with the rest of the world or else the world could end. Muu then says that Aladdin is not Yunan which leads him to believe that Aladdin is the Magi of the Kou Empire. Aladdin clarifies he is not Judar or any other Magi. The Fanalis Corps attack his Ugos to little effect and Aladdin then channels his magoi to his Ugos to cast a larger version of Har-Har Infigar, making sure not to hit anyone with it. Onlookers are unsure of Aladdin's true intentions, but he then declares he will end this war without anyone dying. Muu questions his ability to back that up, saying it's impossible. Aladdin says he has to stop the war and then requests Professor Irene to let him talk with the Chancellor. She says that he should be able to hear Aladdin already, so after Aladdin checks his surroundings, he tells Mogamett they can protect the city again. Muu prepares the army to advance again, but the Ugos suddenly crumble and become a massive sand wave that pushes the entire Reim army back to the shore, and Magnostadt soldiers back to their original positions, this gives the Chancellor an opening to restore the barrier. Aladdin then says he has undone everything their army has done, and if they try again, he will push them back again. He then tells the Reim army to not steal the homes of the people of Magnostadt and to go back to their own country.

Aladdin vs Muu

Muu then pulls out his sword and uses his Djinn Equip, Barbatos. He tracks down Aladdin and attacks him with Bard Romh. The attack sends him flying, but he concentrates his Borg on the front and back to mitigate most of the damage. Aladdin, now using Hadika Hadeka, is about to attack Muu, but Muu destroys Aladdin's staff and is about to land a finishing blow when suddenly, his Djinn equip starts coming off. Realizing his time is almost up, he prepares his extreme magic to destroy Magnostadt. The magic disappears, and Alibaba says if you destroy the eight-pointed star of a metal vessel during Djinn Equip, it will be broken, thus, he believed Amon's sword could destroy even Barbatos' sword. Muu is surprised he was stopped by Alibaba realizing that Alibaba didn't come there to back him up. Aladdin is surprised and happy to see Alibaba again. The Fanalis say Alibaba has made them their enemy, but Alibaba replies that Aladdin was the friend he had been searching for.

Alibaba hasn't changed

Scheherazade suddenly appears and tells the Fanalis to retreat. Aladdin, upon seeing her, is surprised that she is Scheherazade; Scheherazade then asks if Aladdin is Magnostadt's Magi, to which he says no. He then continues to tell her to leave this country because there are several triggers there that could cause terrifying things to happen. Scheherazade orders the army retreat again and believes that Aladdin has seen what Yunan has. She then requests to speak with Aladdin, Alibaba, and Titus. On a boat in between Magnostadt's shore and Reim's fleet, Aladdin and Alibaba catch up with Alibaba noticing Aladdin has grown much taller, and Aladdin saying that Alibaba hasn't changed at all. They start messing around and Titus believes that Scheherazade will get mad watching them like that but is surprised to see her smiling and laughing at them. Alibaba talks about his time in Reim and how he decided not to meet Scheherazade, believing she would notice his metal vessel as she was a Magi; she says that she wouldn't have noticed it. Aladdin, upon hearing this, asks if she is a little different from a Magi, and she replies that she is like Titus, one of Scheherazade's clones but with the consciousness of the real Scheherazade. She further explains her real body is too old to move anymore and then requests Aladdin tell her what Mogamett is hiding and his intentions with Magnostadt.

Aladdin's reaction

Aladdin begins to talk, and explains that Mogamett might accomplish Al-Thamen's wish, the destruction of the world. He also explains what he knows about Alma Torran: Alma Torran was a world where a war exploded. Before everything perished in that world, a powerful magician and king of that world, Solomon, created a new world, the one where Aladdin and the others actually live, and guided the survivors of Alma Torran to that new world. Al-Thamen's against that migration, and their purpose is destroy that new world with the called "black spot", the incarnation of evil. Alibaba interpolates Aladdin and asks him why didn't he say that to him before, and Aladdin answers that because he's a Magi, and is his job. Alibaba hits him in the head and says that he doesn't have to carry it all himself, because they're friends. Aladdin is touched by Alibaba's words. Aladdin and Alibaba wait until Scheherazade's finished to talk with Titus and she announces that she'll order Reim's troops to retire, the war has ended. Then a messenger enters and says that the Kou Empire's arrived.

Titus talks with Aladdin about what he will decide to do with his remaining life. Then, the four of them notices Black Djinn above Magnostadt. Alibaba and Aladdin fly on Aladdin's Turban. Alibaba asks Aladdin what's wrong with this country, since something like this happened. Alibaba mentions Cassim and asks if weak people here are, similarly to him, forced to think of themselves as trash by the mere fact that they're born. When Aladdin answers positively, Alibaba says he can't forgive them. He then notices that Black Djinn, who moves with a great speed, aren't headed toward Reim's army. Aladdin says that their true objective is Kouha Ren.[47]

Aladdin appears in Alibaba's flashback of when the mage explained the situation to him. Aladdin says that Mogamett uses the magoi stolen from the citizens to create Black Djinn and, even if it's different from Balbadd, it still is an "abnormality of the world", and also mentions the situation of the 5th Level Authorization District and Titus. Aladdin also notices that these Black Djinn are even more full of malice than those of Alma Torran. Aladdin arrives when Alibaba, full Djinn Equipped, has burned down three Djinn with just a single thrust, and is happy when he sees that Alibaba has finally mastered Amon. Aladdin offers himself to help Alibaba supplying him magoi.[48]

Kouen's shock appearance

Aladdin and Alibaba watch how the first prince of Kou, Kouen Ren, makes his appearance along with his Household Members. When the four monsters change their appearance and destroy several Black Djinn, both seem surprised and a bit terrified. Aladdin says that it is incredible and wonders if they are part of Kouen's Household. A bit after, Kouen notices the presence of Aladdin and Alibaba, and stops with a sign the soldiers that were encircling them, and they walk towards him.[49]

