A New Visitor (新たなる来訪者, Arata naru Raihōsha) is the 11th Night of the Magi anime's first season and the 11th Night overall.


When Ugo is about to finish off Judar, Kougyoku and her men save him. As Aladdin passes out after magoi exhaustion, Sahbmad consults Alibaba about Ahbmad's plan that involves selling Balbadd's citizens into slavery. 


Judar is saved from being killed by the princess of the Kou Empire and her aid Koubun Ka, who tends to his wounds. Ugo tries to attack them, but the princess defeats him with the aid of her Djinn, Vinea. Aladdin then launches himself in fury against the princess who orders her servants to kill everyone. However, Sinbad intervenes and convinces the princess to retreat. As the wounded from the battle are treated, Alibaba and Morgiana find an exhausted Aladdin who had almost all of his Magoi depleted in an attempt to bring back Ugo and is in critical condition. Feeling himself to be useless for not being able to do anything to help and with Kassim still missing, Alibaba is visited by his other brother, the viceroy Sahbmad. Sinbad deduces that it was Sahbmad who was leaking info about the army to the Fog Troupe and he explains that it was all to protect Alibaba, whom he claims is the only one able to stop Ahbmad. He reveals that after contracting a huge debt with the Kou Empire, Ahbmad intends to pay for it by selling the people of Balbadd as slaves. Upon hearing that, Morgiana urges Alibaba to make a stand against him.

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • The Nando brothers appear in the manga version.


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