Sinbad the Sailor (船乗りシンドバッド, Funanori Shindobaddo) is Night 9 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

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The little dragons gather around the huge dragon, of whom Sinbad thinks as the king. The huge dragon suddenly kills a smaller one. Sinbad comments that he's like a human king. He then sorts out the information he got from Drakon, including the number of people dead and the differences between Drakon's group and Sinbad's arriving in the Dungeon. He realizes that the dragon is guarding the only door in the room. Drakon offers Sinbad to be his shield, which isn't liked by Sinbad, so Drakon explains that he's making him his direct subordinate despite him being an ex-patriot. Sinbad gets annoyed at not only being all over again called an ex-patriot, but also by Drakon's behavior. Drakon decides to do the job by himself. As he thinks that he won, the dragon appears again, but Sinbad saves him. Drakon asks to be killed, as he hesitated in front of an enemy, but Sinbad thinks that it's natural for a human being to not want to die. He asks the Dragon that if he died, would Parthevia save the citizens and concludes that a country that abandons its citizens shouldn't exist. Then, the dragon is defeated with geyser burst. Drakon asks Sinbad about his identity, and hears that he is him, "Sinbad the Sailor".


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