Duel (決闘, Kettō) is Night 10 of the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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No magic appeared in this chapter.


Sinbad and Drakon fight against some Dungeon monsters. Drakon realizes that Sinbad is a special, interesting person. After some time, they finally reach the Treasure Room. There, Sinbad finds a lamp with a Metal Vessel symbol and touches it, making Baal appear. When asked who will become King, Sinbad and Drakon start fighting which one is better, with Sinbad stating that he won't give away the power to the country who tramples citizens. They decide to duel, to which Baal agrees. Drakon has the advantage, but as he is about to kill Sinbad, who admits that his sword skills are inferior to Drakon's, Sinbad strongly punches him and seemingly defeats.


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