After Alibaba introduces himself as the third prince of Balbadd, Aladdin is uncomfortable with the situation and wonders why Alibaba has revealed this. He is completely dizzied when Alibaba says that he has stepped on the battlefield in order to protect Kouha's life. Aladdin internally wonders why Alibaba is he saying that, even if he did save Kouha. Aladdin tries to comfort Alibaba after Kouen embarrasses him.[50]

Kouen is surprised

Then, but, notices that even the war and the Black Djinn were stopped, something dark in the sky appeared. He begs Kouen, calling him "old man" much to Kou's people horror, to send back his soldiers. He says that doesn't matter if they're from Kou or Reim, if the people around here continue to fight they will die. Junjun and Reirei notice that Aladdin feels different from the time they first met him, and wonder what it is. Aladdin, seeing no reaction from Kouen's part, says that they have some time and that if Kouen doesn't believe him, then the situation will be explained directly by his Djinn. Immediately, Agares, Astaroth and Phenex are summoned leaving Kouen with a surprised expression. The three Djinn say, "We are here to serve you, our "King", and the reincarnation of our past "Great King"!!!".[51]

After that, Aladdin also summons Leraje and Amon and all they ask if the Magi called them. Then Kouen understands that Aladdin in the fourth Magi that Judar was talking about.[52]

Amon explains what the "Medium" is, and Aladdin says that then they just have to destroy it. Amon agrees, but says that it will be a difficult fight even considering that Aladdin, Solomon's proxy, will be there.[53]

Kouen grabs Aladdin

This catches Kouen's attention and he advances towards Aladdin, questioning what is this "Solomon's proxy" and if this other world is King Solomon's destroyed world. Aladdin begins to ask Kouen is he is familiar with Alma Torran but Kouen grabs Aladdin and orders him to tell him everything right now, much for his Djinn's horror, which scares Aladdin to the point that the Magi promises Kouen tell him everything if he sends back the soldiers and helps them destroy the Medium. All the Djinn are surprised by that, and Leraje and Amon inquire if Aladdin is sure about that. They begin to say that if he tells the humans everything, then the normal flow of "destiny" that Solomon created for the humans would be ruined. Aladdin apologizes to Solomon, but says that they are already in an extreme situation and they can't worry about that anymore.[54]

Kouen agrees to that and calls Koumei Ren, Hakuryuu Ren, Hakuei Ren and Kougyoku Ren by using magic. He addresses again to Aladdin and says that he will be lending him the power of all Metal Vessels users in the Kou Empire. In exchange of this, after all this through, he will tell him the truth about this world. Aladdin is scared of Kouen's sparkling eyes and thinks that he has the feeling that he's going to tell secrets to people who shouldn't know them. Alibaba asks if Hakuryuu will come too, but Aladdin is doubtful and asks if Hakuryuu is really able to hear Kouen's call, as he's far from here. Junjun starts explaining how the orders are transferred in the Kou's army, but an angry Kouha makes her shut up. All the Dungeon Capturers enter in their Djinn Equip form and the group in Magnostadt leave lead by Aladdin.[55]

Arriving in Magnostadt

Aladdin and Alibaba arrive in Magnostadt in time to save Scheherazade. They look at the situation with a desolate expression. Alibaba says that he cannot use his fire powers there or else the people from the city will get in the way. Aladdin says that he will use his Wind Magic to push the Black Djinn out of the city. He tries, but without a proper staff he is unable to send orders to the Rukh properly. Aladdin says that with such an instability he will probably end up hurting everyone from the city as well. Alibaba wonders what should they do when Hakuei uses Paimon's powers to drive the Djinn out of the city, where the other Kou warriors destroy them. Aladdin greets Hakuei, who asks why is he here, and when Koumei asks how are they related, she answers that Aladdin saved her life.[56]

Kouha and Aladdin

While the fighting between the Dungeon Capturers and the Black Djinn continues Aladdin realizes that the black sphere is forming a defensive wall. Kouha asks Aladdin what should they do, and Aladdin answers that their enemy is a living creature, so the creation of the "defensive wall" and the Black Djinn are acts of magic and every time it does magic, it consumes magoi little by little. While he's talking he finds the flute where Ugo was, and says that it's a little short but it should be fine. He continues explaining that they will be able to defeat the "Medium" when it totally consumes its magoi. Kouha asks how many more Black Djinn will it pop out before it exhausts all of its strength. Aladdin answers that around ten thousands, which horrifies bot Kougyoku and Kouha. Aladdin says that this is what he is able to tell from its intimidating presence, and he can sense the same thing from its defensive wall, which is tens of times harder than his borg, the borg of a magi. Aladdin and Alibaba are very surprised and horrified when Kouen changes into his Agares Djinn Equip and creates a volcano and how he replenish his own magoi by using the lava flow.[57]

When Kouen replenish his Magoi and keeps fighting continuously Aladdin exclaims that this is too reckless because it means getting close to death countless times, and adds that he's sure Kouen's body is suffering a great toll and they have to stop him. Aladdin has a shiver after he sees Kouen's true self, and becomes even more scared of Kouen. Kouen calls Alibaba, and grabs him to put him into the lava flow to replenish his Magoi as well. Aladdin is worried and Hakuei explained how Kouen sees the situation, even though Aladdin still has his doubts.[58]

Aladdin watches with the others how Alibaba and Kouen summon their Extreme Magic at the same time, and notices that Astaroth's flames destroyed all the Black Djinn outside of the "defensive wall" in an instant. When Kouen helps Alibaba with his own flames, Aladdin thinks that when you use two magic of the same type at the same time, they become stronger and the same applies with Extreme Magic.[59]

The Medium's new form

After Kouen's Extreme Magic, his flames doesn't disappear, and Aladdin asks him why. Kouen explains that Astaroth's flames last eternally unless he orders them to disappear. Alibaba and Aladdin comment that it's a scary move. Then, the "Medium" reabsorbs the Black Djinn and creates a kind of doll, which takes the Rukh from the flames. Aladdin realizes what is happening and tell to the others to not let it get near the city. He says that if something is touched by the palm of its hands, no matter if it's flames, trees, birds, or even people of Magnostadt, they will have their magoi taken away and die.[60]

After Scheherazade dies, Aladdin realizes that Titus is also gone and is told by Muu Alexius that he died a while ago. Morgiana grabs his attention as the Medium is acting strangely. Yunan asks him who the Medium could be and he answers that it was the Chancellor. Seconds later, Yunan points out that the Black Rukh is tainted and that Mogamett is hesitating. Aladdin decides to use Solomon's Wisdom to try and save him taking Miss Yam with him.

