5th Level Authorization District

5th Level Authorization District

The 5th Level Authorization District is a hidden underground city under Magnostadt's Capital, the Academy City. It holds a population of 200,000 individuals, two thirds of the population of Magnostadt.[1]


The 5th Level Authorization District is a huge cavern with each layer having rows regular buildings for the inhabitants to live in. 

According to Geolga, the 5th Level Authorization District is similar to a Magoi Production Facility since by just staying on the city the magoi is sucked from the residents and is gathered toward the surface to power the Magic Tools on the Academy City.


Magnostadt Arc

Aladdin, Titus and Sphintus visit the 5th Level Authorization District to find the truth about Magnostadt's discrimination. They visit the place as they find themselves shocked to discover how they live underground and have their Magoi sucked out to keep the magic tools on the surface functioning.[2]


The people living here are deemed worthless by the 4th Level Authorization District and above, as they are replaced by magic tools for efficiency, and the people who failed their business or who couldn't pay their taxes. Only the ones who are doctors, scholars and the magicians are allowed to live on the surface.[3]

The people who live in the 5th Level Authorization District are used as the power source for the magic tools that are being used by the 4th Level Authorization District and above.[4] So people who are born in the underground city have a frail body and can not live more than a few years. 

The people know they are being used as a power source so they take their time to relieve themselves with drugs, alcohol and sex, they also don't have to work and pay for food or medicines as they receive them from the Government.[5]

Known Residents


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