A Kind Person (優しい人, Yasashii Hito) is the 6th Night of the Magi anime's second season and the 31st Night overall.



The brainwashed Hakuryuu fights his own friends until Alibaba manages to destroy his metal vessel and he collapses from exhaustion. Madaura attempts to escape but she is captured by the Actian military along the rest of the pirates. Back at the port, a commotion is started by the locals who attack the imprisoned Madaura until Hakuryuu stops them not to defend her, but to decapitate her in front of the pirates who swear revenge on him. Questioning him for his actions, Alibaba learns from Hakuryuu that his true objective is to take revenge on his own mother. She had joined forces with Al-Thamen and helped his uncle usurp the throne of the Kou Empire by orchestrating the death of Hakuryuu's father and older brothers. Realizing that the children under Madaura's spell are almost falling into depravity, Aladdin looks for a way to help them, but it is Alibaba who takes custody of the pirates and inspires them to move on with their lives as despite Madaura's death they still have each other to care for. As his friends watch the children depart to Sindria, Hakuryuu decides to leave without bidding farewell to them and when Morgiana appears looking for him, he confesses his feelings for her and asks for her hand in marriage but she refuses. Upon learning of Hakuryuu's sudden departure, Alibaba intends to reason with him fearing that he may end up suffering for killing his own parent just like Cassim did, but Aladdin decides to talk with him by himself. After properly bidding farewell to Hakuryuu, Aladdin returns to his friends' side as they also prepare themselves to follow their separate paths.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • The anime does not show how Hakuryuu got the scar on his face. In the manga, it occurs when Hakuryuu's brother splashes his blood all over Hakuryuu to protect him. In the process, the blood evaporates by the heat causing severe burns to Hakuryuu's face.
  • In the manga, Umm stops her pirate-children from fighting the Aktian Navy by surrendering. Compared to the anime, Alibaba steps in to save Olba and stops both sides from fighting.
  • The anime has toned the violence in the manga scenes by not showing the crowd beating up Umm and Hakuryuu decapitating Umm. Furthermore, the manga scene continues when Hakuryuu reveals Umm's decapitated head to the children.


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