Aladdin's shock

Arriving inside the Medium's mind Aladdin sees that the Chancellor is tormented by all the angry souls that became a part of the Medium; however, Titus' Rukh is stopping the Chancellor form destroying everything. Aladdin confronts Mogamett allowing him to realize that his determination was driven by hate. He apologizes to him that he said earlier that Mogamett was "a king only fit for magicians". After telling Mogamett the truth and making it clear that after people fall into depravity they can not go back to White Rukh, Mogamett asks Aladdin to find away to purify the Black Rukh. Furthermore, Aladdin tells him that he helped a lot of people, as he starts to dissipate much to the horror of Aladdin and Yamraiha. Mogamett makes on final selfish request of Aladdin that he must tell everyone that no man is superior to another.

Victory has been achieved

The Medium is finally destroyed. Aladdin is seen asking Titus why he had to die. After he awakes, Kouen refuses to withdraw his troops and tells everyone that Kou was going to take over Magnostadt anyway. Aladdin angrily says that was not what he promised. He is shocked to learn that Sindria has allied with Reim. He is then suddenly grabbed by Kouen who exclaims that if that is the case then he will be taking Aladdin with him, just like he promised earlier. As the commotion dies down Aladdin bares witness of Titus resurrection as a new Magi. The former is promptly leaped upon by Aladdin and the others who are overjoyed to see him alive.

Second Balbadd Arc

After the war, Aladdin is seen on a ship writing a letter to Ugo. He writes there that Magnostadt is receiving an aid for Sindria and that they are learning not to be so dependent on Magic. He also writes that the country is trying to remain neutral between Reim and Kou. He wonders is they will ally with Reim. He also tells him about Titus becoming a new Magi and continues by writing that he is going to tell everyone about Alma Torran in two months time at a summit with the Kou Empire Prince Kouen and Sindria's King Sinbad. He finishes by saying he will tell everyone about everything he entrusted to him.[61]

Pisti welcoming Aladdin.png

Aladdin is interrupted by the news that they have arrived at Sindria where they will be staying until then. Aladdin and the others are greeted by all Eight Generals, Pisti gives flowers to Aladdin as a gift. She thanks him for helping Yamraiha during harsh moments in Magnostadt. She then adds that Aladdin hasn't changed at all, but after hearing to look carefully by Spartos and by taking his hand and checking their height, she realizes he is as tall as she is now. Aladdin is seen in the background watching Alibaba reunite with some old friends. When Toto appears, he asks Alibaba who this pretty lady is. He says she seems to be an interesting person and wants to talk to her more later. In the evening, he is seen at the festival where he is shocked to hear that Alibaba has found a woman.[62] He blushes when Alibaba explains how he came to love Toto.[63]

The next morning Aladdin is seen eating with the others when Toto explains that she isn't Alibaba's girlfriend, but it's Garda instead. When Alibaba comes and truthfully admits that he hasn't done anything with anyone in Reim, he looks seriously. He understands that the face Alibaba had made is a face when he crushes something frail, his face as a man. He goes with Alibaba, Sharrkan and Olba to drink. When Alibaba starts crying, the three of them hug him.[64]

Aladdin saying Mor and Ali goodbye.png

A few days later he is thanking Yamraiha for his new clothes. He complements her sewing but is quick to notice that the stitching underneath is lose. He also is given a new staff which used to belong to Mogamett and declares that he will now cast magic with it. Later, he is summoned by Sinbad and is told that a letter from Balbadd has come asking Alibaba and Aladdin to be Kouen's escorts to the summit. However, Alibaba says he will go alone. In the evening, he explains to Aladdin his decision and apologizes, but Aladdin understands it's for the safety reasons and agrees. He wishes him a safe trip but wants to be careful. He is then seen waving Alibaba and Morgiana, who decided to go with Alibaba on Aladdin's half as well, off as they leave for Balbadd.[65]

While Alibaba is away, Aladdin goes to Black Scale Tower in Sindria to conduct research about the Rukh, and he is often interrupted by the scholars that work there who are concerned about his well being, as he has not left the tower not even to eat or sleep. Aladdin is using a magic tool given to him by professor Irene that appears as a pair of glasses. An unknown voice comments that this tool is incredible, and Aladdin explains that this tool allows him to see the old characters in the books clearly, which makes reading much smother. Aladdin suddenly realizes he has been saying all this, and rises his head. His speaker turns out to be Yunan, who removes Aladdin's glasses from him and puts them on himself, greeting the fellow Magi.[66]

Yunan and Aladdin.png

Aladdin tells Yunan not to startle him by appearing out of nowhere, and Yunan comments that Sindria's sunlight is too strong for him. Yunan says that he has come to see Aladdin, as they didn't get the chance to talk in Magnostadt; Aladdin recalls that he disappeared when the situation with Kouen had died down. Yunan says that it's alright, that the fight is not a national scale anymore since they now know they have a common enemy, and comforts Aladdin saying that there won't be a fight soon, so Aladdin doesn't have to worry about everything alone.[67]

