The King's Power (王の力, Ō no Chikara) is Night 7 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
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Sinbad laughs off Yunan's said power, but he would take it if it existed. Yunan tells him that this power is in the Dungeon, and Sinbad decides to go for it. After that, Yunan bids Sinbad a farewell for three days. After coming home, Sinbad can't bear himself to tell Esra what he wants to do. Esra, however, gives him Badr's sword and says that he can't be always considerate of her. She tells him that she will be fine and to go accomplish what he has to. In the Parthevia Empire Palace, Dragul is appointed as commander of dungeon conquest, which doesn't make him happy. He thinks that his older brothers would never be appointed such a mission, which is overheard by the Princess Serendine, who is his childhood friend. Dragul promises her to get good results, but Serendine proudly tells him her nickname given to her by a scared enemy, and in this name, she won't forgive him if he dies. This gives Dragul a resolution.


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