Dungeon (迷宮 (ダンジョン), Danjon) is Night 5 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

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A Commander comments that the most fearsome thing as a soldier is to lose pride as a Parthevian soldier. He encourages them to advance to conquer a Dungeon, which were trying to do both Parthevian and Reim's soldiers. Somewhere else, Sinbad saves some women from the thieves, for which he is thanked. He offers his help with escorting them, but it's impossible. Instead, he is offered fruits, but when one of the girls opens a barrel, she notices a weird guy inside. Afterwards, he introduces himself as Yunan, a traveler. He thanks Sinbad for clearing their misunderstanding and adds that he didn't know that sitting in a barrel isn't right without asking first, since it was such a comfortable place. The two of them go back to Sinbad's village. Sinbad is warmly welcomed by the villagers as Badr's last words changed their way of thinking. Yunan is also accepted because it's Sinbad's decision.

Elsewhere, two soldiers are complaining that they have to stay in such a place, what isn't liked by their leader, Captain Dragul.


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