After a short silence Aladdin tells Yunan that Morgiana told Alibaba and Aladdin a lot about him, like that he was shrouded by a mysterious aura and that he did many kind of things for her, such as teaching her the Torran Language. Yunan replies that he is glad that she was so happy about him, but then he vanishes his smile and says that he is not such a good person. Yunan smiles again, but less innocently this time, and surprises Aladdin by mentioning Ugo, and adds that Aladdin is not the only Magi favored by the guardian of the sacred palace. This makes Aladdin wonder if Yunan knows about the Room of Fortitude and if he has been there before him. His thoughts are cut short as Yunan starts scolding Sinbad for eavesdropping on their conversation. Aladdin wonders how is it possible that they are talking, and if it's some kind of magic. An argument between Yunan and Sinbad starts, and Aladdin wonders if they don't get along.[68]

Shortly after, Sinbad storms into the Black Scale Tower. He Sinbad demands that Yunan let him join the conversation yet again however Yunan refuses saying he wants to speak to Aladdin alone. Meanwhile, Aladdin continues to wonder why they don't get alone, remembering that Sinbad had said that Yunan raised the first dungeon which Sinbad conquered. As the argument reaches it peak Aladdin steps in telling Sinbad to calm down.

Sinbad tells Aladdin that Yunan is as guilty as Judar making dungeons appear in the world and throwing this world into chaos. Yunan defends himself saying that he retracted dungeons more them he raised. Grabbing Aladdin, Yunan flies into the air and using Al-Kimia Al-Qadima, an Alchemic Magic, he creates a tree out of nowhere, surprising Aladdin. After Yunan turns it into a log cabin, he invites Aladdin in saying that they can talk in private now, commenting to Sinbad that he could no longer eavesdrop on them.

Aladdin is amazed by just how big it is inside and asks Yunan how he made it. Yunan explains that his magic doesn't actually use physical objects but instead, it uses small particles that he reconfigures to create anything: using it to put food on the table. Aladdin gasps lamenting on how he never saw anything like this while he was studying in Magnostadt. He gazes upon Yunan contemplating about just how incredible he is as a magician.

After Aladdin finishes the food Yunan had presented him, their conversation turns to how Yunan knew Ugo. Yunan replies that he met Ugo every time he died. He also explains that instead of a Magi’s Rukh returning to the great flow it goes to the Sacred Palace to be reincarnated. Aladdin is shocked to hear the Yunan was reincarnated as a Magi nine times however Yunan continues to divulge that he heard about Ugo mainly from Morgiana’s stories.

Yunan changes the subject by asking Aladdin what he thinks about Sinbad. Aladdin replies that Sinbad is incredible and that he feels like a King. Yunan then asks why he didn't become Sinbad’s Magi and Aladdin replies by saying that he feels that becoming Sinbad's Magi is dangerous. Yunan interrupts by asking Aladdin what he thinks a Kings Vessel is. Aladdin, however, is unsure, so Yunan says that he will tell him what he thinks of Sinbad.

Yunan tells Aladdin that he finds Sinbad scary because he's the ideal kings vessel. Aladdin asks if there something wrong with that. Yunan says that when Magi choose new kings they determine the course of the world, normally there are only one or two kings vessels, however, in this age there are many fighting for their own ideals when only one is left they will created one “destiny” for the world.[69]

Some time after, the summit begins. Aladdin, Titus, and Yunan interrupt it. Aladdin asks if there was a need for such a flashy entrance, but Titus replies that it looks cool. As everyone gasps in amazement, Aladdin proclaims that he is ready to tell everyone about Alma Torran.[70]

Aladdin begins by saying that Alma Torran was the world that himself, the Djinn, and Al-Thamen were created. After being bombarded with questions by Alibaba he explains that Alma Torran is not a country, but a completely different world. When Sinbad asks if its on a different star, Aladdin explains that is more like a parallel universe and that a lot of them exist. Everyone is confused by Aladdin's explanation. Alibaba asks Aladdin how did he get here if he cannot go back; Aladdin says the current world's creator sent him and that this creator was King Solomon himself.

Aladdin reveals that Solomon told him that and to tell no one else about it because they would lose all hope and the world would not move forward. Aladdin, however, does not believe that as he considers everyone at the summit strong and because together they could stop what is happening in the world once they know what happened in the past.

Proclaiming "Today I will disobey the God of the World" and using Clairvoyance Magic with the help of Yunan to project an image of Alma Torran, he tells everyone that Alma Torran once had many intelligent life forms on it that formed societies and cultures of their own. Once the different species came into contact with one another conflict began to occur between them; the weakest of these that struggled to survive was humanity.[71]

Alma Torran Arc

A recounting of the events that occurred in Alma Torran, Aladdin is revealed to be the child of King Solomon and Sheba. A pregnant Sheba used her magic to drastically slow Aladdin's growth in the hopes that he would be born into a peaceful world. Unfortunately with the creation of Al-Thamen, Sheba's hopes are unrealized after she is mortally wounded by Arba. In her dying moments Sheba entrusted the developing Aladdin to Ugo. [72]

After Solomon sacrificed himself to repel Ill Ilah and Al-Thamen, what remained of Alma Torran was left in disarray. Ugo, in an attempt to keep all the species hopeful, realized that Aladdin's rukh was similar to Solomon's. Ugo used this knowledge to revitalize the people of Alma Torran and present Aladdin as the new king and as the avatar of Solomon. [73]

With the resources of Alma Torran exhausted, Ugo decided to move everyone to a new world. After creating the Magi System and becoming a Djinn himself, Ugo decided that it was time for Aladdin to be born once Al-Thamen began causing chaos in the new world. Ugo would go on to raise Aladdin, to prepare him as the new Magi and guide of the world. It was here that Aladdin questioned his own existence and here that Ugo would grant Aladdin's desire for a friend. [74]

