Contract with Djinn (ジンとの契約, Jin to no Keiyaku) is Night 11 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Drakon stands up and continues to fight. During the fight, he recalls the reason he can't afford to lose. He remembers the day in which he congratulated Serendine and his brother on their marriage. He was lately told that the whole marriage was just a political ploy and he doesn't love his wife-to-be at all. Drakon realizes how weak he is, not being able to protect Serendine nor expressing his feelings for her. He regrets being weak and wants the power to become strong and then, he will return to Serendine's side. Sinabd and Drakon charge on themselves with their own reasons and Sinbad wins. Baal approves Sinbad as his master and joins him in his Metal Vessel. The three of them leave the Dungeon.

Outside, Sinbad is surrounded by the soldiers who want to take his newly attained power. Yunan appears and brings Baal to help them.


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