A True Magi (本物のマギ, Honmono no Magi) is the 19th Night of the Magi anime's second season and the 44th Night overall.



Characters In Order of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Magic in bold denotes the magic's first appearance.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Censorship:
    • In the Fanalis's fight, the manga shows the brutality of the war with Muu, Myron, and Lo'lo' cutting the magicians in half with their Djinn Metal and Household Vessel, respectively.
    • When Lo'lo' captures one magician on the ground, he chokes him to death in the manga. Compared to the anime, he crushes his skull off screen.
    • In Myers' case, she bleeds more in the manga. In the anime, her blood is black.


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