Kou Empire Arc

Aladdin and Alibaba rush to Rakushou to talk to Hakuryuu where Alibaba tells Aladdin he wants to avoid involving Balbadd in Kou Empire's civil war. [75] Upon hearing Alibaba's idea of telling Hakuryuu about the story of Alma Torran, Aladdin is glad to have meet Alibaba. Arriving to Rakushou, Aladdin stops Alibaba and points out to the barrier that prevents them from using magic or Metal Vessels. With Judar as their guide, Aladdin and Alibaba meet Hakuryuu in the throne room. [76] Aladdin flies to Alibaba's side as soon as Hakuryuu's Black Rukh reveal themselves.[77] When Hakuryuu's Belial techniques start to rewrite Alibaba and Aladdin's mind, Aladdin resists them using his Borg while pushing back Alibaba to safety. [78]

In his battle, Aladdin struggles to defeat Judar as Judar's strength is amplified by Magnostadt's Black Rukh. [79] When Judar recognizes Aladdin is using Solomon's ability from Alma Torran, Aladdin explains he uses Wisdom of Solomon to tap into the Sacred Palace to acquire all magic from Alma Torran. In a flashback, Aladdin notes he struggles to store all the Alma Torran memories into the Rukh and then into his mind. Due to his conviction in loving all the people in the world, Aladdin starts to gain control of his Dhoruf spells and reflects Judar's magic. [80] After Hakuryuu defeats Alibaba, Aladdin uses Dhoruf Asshara to launch Judar out of the atmosphere. [81] An emotionally wrecked Aladdin calls out to Alibaba's unresponsive body [82] With losses on both sides, Aladdin persuades Hakuryuu to stop fighting. Faced with Hakuryuu's questions, Aladdin states he cannot bring Judar back and assumes Judar is dead. Following up, Aladdin asks Hakuryuu questions on where he send Alibaba and whether he wants to go to war with Kouen's faction. Hakuryuu states he does not know where Alibaba is sent and solemnly resume his stance against Kouen. Aladdin declines Hakuryuu's invitation to become allies as a replacement for Judar. Hakuryuu continues to converse with Aladdin about how he will resort to his original plan, cuing Nanaumi's appearance. [83] Hakuryuu will not divulge his plans despite Aladdin emphasizing he is not Hakuryuu's enemy, noting Hakuryuu wants to hear Aladdin's plans without reciprocating Aladdin's gestures. Then, Hakuryuu changes the topic and argues with Aladdin that falling into depravity is not evil if Al Thamen are taken out. Aladdin replies that falling into depravity is sad and often leads the individuals to live their lives opposite of the bright futures they once pursued.[84]

Upon his return to Rakushou, Aladdin debriefs Kouen and Koumei. [85] When Kouen decides to strike Hakuryuu first with Koumei's advice upon analyzing Hakuryuu's current powers and allies, Aladdin objects but wavers when Koumei asks if falling into depravity is evil. [86] Restating Hakuryuu's words, Aladdin explains that the Black Rukh is not harmful as long as no one is using them for evil such as Al Thamen. Koumei and Kouen explain their motives are to create a world without wars by removing the beliefs that people used wars to impose on others. Aladdin decides his next move will be to save Alibaba by searching for answers in the Rukh's memories.[87] Aladdin finds a conversation between Ugo and Belial on the mechanics of Belial's powers where Ugo states they do not know where the soul is sent after being severed from its vessel. [88] Bombarded by Olba's questions and the failure of finding answers, Aladdin cries over Alibaba's dire situation. [89]

While the Kou Empire civil war wages on, Aladdin converses with Kouen at the Kou Empire's governor-general's office in Balbadd. Kouen points that Aladdin has lost the will to do anything in the wake of Alibaba's death. Aladdin ponders about Hakuryuu's situation upon recalling the past conflicts. [90] Aladdin is stunned at Sinbad's arrival in the Kou Empire civil war as Sinbad allies himself with Hakuryuu. [91]

With Kou Empire civil war ended, Aladdin attempts to persuade Hakuryuu to not execute Kouen and reminds Hakuryuu will be alone if he should continue the path of eradicating his family. Aladdin demands Hakuryuu on showing his future. Though, Hakuryuu refuses to abide by Aladdin's pleas. [92] Aladdin remarks how it was difficult to keep Kouen's fake death a secret and details how he created the mirage using water magic. He spots Kougyoku talking to Hakuryuu.[93] Aladdin and the others attend Hakuryuu's enthronement ceremony. He talks with Morgiana who will keep an eye on Hakuryuu. Aladdin wonders if Kouen and Hakuryuu ever made peace between them. Aladdin remains optimistic that Kou Empire will head in a right direction under Hakuryuu's rule.[94] Aladdin checks up on Kougyoku who assures him that her feelings are in order after Sinbad removed Zepar's influence. [95]

Final Arc

Yunan reports to Alibaba that Aladdin had vanished mysteriously along with Morgiana and Hakuryuu, only a year ago.[96] According to Titus, Aladdin just decided to disappear without a certain reason.

After Alibaba's return, Aladdin attempts to communicate with him via clairvoyance magic. He says that he has something to tell him, but is cut short when an ominous female voice intervenes and cuts him off. Later in the dark continent, Aladdin tells Morgiana that he was able to contact Alibaba but was intercepted by Arba, though reassures her that she won't be able to come here even if she wanted to.[97]

Later on the floating island of Kina, Aladdin and Morgiana meet up with Nanaumi and Nashime for lunch. She tells him that ever they had come to the Dark Continent, the vegetables on the island grew into bizarre shapes.[98]

Aladdin says that Arba will probably find a way to get into the continent sooner or later, which Morgiana informs him that he'll have to face Sinbad again like during the battle two years ago. During that battle, Arba, controlling Hakuei's body, manages to fatally wound Aladdin. Aladdin realizes that Hakuei is no longer here. Before Arba could finish him off, Sinbad intervenes. He tells Aladdin that Arba is no longer a member of Al-Thamen, thus tries to persuade Aladdin to join him and become his Magi. Aladdin refuses however, saying that this has nothing to do with Al-Thamen, but can't just agree with what Sinbad's trying to accomplish.[99] After Hakuryuu buys time and learns how Arba can possess Hakuei's body, Aladdin and Morgiana arrive to assist Hakuryuu escape via Kina Kingdom which emerges from the sea.[100]

