Military Service (兵役, Heieki) is Night 6 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

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Standing Back Up

Soldiers, commanded by Dragul, look for Sinbad. Meanwhile, Sinbad comes to an already awakened Yunan and gives him breakfast. After he leaves, Yunan talks with an ill Esra. She is in bad shape, so Yunan helps her a little. During the talk, Esra says about Sinbad being special and asks Yunan to guide him if something ever happens to him, which shocks Yunan, but he agrees when Esra adds that it's because of his experience as a traveler. Then, news comes that Sinbad has trouble with the military, so Yunan goes in Esra's place. Dragul is hurting Sinbad for refusing to enlist into the military. Dragul notices that in the Tison Village there are only women and children, which is not enough workforce, which makes Sinbad angry. Dragul thinks that workforce is military service, but Sinbad retorts that his father and other men never came back, stating that he won't enlist. Dragul says about Dungeons and leaves.

Afterwards, Sinbad explains Parthevia's situation to Yunan, and about Dungeons and its victims. He thinks that he can't die, but whichever he'll choose the Dungeon or resisting, he's going to die. Sinbad screams that unless the country changes everyone will suffer, but Sinbad himself can do nothing. Yunan disagrees but adds that right now, he lacks power: the king's power to change the world.


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