Encounter on the Large Ocean (大海原の出会い, Ō Unabara no Deai) is Night 13 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

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With Sinbad conquering the first dungeon, news of his achievement spread as well as dungeons popping up. Many people around the world rise up to the challenge to clear these dungeons. At sea, Sinbad is severely hungry and dehyrdrated due to escaping the habor without finishing his preparations because of Serendine. Suddenly, a rain of fish hit Sinbad, and then a man appears, Hinahoho. He apologizes to Sinbad. Yet, Sinbad thanks him for sharing with him, food and water. Upon receiving Sinbad's thanks, Hinahoho cries out that it was his first time hearing anyone thanking him.

Out of nowhere, Pipirika swims to Sinbad's boat to give an apology, forcing Hinahoho to kneel down along with herself. After Pipirika's introduction, Sinbad asks if everyone in her tribe are big. Then, Sinbad shakes hand with Pipirika in an effort of flirtation. It didn't work much to Sinbad's disappointment. When Sinbad asks Pipirika for Hinahoho's name, Pipirika explains her big brother has no name as men receive an adult name in a coming-of-age ceremony as proof of being a man which is like test of courage in short. For men like her big brother who cannot attain an adult name, they are referred as "nameless." Pipirika states her big brother has to fight a rampaging Unicorn in order to gain proof. After Pipirika draws it upon Sinbad's question, Sinbad refuses to believe a monstrous fish exists. When Sinbad brings up a girl, Pipirika states the top beauty of their tribe is unattainable even after the coming-of-age ceremony. Hinahoho refuses to give up and will hard. Sinbad informs them about the unicorn near them as the unicorn splashes its tail against their boat. Sinbad urges to let him help them.

Over at the Parthevia Empire Palace, the court officials inform Drakon that their majesty has given him a second chance and a group of assassins to aid him, Sham Lash.


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