With preparations done, Aladdin takes Hakuryuu and Morgiana to the other side of Dark Continent, they later assist Yunan in defeating Arba who is on a hunt for Aladdin. As Morgiana and Hakuryuu fight Arba, Aladdin tends to Yunan's wounds and assure Yunan to believe in his friends' strengths. Then, Aladdin joins the fight, destroy Al-Thamen and then forces Arba out of Hakuei's body by rewriting Hakuei's molecular composition.[101]

In Qishan, Aladdin and the gang celebrate their victory. To Alibaba's surprise, Aladdin can hold his drink while they catch up on things. Aladdin witnesses Alibaba proposing to Morgiana and asking her hand in marriage. Overwhelmed with joy, Aladdin congratulate Alibaba while advising him not to visit the ladies of the evening much to Morgiana's shock. After a night of dancing, Aladdin asks Hakuryuu who informs Aladdin that he was searching for Judar. Aladdin consoles Hakuryuu about his unrequited love and that Hakuryuu will find a girl one day. Hakuryuu yells at Aladdin to head back to Kou Empire. [102]

Meanwhile in the real world, Aladdin locates David´s real body inside the Great Rift. [103]


Being one of the fabled Magi, Aladdin is capable of seeing and manipulating Magoi and several types of Magic to fight in a battle and can easily overpower strong fighters like Morgiana. It was revealed that he'd always known the magic Ugo once used on his hands called Har-Har Infigar; apparently, Ugo had taught him the spell just in case, so whenever Ugo used this magic, it was actually Aladdin that supplied the Magoi. Aladdin was later told in Magnostadt that he is classified as a "Red Magician", one who specializes in flame and heat magic. After his training in Magnostadt, he has become quite skilled using multiple types of magic at once and in combinations. With further training during the timeskip, Aladdin subsequently mastered the use of Strength magic much like his father. His power has grown so enormously that even Hakuryuu remarks no one in the world is capable of touching him.

Physical Abilities

Myers has trained Aladdin in the basics of martial arts to improve his physical strength, which betters his ability to use magic.[104][105] He usually uses his wand as a fighting weapon. However, it should be noted that Aladdin's body for most of the series is that of a small child and possesses physical strength that befits that of a child. He does not typically engage in martial arts but he is also not afraid to do so during combat.

Wisdom of Solomon

It is a mysterious ability that allows communication with anyone's Rukh, including those contained in the living and those of the dead. It also allows normal people, or those who cannot ordinarily interact with the Rukh, to hear the will of Rukh and is able to see the past, present and future through the use of Rukh. This power is also able to temporarily summon departed souls back to life; this was used by Aladdin during the series to allow people to say farewells to their deceased loved ones. This, however, is very tiring for Aladdin. The Wisdom of Solomon also allowed Aladdin to enter Alibaba's mind to get rid of a curse cast on him by Ithnan. According to Ithnan, this power grants the person "Omniscience".

Metal Vessel

Ugo was Aladdin's Djinn,[106] although it was later revealed that he was actually Solomon's Djinn. He is a Heat Djinn, reflective of Aladdin's affinity with Fire Magic. Aladdin's former Metal Vessel for Ugo is a small, golden flute with the magical seal of an eight pointed star. He currently still carries it with him and talk to it as if Ugo was still there within it, but he cannot use it to summon Ugo as he is no longer within the flute.

Magic Tools

Magic Turban: Aladdin also possesses a Magic Turban which he typically wears on his head. At his will, the turban can become a large sheet of fabric similar to that of a flying carpet this sheet of fabric also functions as a tool to allow flight. It can hold a lot of weight, evidenced by several instance it carried multiple people or multiple objects far heavier than its wielder. After his training at the Magnostadt Academy, Aladdin is now capable of freely using Gravity Magic to fly instead of relying on the turban alone. He later removed the cloth from the jewel in his turban and, by using the magic in the jewel, he amplifies his own Gravity Magic. He can still summon the cloth so multiple persons can ride along with him.[107]
Eye of the Rukh: This Magic Tool is one that uses Clairvoyance Magic to allow two people to communicate with each other from far distances. It takes the shape of a small sphere and is made of a material like glass. Yamraiha, who also gave Aladdin the Eye, possesses another one that she can use to contact him. Aladdin is also capable of contacting her, although it is unknown if it would be able to communicate with other tools that serve the same purpose.
Magoi Reverse Tool: This is a Magic tool that forces the Magoi’s flow to go in a single direction. It takes the form of a pair of red gemstones which were embedded into Aladdin's inner forearms. These were given to him by Yamraiha and would prove vital to hiding his identity while posing as a student in Magnostadt.
Eight Magic Color Selection Crystal: Aladdin made use of this tool at the Magnostadt Academy at the very early stages of his stay there. It was due to the crystal that it was discovered Aladdin's affinity with Fire and thus his classification as a "Red Magician" came to be.
5th Type Magic Aid Tube: This is an aid tool that Aladdin used when learning Wind Magic.
Reading Glasses: Aladdin has a pair of reading glasses given to him by Professor Irene that translates every language, dead and current, and downloads it directly into the brain for easier understanding.


Aladdin uses a Wand during combat to fight, firing Magoi as well as Magic. Aladdin also uses this wand as a sort of staff during close-quarters combat. Aladdin has changed Wands from one he previously had to one he received from the deceased Baba, this was later destroyed by Muu after he had used Djinn Equip and attacked Aladdin. After training in Magnostadt and learning martial arts, he starts combines both of these in his Magic, resulting in his ability to fight with both basic martial arts and powerful Magic. He at one point used the golden flute that housed Ugo as a temporary wand. After the war ended, Aladdin was given Matal Mogamett's wand although it had been shortened to suit his size better. It appears to be a medium size wooden staff with four triangular metal sides forming a pyramid at the top with a vine covered in thorns going in a spiral pattern emerging from the center.


