Sindria Trading Company (シンドリア商会, Shindoria Shōkai) is Night 34 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

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Many people venture to the theater to look see the mysterious boy who had captured a dungeon, many not believing it. Suddenly amongst the audience, it starts to snow and then Sinbad raises his sword to call down a bolt of lighting. He jumps from the top of the building onto the stage, to tell the people of his adventures of capturing one of the many mysterious dungeons. Enraptured by the boy's story telling the audience listens closely to the tales being spun before them as Sinbad breathlessly performs. The guards recognizing Sinbad are angered that he was trying once again to start business, but note that they can't do anything since he wasn't exactly breaking their laws. Rashid sits quietly from afar, praising Sinbad for his way of thinking and him realizing that he could make money in a different way.

After his first success, he begins to write novels about his tales of "The Adventures of Sinbad", with Rashid beside him to help. Several months later, Sinbad's group returns, surprised to see their Sindria company and Sinbad dressed with jewelry and expensive cloth (Rashid looking slightly put out in the back) greeting them. He thanks and addresses Rashid as his "teacher" (to some of the groups surprise), Rashid wishes him luck and invites him to come to the royal palace if he were around.

Excited by the prospect of building their country, they group cheers in happiness. Sinbad asks where Ja'far was and Hinahoho worriedly points out the young boy babysitting Hinahoho and Rurumu's child, Kikuriku. Although Sinbad congratulates the two and states that they should all work hard, Jafar is the only one displeased at his new status.


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