Borg: This is said to be the "proof" of a Magician, most likely because it is not only a fundamental skill but also a simple one. It is a defensive ability capable of blocking out attacks with evil intentions. It also blocks out all physical attacks and magical attacks to some degree. The strength of the barrier, however, depends on the individual casing the spell. In his case, Aladdin is so skilled and experienced with Borg that he can distort the field to increase its defense in a particular area of the shield.
  • Borg Al-Samm (八ツ首防壁ボルグ・アルサーム, Borugu Arusāmu, Eight-Headed Defensive Wall): Aladdin demonstrates mastering his mother's technique by using to protect the Sacred Palace gate while he, Judar, Alibaba, and Hakuryuu head to the Sacred Palace. Aladdin boasts that not even Arba and Sinbad can break through it. [108]
Heat Magic
  • Har-Har Infigar (Scorching Heat Double Palms): A type of heat magic once used by Ugo. He usually uses it with Alibaba to support an affinity for fire. At the Magnostadt Academy, Aladdin had to use the Magoi Reverse Tool to stop him from gaining other people's magoi around, so he had to train his inner magoi. At first, the power output was minimal, only getting him in the 6th Kodor, but after two weeks it became gradually stronger, and after a month, it became stronger than his original, gaining him entrance in to the 1st Kodor.[109] At full strength after his training in Magnostadt it was powerful enough to cross a large distance as well as destroy a small hill instantly.
  • Har-Har Rasas (Scorching Heat Consecutive Bullets): This is a magic with multiple heat balls that Aladdin can control individually that makes a small explosion upon contact. It is considered mid-level magic, it uses a lot of ceremonial orders.
  • Har-Har Raqi (Evaporation Baptism): This is a Composite Magic that combines both Heat Magic and Water Magic. It heats up the water inside the vessel and destroys it from the inside. It can be used on multiple opponents at once almost instantly and can fulfill the use of a smokescreen during combat to confuse the enemy.
Water Magic
  • Shallal Raqi (Evaporation Baptism): This is a Composite Magic that combines heat and water magic to heat up the water in an opponent's body, leaving/creating high temperature steam. [110]
  • Shallal Sarab (Water Mirror Mirage): It is a water magic that creates a mirage by generating a refraction in the light thanks to high temperature streams. After training at the Magnostadt Academy, Aladdin is now able to create a mirror of the whole Academy.[111]
Wind Magic
  • Asfal Riih (Piercing Wind): This is a type of wind magic, where it appeared as a type of tornado like magic. After a year of training, he is now capable of lifting close to 50 people on a sheet in the air.
  • Hadika Hadeka (Resonating Staff): Aladdin has learned an Composite Magic by creating a combination spell of Wind Magic and Sound Magic, this spell makes the air vibrate really fast and is capable of pulverizing stone with one touch. Also, it only uses a little amount of Magoi.
Light Magic
  • Flash (Light Ray): This is a type of light magic that creates a beam of light like a laser to attack an opponent.
Lightning Magic
  • Ramz (Thunder): This magic creates a ball of lightning/thunder to attack the opponent.
Gravity Magic
  • Aladdin has learned Gravity Magic in order to maneuver through the air with relative ease. Aladdin later grew so adept at using Gravity Magic that he can easily soar at great speeds. It is further amplified when he uses the jewel from his Magic Turban.
  • Ugo: Aladdin has created a magic that uses gravity magic to gather and manipulate sand creating a clay copy of Ugo, his former Djinn, that is capable of great physical feats such as speed and strength. He has shown to be capable of channeling his magic through the dolls such as Har-Har Infigar.
Clairvoyance Magic
  • Aladdin is able to use this Magic and project his memories from the rukh in his blood as images but he hasn't mastered it yet.
Strength Magic
  • Dhoruf Sabaha (Thrust Reaction or Gravity Reaction): By manipulating the dhorrs (powers) into certain reils (pathways), he is able to alter the fundamental laws of physics in order to repel attacks.[112]
  • Dhoruf Asshara (Propulsion Fixation Impact): By manipulating the dhorrs (powers) into certain reils (pathways), in combination with Ugo Magic, Aladdin pushes his opponent far away from the ground until space. This spell fixes the strength of Ugo's punch, and continues to apply a certain force in the same direction and with the same intensity.
Teleportation Magic
  • Aladdin first uses this ability when he transports his group from the Dark Continent to their world.[113] Aladdin's range isn't as extended compared to Judar's ability according to Hakuryuu.[114]
Alchemic Magic
  • Al-Kimia Al-Qadima: Aladdin uses this technique to rewrite Hakuei's body composition in order to change the structure to prevent Arba from inhabiting Hakuei's body.[115]


Quantity of Magoi
Fighting Ability
Physical Strength
Leadership Ability



Alibaba Saluja

At first, Alibaba seems to be a greedy cart-driver with big plans, but the two warm up to each other. While Alibaba's initial intentions were to use Aladdin and Ugo to beat a Dungeon and get a large amount of riches, they quickly became friends and extremely loyal to one another. After beating the first Dungeon, Amon, Alibaba waits for Aladdin to return but, when he doesn't, Alibaba leaves with a note in case Aladdin ever comes back. Currently they are very close friends and fight well together, trusting each other and supporting one another through the trials and battles. Unlike their masters (Yamraiha and Sharrkan), the two get along well. Aladdin admires Alibaba's ability to put himself in danger for the benefit of others and the greater good. He is also Aladdin's King Vessel.

Even after Alibaba's apparent "death", Aladdin never gave up on him and knew that one day his friend would return. After the time skip, he teases Alibaba a bit more but is happy nonetheless that his friend is by his side once more.


Initially a slave that Aladdin freed without knowing the consequences of his actions, for the first few appearances she fought against him and Alibaba under her master's orders. While the dungeon was collapsing Goltas told her to go to the Dark Continent where she originated from. With this in mind she left instead of dying, joining Aladdin and Alibaba but being transported away. After many other events she rejoins Alibaba and Aladdin, first as a companion and eventually as a friend. She is very loyal to Aladdin and seems to respect him and enjoy his friendship. Aladdin was the one who gave her her nickname, "Mor".

When Alibaba finally reunites with the group and proposes to Morgiana Aladdin weeps happily and tells Alibaba that he had better make Morgiana happy because she was so sad and alone when he "died'. As the two dance Aladdin smiles gleefully, noting that it reminded him of the last time he last saw Morgiana dance so happily.

Uraltugo Noi Nueph

Ugo and Aladdin are very close. Aladdin spent most of his life in the Holy Fortitude with Ugo by his side telling him everything. Since the Magi's magoi is similar to Solomon's, Ugo can be controlled by Aladdin. Ugo is also very protective of Aladdin because of their bond. He is Aladdin's most precious friend.

Kougyoku Ren

Aladdin and Kougyoku first met right after Ugo's battle with Judar, causing them to first see each others as enemies.[116] When they meet again in Sindria, they try to get over their past grudge and shake hands, but their memories kick in and they end up squeezing each other's hands.[117]

As the years went by, it's shown that the two have actually become closer friends. Aladdin stated that she was the only one who was informed of their whereabouts and situation. Kougyoku even goes as far as to confide her deepest insecurities to Aladdin and makes him swear not to tell Alibaba much to Aladdin's confusion. When the Magi asks if she liked him better than Alibaba, she responds by telling him not to "get so cocky" and playfully sticks her tongue out at him. Aladdin then seems to process this information and absently plays with his wand until Alibaba's words jolt him back to reality.[118]

Sphintus Carmen

Sphintus is Aladdin's roommate at Magnostadt Academy. He didn't get along with Aladdin at first but they became good friends. Sphintus is loyal and trusting to Aladdin, and always considers Aladdins orders and ideas, even in times of chaos like during the war between Magnostadt and Reim.

Titus Alexius

Aladdin first mistook Titus for a woman due to his feminine features. They were rivals during Aladdin's stay at the academy. After facing off in a competition, Aladdin and Titus became close friends. Even after learning about Titus' secrets, Aladdin would still do whatever he can to save Titus. Aladdin relates to Titus' feelings of loneliness, due to his own experiences of seclusion from the outer world, and the feeling of difference from their friends and the people around them.


Aladdin does not completely trust Sinbad when he asked him to be the Magi of Sindria. Aladdin rejected Sinbad's offer. In another matter, he didn't want to stay in Sindria too long with Sinbad as he believed that his light was too strong and he would be swallowed in it. Aladdin also compares Kouen to Sinbad, in that he doesn't seem like someone he should spill secrets to.

Hakuryuu Ren

Aladdin and Hakuryuu started off as good friends but became distant when Hakuryuu decided to leave the group. When he asks Aladdin if he would ever help him in the future because he would cause war in the Kou Empire; Aladdin answers he would aid him only in his time of need and only as a friend, adding that he hated wars.

When Aladdin meets him again, he tries desperately to bring back Hakuryuu's white rukh but fails. Later on, their friendship seems to have been mended slightly when Hakuryuu made the decision not to kill Kouen and allowed Aladdin to cast an illusion of Kouen's execution. Aladdin notices the change in Hakuyruu's rukh but doesn't say anything. They seem to have gone back to being the good friends they were in the past. When Hakuryuu prepares to leave, Aladdin doesn't hold back on teasing the prince over being depressed over his "unrequited love" and assuring him that he'll meet a nice girl someday. Hakuryuu angrily berates Aladdin and tells him to hurry up and head back to the Kou Empire.


While their first meeting was a little rocky, Yamraiha declares Aladdin to be an excellent magician and believed he would get the highest level at Magnostadt's. She acts like a mother to him, sewing him a new robe and giving him Mogamett's staff (where he admits that both were a bit sloppy). When she sees him again, she weeps happily knowing he was alive and runs over to hug him, asking where he had been all this time.


Despite their small interactions, Aladdin seems to trust Yunan and take his advice to heart. When Yunan admits that Sinbad scared him, Aladdin added that he himself liked Sinbad but was scared that he would be caught up in his light.

Aladdin seems to trust Yunan enough that he leaves him to look after Alibaba's body to keep it from fully dying.

David Jehoahaz Abraham

In their last exchange, Aladdin describes David as being a lonely, coward person because David never interacted with anyone and obsess over his singularity role. [119]


  • His name is based on Aladdin (Arabic: علاء الدين‎ Alāʼ ad-Dīn, Nobility of the Faith), the main protagonist of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp from the One Thousand and One Nights.
  • Before starting the project, Ohtaka was thinking about making Aladdin female.[120]
  • His hobby is reading.[121][122]
  • His special skill is magic.[121][122]
  • His favorite food is watermelon and he doesn't dislike any food.[122]
  • His favorite type of woman is a kind, tender young lady[123] and he dislikes unfriendly women.[122]
  • He is worried about Alma Torran.[122]
  • He likes spending his days off playing with friends and studying magic.[122]
  • His weakness is ladies.[121][122]
  • The person Aladdin is worried about is Judar, as he is part of Al-Thamen.[124]
  • What catches his attention is a pretty girl.[125]
  • According to Morgiana, he smells of a sunny day and sheep’s milk.[122]
  • According to Ugo, Aladdin's Magoi is similar to Solomon's, the previous master of Ugo and the father to Aladdin. He also stated that he could see traces of Sheba's character in his Rukh.
  • His character song is called "Magic".
  • Ugo noted that his Rukh is nearly identical to that of both of his parents.
  • In Volume 27's omake, when asked who he wished his real sibling were, Aladdin said Sphintus: "He's family-oriented, kind and good at taking care of others." Sphintus comments: "Hey, Aladdin, by all means, tell me your nice opinion of me in person."


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